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Keep dreaming 4:11 Sat Dec 9
Whats wrong with him?
Not half the player he was lasy year

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RM10 9:43 Sat Dec 9
Re: Antonio
He needs to play right wing to help zab like mas helps cresswell

COOL HAND LUKE 9:41 Sat Dec 9
Re: Antonio
Yes, I agree with all of that.

Once he gets his body right, with any luck his head will be right as well. If not, well...

Many of us don't get 50/60/70 bags a week, yet we manage to get down the gym / pool etc and keep in shape. And if you're getting paid all that Wonga to keep fit, you shouldn't need somebody up your backside making it happen, IMHO.

AVOR 9:13 Sat Dec 9
Re: Antonio
Moyes comment on the ES.....""The confidence can help their energy levels rise. Our energy levels have risen. I don't want my centre forward thinking it's 65 minutes - they've been told 'Well done' but I want them to play for 90 minutes.""

Think that says it all to his fitness!

boleynkid 9:11 Sat Dec 9
Re: Antonio
One of those who didn't work hard enough under Bilic and had become a bit too full of himself. Don't get away with that at the top level.

Signs though that he is starting to work harder and he should do better once his fitness improves.

Takashi Miike 8:46 Sat Dec 9
Re: Antonio
......and I agree, he's never been allowed to fully recover and is always rushed back

Takashi Miike 8:44 Sat Dec 9
Re: Antonio
CHL, he was giving off the wrong vibes early in the season with stuff he was saying. he may have had his head turned by another club, I can't fault his effort though up to that sprint past Moses. I thought he worked his bollocks off but like you say, you come off when the manager says

master 8:43 Sat Dec 9
Re: Antonio
Kind of obvious if you ask me.

He was great first half, plays at a million miles an hour, or not at all.

Second half he was knackered, so basically 'not at all'. He isn't smart enough or has too much self pride to realise he needs to tell the manager he needed to be pulled off before Arnie.

His general lack of fitness comes from

a) being rushed back constantly for the last year or so
b) our training clearly being shit because of bilic and he's generally unfit, like all the others
c) he's clearly been hitting the weights which makes him far too muscle-bound, which means he's susceptible to cramp, which we saw today. Ashton suffered similarly when he was injured in the past. He needs to lean down a bit and regain some cv ability.

Mex Martillo 8:41 Sat Dec 9
Re: Antonio
Not fit
Injuries, not training enough
Cannot last a game

COOL HAND LUKE 8:36 Sat Dec 9
Re: Antonio
Yeah, I said that once the honeymoon was over (if there ever was one) we would get a better idea of who 'Bilic's Belly Achers' were.

Whether because of injury or attitude, our man has put the weight on and failed to keep fit... and given that 'Mental' and 'Physical' go hand in hand, he has gradually lost his way of late.

Whatever, I felt he should have come off for Sakho, but clearly Moysie has had some 'issues' with Antonio and was determined to make his point. And just in case the fans hadn't picked up on the situation, Moysie spelled it out succinctly in interview: The message: "I'm the gaffer - you fucking come off when I SAY you come off". Quite right too.

My guess is, he'll be in Moysie's office Monday morning for that collapso stunt today. Or at least, he fucking well would be if I was his boss.

And when Taylor came across and challenged him on it, and he started bitching and pointing at Moyes..! Not good. Not good at all.

He was a quiet, hard working, humble guy when he arrived from Forest. I suspect he's going to need to 'find' that guy again if he wants to survive under Moyes.

BRANDED 7:53 Sat Dec 9
Re: Antonio
I love him but He's got to get fit

moorethanjustananon 7:51 Sat Dec 9
Re: Antonio
Great first half, blowing out his arse second half.

Clearly lacking something, whether it’s match sharpness or he’s carrying an injury but he looks like he needs game time.

Lucky for him there’ll be plenty of that coming up!

Huffers 7:50 Sat Dec 9
Re: Antonio
He is everything except a footballer. He can be effective though.

jim@chickenrun 7:46 Sat Dec 9
Re: Antonio
For me Antonio was our best player in our last season at Upton park..in front of payet ,even though he didn't get into the side until December....Moyes said today in his press conference that he gave Antonio and Arnie stick coz they couldn't last 90 mins...he's right,Antonio was so knackered he fucking laid down so Moyes took him off...if he lost some weight and got fitter he could be one of the best players in the league.

the exile 7:11 Sat Dec 9
Re: Antonio
Unfortunately I only saw the 2nd half and he looked poor to me. Something is definitely wrong there and it wasn't just his fitness - his brain seemed to be fading as well.

jack flash 6:57 Sat Dec 9
Re: Antonio
I noticed in the Palace game when he was standing alongside Zaha, that he looked at least a stone overweight

Like most of the players under Bilics regime it seemed he had not been training or eating properly

Today, he looked to have lost some weight, looked like he had been training better, knew what his job was & put in a huge amount of effort until he came off knackered

Given the right training I'm sure he will reach a point where he can do a full 90 minutes

Almost the same can be said of Arnautovic, who had a decent game today too

13 Brentford Rd 6:44 Sat Dec 9
Re: Antonio
Yep same as last week, was left on too long.

Hasn't had a proper run of games to get match fit since around March/April so no surprise.

boleynkid 6:20 Sat Dec 9
Re: Antonio
Not had a good season but worked hard today and clearly has to work on his fitness.

Don't want to criticise Moyes after today's performance but as others have said he should have been taken off a while before he was.

Felt a bit sorry for him because the crowd were giving him some stick but Moyes didn't help by leaving him on too long and he should have been subbed before Arnie.

Sven Roeder 6:15 Sat Dec 9
Re: Antonio
Assume the plan was to get him one on one with one of their centre halves ... the wimpy Christensen or Calamity Cahill and bully them.
Did that well in the first half but was cooked after an hour with all the running and having been out and was out on his feet for the last 20 mins he played.
Assumed it was going to be Sahko for him after an hour or so and should have been.

Have a feeling we will shake it up v Arsenal and put Antonio on the bench and bring in Carroll.

1964 6:02 Sat Dec 9
Re: Antonio
Was isolated up front but didn't put the effort in. Should have come off instead of Arnie.

Full Claret Jacket 5:31 Sat Dec 9
Re: Antonio
I'd have to agree with Keep Dreaming. He isn't half the player he was but he doesn't look fit or maybe the hamstring injury has done him. Can't remember him challenging for anything in the air and that used to be one of his assets.
He was the right player for how we setup though and him and Arnie linked up pretty well. I can't knock the effort but he looks to be struggling at times.

Always think we look better with movement and strength up front so despite the moaning by some about having 'No striker' we've looked better than just having a static target man to launch balls at.

Keep dreaming 5:23 Sat Dec 9
Re: Antonio
Im not moaning, im asking a reasonable question.
If you read the matchthread you wont find any negatives at all.

Im concerned about his fitness, leave it out if you dont have any comments on it

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