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Razzle 12:17 Thu Nov 30
West Ham 3 Nottingham Forest 2
This was the first game I went to as a teenager with my Dad, cracking game and of football - Its a year today that he passed away one of many fond memories


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HairyHammer 2:30 Sat Dec 2
Re: West Ham 3 Nottingham Forest 2
R.I.P to dad.

HairyHammer 2:29 Sat Dec 2
Re: West Ham 3 Nottingham Forest 2
No I was not, I mixed them up with Southampton we won 3-1

I remember the attendance that season not going much beyond 25 000 and sometimes lower In fact i was at that shit cup game v Shef Wed where we lost 0-2 and it had 32 000 and Upton park felt like a sardine can.

HairyHammer 2:16 Sat Dec 2
Re: West Ham 3 Nottingham Forest 2
I think I was there, but I am not 100% must be getting old.

southbankbornnbred 1:07 Sat Dec 2
Re: West Ham 3 Nottingham Forest 2

Yep, it's very promising for the first time in years.

We have won the two youth tournaments that are less important (the Under-21s are the Holy Grail, I guess), but that does not detract from how well England's youngsters and coaching staff have done. Some of the Under-17 squad in particular look excellent technically. No taking that away from them - so it's a fair point. But we have had years of rubbish before now.

Any Old Iron 12:38 Sat Dec 2
Re: West Ham 3 Nottingham Forest 2
What is it about blokes on a fans forum who get all maudlin about their Dad's dying donkey's years ago and telling someone they don't know from Adam how sorry they are that some geezers Dad died a few years ago. It's really fucking pathetic.
My old man died 3 years ago but why should any of you lot give a shit.

Tony Gubba 12:03 Sat Dec 2
Re: West Ham 3 Nottingham Forest 2
This is my favourite game ever. Seems strange to say it as I've seen plenty of more high profile wins down the years. It wasn't a stellar team and a rotten season on paper. But that match, that era, Upton Park on a dark November afternoon. This was my West Ham.

Feel like an old git now but God I miss UP as it was.

Mad Dog 10:26 Fri Dec 1
Re: West Ham 3 Nottingham Forest 2
One of my favourite games if all time.

Went with my dad (I was only about 12). He maintains its one of the best games of football he's seen in all his years. I'm inclined to agree.
I've got the video of this game in my loft. I haven't got anything to play it on mind.

Alex Bunbury 10:14 Fri Dec 1
Re: West Ham 3 Nottingham Forest 2
Good stuff. We always tended to have good games with Forest around that era. We were pretty poor around that time but some great football on display in that. Mark Ward was a good player, great cross for Cotteeā€™s volley.

Lily Hammer 5:01 Thu Nov 30
Re: West Ham 3 Nottingham Forest 2
I had a season ticket in the Chicken un that year. Pretty disappointing season results wise, but what I would give to have that level of disappointment these days. Excellent times.

Sorry for your old man, but that clip made me grieve for the old ground all over again. I need to wait a while before I look at any more clips from back then. It just rubs salt into th wounds.

zico 4:47 Thu Nov 30
Re: West Ham 3 Nottingham Forest 2
Sorry about your dad. Lost mine back in 2000 and still miss him and some of my best memories are going to some cracking games with him especially 4-0 away to Chelsea, 2-1 at home to Man United and a draw I think when we lived in Norwich where I actually saw Martin Peters play.

Feel a bit sorry for that keeper saving a Tonka penalty and then it having to be retaken!!! God we could do with some players like that now. Dev, TC, Tonka, Ward and even Bonzo at 42 piss all over the crap we have now!

Stepney.Ammer 4:33 Thu Nov 30
Re: West Ham 3 Nottingham Forest 2
Without looking at the link I'm guessing this was the game against them around 88?

My old man was never a keen football fan but as I was madly into football as a 6 year old he took me to a few West Ham games and introduced me to the back of north bank for my first game (for which I'm ever thankful to him for). It was against Spurs in 87 and I was hooked and in love with West Ham, from that very day.

One of the games of he was going to take me to was this one against Forest, and to this day I still don't know why I decided to, but I wanted to go swimming instead. Fucking SWIMMING!! It was only St Georges baths in Wapping, so wasn't even like it had slides or anything.

I still remember to this day when my old man told me the score the feeling of being so gutted that I chose not to go. Seeing later that Bonzo had come back on despite being 42 and having had cut to the head made it even worse.

That said my best ever memory of West Ham was the game against them the following season. We arrived late and had missed the helicopter landing before the match (that did happen right?) and David Kelly giving us the lead. Not long after we were 3-1 down.

That was the game Leeeeeroy scored the equalizer with a diving header at the North Bank end. I was sat up on the iron works at the back and will never forget seeing the place erupt when it went in (hairs are on end as I type!). It really felt like the fans helped the team that day....and despite us being pretty shit then (no change there), I seem to remember that 2nd half us playing some of the best on the floor football I've seen to this day (maybe it is rose tinted glasses).

Fuck I miss those days...but at least I have the memories.

*wipes tear

Eggbert Nobacon 4:17 Thu Nov 30
Re: West Ham 3 Nottingham Forest 2

Despite our young teams outperforming all of the countries mentioned in the last few years

England are currently 2 World Cup and 2 European Championship holders at various youth levels

Cheezey Bell-End 3:43 Thu Nov 30
Re: West Ham 3 Nottingham Forest 2
I went to this with my Forest supporting housemate. I think I saw myself on the Chicken run after the first goal.

charlie paynter 12:51 Thu Nov 30
Re: West Ham 3 Nottingham Forest 2
Thanks for posting and sorry to hear about your dad.

Coincidentally, this was the only game at Upton Park I ever attended with my dad - we had seats in the West Stand for his birthday.

Cracking game, I remember Kevin Keen played a blinder that day.

southbankbornnbred 12:48 Thu Nov 30
Re: West Ham 3 Nottingham Forest 2
TM and Claypole - spot on.

Too many players today who are athletes in boots.

Everybody is in awe of the Spanish, Belgian or French players who come to England and star. But the reality is none of what they are doing is rocket science - it's just an early-years focus on technique, technique and technique.

Despite all the talk among the coaching fraternity here, we still haven't made the leap to the same mentality since the Premier League started. It's a league that prioritises excitement (quite rightly), but we seem to have sacrificed technique for pace, power and the ability run hard for 90 minutes.

Fuck that - I'm with Pirlo.

Mart O 12:40 Thu Nov 30
Re: West Ham 3 Nottingham Forest 2
Cracking video, cheers for posting. Sorry to hear about your old boy.

Loved the moment when they couldn't find the spot for the retaken penalty, but above all some really great football.

claypole 12:38 Thu Nov 30
Re: West Ham 3 Nottingham Forest 2
In those days you were a footballer first then an athlete. It's the other way round today.
Glad such a game holds so many memories for you.

Takashi Miike 12:33 Thu Nov 30
Re: West Ham 3 Nottingham Forest 2
sorry razzle, lost my old man twelve years ago but you're doing the right thing by remembering the good times

agree with you southbank, all that's improved is the athleticism and speed of players, technical ability is secondary

southbankbornnbred 12:27 Thu Nov 30
Re: West Ham 3 Nottingham Forest 2
Sorry to hear about your father, Raz.

That was a great game - I remember it well (was there with some mates from school). Cottee's second, the volley, was a superb strike.

Watch the build up play from both teams in that game - all on the floor, all to feet, all on a pitch that everybody would moan about endlessly these days.

I sound like an old fart (and I am) but I just cannot be convinced that players today have better technique. It's nonsense. Watch Nigel Clough on the ball in this game - a study in distribution.

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