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Q: Manuel Pellegrini
a. A great signing for the Club and maybe the change of direction we all need
b. It will only be a great signing if the Board back him with decent funds
c. This is West Ham so it will only end in farce
d. I'm not sure about this one, I'll wait until SKY is back to hear what Gary Neville thinks, then I'll voice my opinion

Nutsin 1:19 Tue Dec 5
Theo Walcott

Rumours doing the rounds are that we are interested in Walcott oin the Jan window. A

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El Scorchio 12:09 Wed Dec 6
Re: Theo Walcott
Willtell 9:11

We need him IF it's the player who shows up for about 1 in 10 games for Arsenal and is unplayable.

Trouble is we'll get the other 9 games as well, the ones where he's injured, wasteful or shit.

Swiss. 10:48 Wed Dec 6
Re: Theo Walcott

Full Claret Jacket 10:38 Wed Dec 6
Re: Theo Walcott
These are the type of signings we are going to be linked with. Players like Walcott, Sturridge, Wilshere who have poor injury records and can't get in their teams.
I think there will be a few leaving as well. At this stage I have to say that hopefully whoever we get will be a fit for how the manager wants to play to help us survive and also needs to stay fit and not miss half the games with a split nail or hangover.

Willtell 9:11 Wed Dec 6
Re: Theo Walcott
Hopefully that's right Trevor as WH really don't need him.

Trevor B 9:02 Wed Dec 6
Re: Theo Walcott
I can see him going back to Southampton. He had no intention of joining us the last times we have shown interest and I can't see why that would have changed.

Private Dancer 9:00 Wed Dec 6
Re: Theo Walcott
Yea I'd agree, think Walcott would come, he aint gonna get one of the big clubs now, we'd pay him a good wage and he can stay in London. That said, this won't happen and rightly so. He's burnt out and on the way down. Let's sign the next Walcott.

Willtell 8:55 Wed Dec 6
Re: Theo Walcott
"Why would any player of any worth or ambition join our shit show?"

A chance to re-boot a flagging career and a few million pound signing on fee perhaps? I know that it's a surprise to you but pro footballers have a different set of priorities to fans...

White Pony 12:42 Wed Dec 6
Re: Theo Walcott
Yeah what Vexed said, basically.

Vexed 12:41 Wed Dec 6
Re: Theo Walcott
Why would any player of any worth or ambition join our shit show?

afan 12:24 Wed Dec 6
Re: Theo Walcott
We dont want walcot hes crocked fucked

After8 5:10 Tue Dec 5
Re: Theo Walcott
Never going to happen. We'll only do loans and freebies. Unless we flog lanzini

the exile 1:52 Tue Dec 5
Re: Theo Walcott
Quite honestly at the moment I don't give a flying fuck who joins us in January. What really matters is that the current players show the same kind of commitment and fighting spirit that they did against City, in every game. That is what will keep us up. If we look as much of a dead duck as we have in many games this season no decent player is going to want to join us and we'll be down anyway.

JonWHUFC 1:43 Tue Dec 5
Re: Theo Walcott
Any signings will most probably be loans or loans with options to buy. I can only see Carvalho coming on loan with an option to buy as he won't stay if we are not in the prem. The only positive is that we may get some decent fringe players who want to bust a gut to go to the world cup but obviously they would want a guaranteed start so Walcott/Sturridge etc may not fancy it.

Willtell 1:29 Tue Dec 5
Re: Theo Walcott
Walcott is a right sided striker FFS! We have Antonio, Arnautovic and Ayew for that position. If Walcott is coming then apart from the alliteration going wrong, one or two of those must be out the door come January.

It would seem that Carvalho might well be coming too now that Sullivan has patched things up with Sporting perhaps...

Mart O 1:27 Tue Dec 5
Re: Theo Walcott
Arsenal maybe less so...

dealcanvey 1:18 Tue Dec 5
Re: Theo Walcott
With the world cup coming up and Walcott fancying his chances of making the squad I am sure he would be in favour of a loan move.

Spandex Sidney 12:56 Tue Dec 5
Re: Theo Walcott
Why on EARTH would Theo Walcott come to this basket case in Jan to play Championship football next year?

Northern Sold 12:54 Tue Dec 5
Re: Theo Walcott
Yup we'll never know dancer... but... I like to dream I would have been spot on... so don't go bursting my fucking bubbles...

Private Dancer 12:52 Tue Dec 5
Re: Theo Walcott
Sold - So just because you're of the opinion that we should bought him why does that make it a matter of fact, as you seem to be suggesting? For all we know he could have turned out to be rubbish like pretty much everyone else we sign.

El Scorchio 12:33 Tue Dec 5
Re: Theo Walcott
Too expensive in fee and wages.

Too injured.

Too inconsistent.

dealcanvey 12:30 Tue Dec 5
Re: Theo Walcott
Would take Walcott. We lack the pace and he can finish aswell.

12 mill extra really is not much at all in todays world. Revenue from tickets is way behind TV rights.

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