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Yarmouth 10:41 Wed Nov 29
does this fuckin mug know what a forward pass is?

in 45 minutes not once, not fucking once has he played the ball more than 10 degrees forward past 45. Moyes has got one fucked up job on his hands here.

Rooney is ealking around running the fucking show.

We’re fucked - relegation here we fucking come

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franksfat&slow&wank 5:48 Thu Nov 30
Re: Obiang
the moyes appointment was evidence that the board are all on ACID

fucking last choice I'd have made

In fact I'd rather give the job to stevie wonder

andyd12345 4:17 Thu Nov 30
Re: Obiang
Mac - I’m not sure Moyes’ rep is any worse than it was 6 weeks ago. The whole world knew he was a fucking donkey and all he’s done is confirm it.

One McAvennieeeeee 3:57 Thu Nov 30
Re: Obiang
"THe irony of this whole situation is that Bilic left with his reputation in tatters"

I don't think that's true at all. He won 5 of 14 games this season. I get the feeling the 'Football world' felt sorry for him more than anything.

Now if we're talking about tattered reputations, our current manager must be up there after 4 years of absolute SHIT.

andyd12345 3:55 Thu Nov 30
Re: Obiang
THe irony of this whole situation is that Bilic left with his reputation in tatters. Yet with every passing day Bilic is looking like a better and better manager. I don’t think under him we would have lost the last 3 games 7-1.

Sniper 3:51 Thu Nov 30
Re: Obiang
I still think noble is the best player we have in that role, the problem is that to be effective, he needs someone pacier around him. It's the same as when we played him with Nolan in Sam's last season - they were both so slow they got overrun. That's what happens with any of our current pairings, exacerbated by obiang and kouyate putting no effort in. The first three goals last night all came through the middle or from a central player just not tracking his marker. That's ludicrous.

Football isn't just about how good individual players are, it's about combinations and working together. I dare say that carvalho (who looks to be good on the ball, has a turn of pace and a good range of passing) would compliment any of the other three defensive midfielders we have really well and would bring the best out of them. But as it stands, whatever pairing we pick just looks slow and clueless. At least you know noble will put some effort in

Our recruitment has been so short sighted that we haven't addressed any of the main issues we have on the pitch. So we currently have a slow but very capable right back being over run because we bought a left winger who doesn't track back and are playing him on the right (note that zab looked much better with Antonio ahead of him). We bought fonte and snodgrass, both proven and capable premier league players in their own right if not exactly world beaters, but both lacking pace which is what we really needed. We bought Hernandez but our managers like to play aimless long balls. And we got hart who was expensive and not needed. We also sold most of our squad players so have no one in reserve - I still have no clue what ayews best position is, but we have no reserve winger since selling feghouli.

We are a total mess and whilst I don't necessarily think moyes is the man to sort it long term, he must be looking at what's in front of him right now and thinking it's Sunderland all over again

Jaan Kenbrovin 3:37 Thu Nov 30
Re: Obiang
Bilic bought him?

theaxeman 3:27 Thu Nov 30
Re: Obiang
Bilic was bang on with this cunt, fucking useless bottler

Sir Alf 2:58 Thu Nov 30
Re: Obiang
Rice is a fine player and will do better than Reid and Ogbonna in terms of playing football etc. Its just his physical presence that is the issue currently. He has yet to fill out as they say.

Really unfortunate last night for the forth. First action was to mark Williams at the corner and gets impeded by Antonio who unintentionally blocks him. If he was a big lump with more experience he would arguably found a way to keep with Williams. Probably would have to flatten Antonio.

We deserved to lose but the things that swing games definitely went against us as they did at Watford. In both games we should have scored. So although we concede at will , we also struggle to take chances we do get. A formula for relegation

Sven Roeder 2:46 Thu Nov 30
Re: Obiang
Rice made an error which ended in a goal
He was taken off at half time and hardly seen since
Must be wondering why none of the other players seem to have got the same treatment. Would have been 3 half time subs most games.

Rossal 2:38 Thu Nov 30
Re: Obiang
DJH 2:18 Thu Nov 30

We have a huge problem.....its how we make the most out of it till Jan we've got to figure out

I like Rice, but has he impressed much after a decent first couple of games? Is he really the answer.......focus should be put on installing confidence and bottle to get back on the ball. The quality we have seen before just need to extract it again

franksfat&slow&wank 2:27 Thu Nov 30
Re: confidence
I cant believe we're suggesting Rice isn't good enough?

Sir Alf 2:25 Thu Nov 30
Re: confidence
chedylan 2 12:53 Thu Nov 30

Thats the problem. Squad. Same at full back positions.

franksfat&slow&wank 2:23 Thu Nov 30
Re: Obiang
this bloke is fucking terrible

you'll have to pay some cunt to take him off our hands

DJH 2:18 Thu Nov 30
Re: Obiang
Obiang has been a massive disappointment this season but if we keep on coming back to Noble then it proves we have a massive problem in midfield, whether you love or hate Noble is not the answer to our midfielder but signing someone like Carvalho was and still is.

Northern Sold 1:53 Thu Nov 30
Re: confidence
Pedro Obiang - 3/10

Dreadful. Passing was wayward, tackling barely there either. Didn't track runners, gave the ball away too much. Awful. Rightly hooked at half time.

Cheikhou Kouyate - 3/10

Didn't track Rooney for the second goal of the game as he allowed the Everton man to simply saunter into the box and sweep home past Hart. Time after time caught out of position, not sprinting to track runners. Anonymous after the hour mark.


Razzle 12:54 Thu Nov 30
There is a lot of digging out of players and rightfully so we have been dog shit.

The one thing they have in common is that the confidence has gone things are not coming off and they cut a dejected and disinterested group.

There needs to be a catalyst to get them going, Moyes has his work cut out. Working them had to be fitter is one element but set the team up to right would help. Playing the midget upfront for 45 mins we were fucked.

in my mind you play Sakho and Carroll up top Lanzini in the hole. The goals will come, the football wont be pretty but it needs to be effective. Play to your strengths.
The positives were we made chances, Masuaku looked a threat down the left and Antonio coming back made some impact.

Defence is poor and clumsy

chedylan 2 12:53 Thu Nov 30
Re: Obiang
it doesnt matter what combination we stick in there, round and round - they are all inadequate.
kouyate obiang, noble, fernandes, rice.

They are just not good enough as a pool of defensive midfielders to work with.

the fucking cunts should have got in Carvalho, instead of fucking off on holiday the last day of the window.

My guess is after slavens start they didn't trust him anymore with their money

Mart O 12:46 Thu Nov 30
Re: Obiang
Rossal 12:10 Thu Nov 30

I've never been one for slagging off Noble but I'll admit he's on his last legs as an athlete. However, he can't be any worse than this muppet has been. At least he's got a brain.

More to the point, in the right shape he can lead the others on to better things. How many of our players can that be said of ? Kouyate's just plain fucking stupid. At this point I'd go for Rice and Noble.

chedylan 2 12:43 Thu Nov 30
Re: Obiang
I think if fans are honest, they will agree that his cameos 2 years ago were promising, to the point we were asking for more of him.

Last season he was our best midfielder until he got injured, even Liverpool were sniffing around.

I say noble is far superior "in england" is just fucking dumb. This is Obiangs 3rd season in england

Like many of our players, he has been utterly terrible this season, as stated. The mystery is why has he and others (cresswell, reid, kouyate) in such bad form for so long?

southbankbornnbred 12:17 Thu Nov 30
Re: Obiang
Noble is a far superior player in England - no question about that whatsoever. His decision-making is quicker and his ability to read the game, at the pace it is played in England, is miles ahead of any of our other central midfield players.

In the past three weeks, I've heard many former professionals - Ian Wright, Danny Murphy, Jermain Jenas, Chris Waddle, and even the miserable Roy Keane - all say the same thing.

Noble lacks pace, and for some reason people on here think that means he can't play. But he is streets ahead of any other midfield player we have when it comes to his ability to play the game, at speed, and be aware of what's happening around him. He's not a world-class player, but his positioning, his passing and his general awareness puts him above everybody else that we have at the moment (in his position).

It really is a no-brainer, and I get alarmed at thos who can't see it.

Rossal 12:10 Thu Nov 30
Re: Obiang
Mart O 12:00 Thu Nov 30

and replace with who?

Id still have him ahead of Kouyate and Nobes

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