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E12Hammer 6:13 Sat Dec 9
Whats it all about, whats all the fuss.

How does the ordinary man on the street get rich with Bitcoins?

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Ace of Spades 5:14 Tue Jan 16
Re: Bitcoin
Its just the Chinese selling before new year. Same old every year. Hold and it'll bounce back by late Feb. Its a great time to make a quick profit though.

flyingV 5:13 Tue Jan 16
Re: Bitcoin
mr so & so 4:05 Tue Jan 16
Re: Bitcoin


All offer lots of the smaller altcoins, usually trading with BTC and ETH

Turpinator 5:07 Tue Jan 16
Re: Bitcoin
I do a free technical update of the short term levels on Bitcoin. Usually once a day or so. Look up shaun downey on youtube and you 'll find it

Trevor B 4:07 Tue Jan 16
Re: Bitcoin
If it's taking people so long to get up and running why don't you just trade with a spread better instead? You'll be open in 5 minutes.

mr so & so 4:05 Tue Jan 16
Re: Bitcoin
Queens Fish Bar 2:47 Fri Jan 12
Cheers, I've bought some litecoin thru coinbase already.

Dan M,
I'm waiting for kraken to verify me, 4 weeks its taking forever, WTF.

Was more keen on the ripple and iota and other emerging risky currencies. where would be the best place to look, get verfied, get ripped off, etc..

no doubt by the time i get started in this, everyones moved on to something else!

thanks in advance! COYI

Swiss. 3:29 Tue Jan 16
Re: Bitcoin
If anyone is interested in VeChain you can keep up to date on here:


Swiss. 3:13 Tue Jan 16
Re: Bitcoin
"Should I stay or should I go?"

Northern Sold 3:03 Tue Jan 16
Re: Bitcoin

Swiss. 2:57 Tue Jan 16
Re: Bitcoin
Not sure I will sell. My son is the expert on this and advised me to stick

flyingV 2:50 Tue Jan 16
Re: Bitcoin
The thing is, the South Korean rumours that looked to trigger the panic were bollocks.

Can thank the US media for that one. Thought it might have recovered by now though.

Anyway, this should make you all feel better:


Gavros 2:10 Tue Jan 16
Re: Bitcoin
a lot of the kids in the office who thought they were going to be millionaires looking glum this morning.

Northern Sold 2:09 Tue Jan 16
Re: Bitcoin
So why you selling then?

Swiss. 2:08 Tue Jan 16
Re: Bitcoin
VeChain is linked to Etherium. Rumours are VeChain is going to be used in China. If this happens it will rocket. You heard it here first.

Swiss. 12:44 Tue Jan 16
Re: Bitcoin
I'm selling Vechain as I bought at around 2 and its 4.51. still make a nice profit biut should have sold at 6

Dave Boozle 12:11 Tue Jan 16
Re: Bitcoin
Well I've never been sure about Ripple as I've mentioned before.

I've been keen to get OMG and that's gone down 25%, so I'll be getting on that. It's speculation that it will be banned in South Korea, and as we've seen many times before, buying low is a key for Crypto.

madeeasy 12:05 Tue Jan 16
Re: Bitcoin
Boozle, so why is it a great time to buy. What is going to make it bounce back up.

Dave Boozle 12:02 Tue Jan 16
Re: Bitcoin
Think it's something to do with South Korea threatening a total ban.

Agreed it's a great time to buy in.

Ripple down to $ 1.32! That's almost a third of what it was a couple of weeks ago, crazy.

BRANDED 11:33 Tue Jan 16
Re: Bitcoin
Its crashing like a cunt

Vexed 10:59 Tue Jan 16
Re: Bitcoin
Serious manipulation happening in the last 24 hours. Looks like another good dip to buy in. If it ever stops dipping.....

Dan M 12:59 Fri Jan 12
Re: Bitcoin
Personally I would advise buying in with Etherium (ETH) rather than Bitcoin as it's faster to move and attracts smaller fees. But if you have a specific coin in mind that you're wanting to buy make sure there is a liquid market between it and ETH.

Dan M 12:55 Fri Jan 12
Re: Bitcoin
Look further down the thread for advice on exchanges. Be aware that the ones that need verification are heavily backlogged at the moment. Bitstamp for instance has around 700,000 applications in a logjam (mine included and that's since mid-December).

For just buying in with £, Coinbase is the port of call for most. If you are impatient and don't mind paying over the odds to speed things up look at bitbargain, cryptomate and localbitcoins.

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