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Nutsin 3:44 Sun Dec 3
Legalization of Marijuana
Here in California Marijuana will become legal on Jan 1st. So you will be able to pop down to the local Off License and get some Beer, a packet of 20 Marlboro’s and a packet of 20 Joints.
Or buy a bag of weed for your bong. It’s about time!

Although Now there’s talk of decriminalizing magic mushrooms too!
Not sure about the Mushrooms though, even though they are a great buzz.

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jack flash 9:08 Wed Dec 6
Re: Legalization of Marijuana
mashed in maryland 3:32 ~

I don't know the figures for crimes directly related to alcohol or drug abuse

I would guess that crimes committed by people in order to get hold of more alcohol or cannabis would be relatively few (though I may be wrong)

Perhaps I should have been a bit more specific

When I say "Druggies" committing crimes in order to fund their expensive habit, I really mean to obtain drugs like coke & heroin, which are the drugs that organised crime are most interested in

mashed in maryland 3:32 Tue Dec 5
Re: Legalization of Marijuana
jack flash 11:00 Tue Dec 5

Dunno about the first bit. Alcohol is linked to a massive amount of crime and untold social problems.

Also weed is a funny one. The last couple of years there seems to have been an explosion in spice/mamba use, and this shit really does seem to fuck people up (some people say it's taken over from smack).

Seems like as the traditional drugs have become more and more socially accepted (weed especially, it's practically tolerated these days in some areas), these synthetic things have become bigger and bigger. And by all accounts they're often a LOT worse.

I think people in general just like getting fucked up and for a small amount of them, it doesn't matter what's legal or not. Also some people just like being addicted and there's nothing you can do to help them. Harsh but true.

Lily Hammer 11:39 Tue Dec 5
Re: Legalization of Marijuana
Turning a blind eye to those whose smoke the plant’s flowers is one thing, but to get to the truth of the whole immoral mess, I suggest, for a start, we not only legalise it, but also use the plant to make paper and make it illegal to use trees for paper.

, 11:30 Tue Dec 5
Re: Legalization of Marijuana
In this country there is such an establishment blind eye being turned to cannabis that it is more or less legal anyway.

In 2001 Portugal decriminalised all drugs. Over the piece it has seen a reduction in OD deaths, HIV infections and drug related crimes.

Willtell 11:11 Tue Dec 5
Re: Legalization of Marijuana
Yes great idea arsegrapes. Let's not make drugs legal in case all those drug induced criminals turn to more crime. Sound logic that...

jack flash 11:00 Tue Dec 5
Re: Legalization of Marijuana
arsegrapes 3:39 ~

Fair point but if you consider how many druggies commit crimes like mugging, prostitution, robberies & burglaries in order to fund their habit, then I would say it would balance out

If druggies were able to easily obtain the drugs they needed legally many of those crimes would not happen

Most of the crimes you mention are relatively "Small time" anyway

It's unlikely that the big crime syndicates tht make millions out of the drug trade would suddenly turn to petty crimes like mugging when they can make millions out of much more serious crimes like people trafficking, internet fraud, corporate crime etc

arsegrapes 3:39 Tue Dec 5
Re: Legalization of Marijuana
IF all drugs were legalised it would be the end of drug dealers.

Drug dealers are criminals that take the lazy way out to earn loads, same a prostitutes, so how will they earn anywhere that kind of money again. Other crime, muggings, robberies, burglaries......

Willtell 2:12 Mon Dec 4
Re: Legalization of Marijuana
I think all drugs should be legalised. There are far too many people in the world so let's allow some of the superfluous citizens to commit a slow and painful suicide. Just don't allow cures on the NHS....

Hammer and Pickle 1:46 Mon Dec 4
Re: Legalization of Marijuana
You could have whole tournaments under the auspices of specific substances:

The olympics on LSD on year, cocaine the next followed by MDMA etc.

Anyway, an Ayahuasca World Cup is clearly the way forward for a moribund FIFA.

Lily Hammer 1:05 Mon Dec 4
Re: Legalization of Marijuana

The Puff Licences should be known and approved, just like off-licences, but proof of age should be enough to buy, just like for beer and wine etc.

Razzle 12:28 Mon Dec 4
Re: Legalization of Marijuana
legalise it all,
1. take ID down to Chemist get put on database - become known user
2. Taxation
3. Quality control
4. Reduce street dealers and associated gangs as the arse could fallout the market.
5. Taxation to medical research
6. Life insurance premiums
7. Known to the authorities

Northern Sold 12:28 Mon Dec 4
Re: Legalization of Marijuana
Amazes me how the kids are into it... my daughter (15) confessed to trying it 3 times... my nephew (15) was smoking 2/3 joints a day before my sister found out and grounded him for a month to get him off it (he was an absolute mong head) ... my daughter reckons that over half of the kids in her year have either tried it or smoke it all the time... I mean what happened to the good old fashioned bag' of Evo stick like we had as kids???

Nurse Ratched 4:20 Sun Dec 3
Re: Legalization of Marijuana
Greco Roman wrestling on Spice.

zebthecat 4:19 Sun Dec 3
Re: Legalization of Marijuana
Nurse Ratched 3:58 Sun Dec 3

LIke it:)
Downhill skiing on shrooms would add an extra dimension of terror

Coffee 4:16 Sun Dec 3
Re: Legalization of Marijuana
Ha ha!

Nurse Ratched 3:58 Sun Dec 3
Re: Legalization of Marijuana
If they decriminalise any and all drug use in athletics, I would be tempted to watch. Currently it's a borefest. But the thought of the 400m relay race on skunk, javelin throwing on acid, high jump on PCP, etc, would be great.

Stepney.Ammer 3:48 Sun Dec 3
Re: Legalization of Marijuana
Queens Fish Bar 1:28 Sun Dec 3

Bang about alcohol - it's been my Achilles heel in life, along with coke, although the latter doesn't come into play without the former, so it's no doubt drink that causes me the most grief.

However, still needing a vice and something to unwind with is why I given CBD weed a go.

zebthecat 1:34 Sun Dec

Totally get what you mean not being able to find anything that doesn't blow your head off and having kids was the main reason I had no choice but to stop.

That's why I like CBD weed....still get that gentle buzz I look for but with absolutely no para...different strains for different occasions, as some indica predominant ones are no good if you have stuff to be doing and are more a night time toke.

Lily Hammer 2:59 Sun Dec 3

Good post mate.

Lily Hammer 3:41 Sun Dec 3
Re: Legalization of Marijuana

Chip Shop Charlie 3:37 Sun Dec 3
Re: Legalization of Marijuana
I think that there's an American chap in Arizona needs those beans more than me.

Lily Hammer 3:30 Sun Dec 3
Re: Legalization of Marijuana

Don't get me started on the benefits of magic mushrooms where they are now known to have very good effects against previously untreatable depression.

No, these beans have a magic that turns London Bridge into Tower Bridge. I can sort some if you want, but they don't come cheap.

Chip Shop Charlie 3:23 Sun Dec 3
Re: Legalization of Marijuana
How much for these beans then?
Do they have any fun side effects?

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