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twoleftfeet 9:56 Wed Nov 29
Prostate examination.
So I expect some shit replies but amongst those might be some good information.

I’m a man of a certain age and I’ve been advised to have a prostate examination, I’ve googled it etc etc but what’s it really like?

I’m sure some of you on here have had one, does it hurt?

I’m a bit worried to have it done in case they find something wrong but that’s a typical bloke thing isn’t it? I think I just need words of comfort. ( not sure this is the place for that but you never know )

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Mex Martillo 7:37 Fri Dec 1
Re: Prostate examination.
There is no need to do it now. There are blood tests that tell them if there is any problem with the prostate. Have you had blood tests?

gph 11:26 Thu Nov 30
Re: Prostate examination.
This thread is missing Nurse and her proctologist with razor-sharp fingernails shtick.

She never used to miss its like.

claret50 9:54 Thu Nov 30
Re: Prostate examination.
When you go for your DRE it's a lot easier if it's carried out by a woman doctor due to their fingers usually much smaller than a male doctor, the actual examination takes approximately 20 seconds, and although embarrassing it's painless. I was diagnosed 11 years ago with prostate cancer for which I had 36 sessions of radiotherapy treatment which did the job of arresting the cancer - unfortunately for me, six months ago I was told the cancer had returned and is now being monitored by the oncologist every 3 months.

All the very best mate.

pulhampete 7:46 Thu Nov 30
Re: Prostate examination.
If they pull your hair whilst sticking a finger up your bum then you've got wrong 'un pretending to be a doctor.

Alfs 7:24 Thu Nov 30
Re: Prostate examination.
I had a finger followed by a camera up my arse only last week. I can't say it was pleasant but it wasn't particularly painful. I'd say on par with having a filling. I'm glad I went ahead with it as I now have peace of mind.

HBHammer 9:25 Wed Nov 29
Re: Prostate examination.
twoleftfeet you have whomail

icwhs 9:12 Wed Nov 29
Re: Prostate examination.

I’ll give u a slit throat

icwhs 9:10 Wed Nov 29
Re: Prostate examination.
Bend down

Breath in

Pretend you are a bitch

di_kezio 9:05 Wed Nov 29
Re: Prostate examination.
As much as I love a prison purse, wrinkly old men with nervous sweats isn't quite my thing.

Buster 9:00 Wed Nov 29
Re: Prostate examination.
di_kezio 8:59 Wed Nov 29

From a bloke that's loved a cock up his arse for many years, I find that comment quite surprising. I bet you'd love that job.

di_kezio 8:59 Wed Nov 29
Re: Prostate examination.
My friend is a surgeon who specialises in this area. He says he always prods at the bum hole for a little bit before sliding in his finger, as he thinks men relax a little more after a few taps on the starfish.

When you're on the bed hugging your knees, remember that the guy with his finger up your bum has chosen to do this for his job. You'll probably be one of 50 guys he'll be inspecting the insides of, and whatever uncomfortable feeling you might have, at least you're not him.

Best of luck! There are far worse things to have done to your body, and a prostate check is no more invasive than a trip to the dentist. At least it's a lubed up finger and not an electric drill.

Helmut Shown 8:50 Wed Nov 29
Re: Prostate examination.
I had blood in my urine so they sent me to the one stop clinic at Southend. I had a scan then a finger up my bum then the worst of the lot a camera up my eyehole into my bladder, not very pleasant I can tell you. Now I have to take two tablets a day for the rest of my life to go with the other four I already take. Oh how good it is getting old.

J.Riddle 7:56 Wed Nov 29
Re: Prostate examination.
Wishing everyone affected here the very best. I had a good friend who died from Prostate cancer and another who has survived it. It is a bastard and they need to find a cure because it is the number one killer in men. That said many survive.

I keep reading about Proton Therapy being the best treatment out there? Cost will be prohibitive to many, although I think you can get it done in Czech somewhere maybe cheaper 17k?. Maybe worth looking at.




HairyHammer 7:31 Wed Nov 29
Re: Prostate examination.

Sorry to hear that mate, it is easy to say but just keep going which I am sure you are doing anyway.

The Stoat 7:27 Wed Nov 29
Re: Prostate examination.
Got told two days before Xmas 2015 that I had to have a prostate examination asap and between then and the new year I had it done which revealed I had the dreaded C
After flipping out at the MRI I had to wait a few months and then from July to September it was a daily journey to Oxford for Radiotherapy etc
I seem to have got it all under control now at least but it was a worrying time

Good luck, the examination isn't that bad to be honest

HairyHammer 7:27 Wed Nov 29
Re: Prostate examination.
I too lost my cousin at 53 about 6 years ago to prostate cancer I doubt I had ever seen anything so painful at no age at all two son's at university seemingly his whole life in front of him he was dead within a year of being told of his terrible illness.
I am truly sorry to hear of so many on here who have close relatives affected by this disease.

Mr John 6:59 Wed Nov 29
Re: Prostate examination.
My dad has prostate cancer and got it before was 60 which puts me at higher risk. his doctor said I should get my Psi checked when i'm in my forties as it's handy to have a base line.

So I go down the doctors to discuss concerns and ask about having a psi check, with my 5 year old daughter in tow, before I know it, the fucker has me curled up on the bed with his finger up my arse. Half covered from my daughter by a curtain!!

I'm sure the dirty fucker couldn't wait to get it up me. I came out of that appointment a bit stunned and bewildered to be honest. didn't even get to mention about PSI levels.

It didn't hurt at all but it's a bit invasive. Haven't been back since but I will try again to get my PSi checked when I can face it, and I ain't having no fucker just do that again.

SecondOpinion 6:53 Wed Nov 29
Re: Prostate examination.
I have prostae cancer. Yep the finger was unpleasant, but the biopsy was worse. Next is radiation.
Just something you have go through with if you want to survive.

joe royal 6:30 Wed Nov 29
Re: Prostate examination.
It killed my father .

HairyHammer 5:59 Wed Nov 29
Re: Prostate examination.
I have had it three times in 15 years, make sure you get a woman to do it they have little fingers and although it is slightly unpleasant it will be fine .
You can never trust a man's hand size, I had one male African doctor do it and felt as if I was being raped, the cunt had a finger the size of an arctic roll.

cup of tea 4:53 Wed Nov 29
Re: Prostate examination.
*pisses in trousers*

Oh fuck!

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