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E12Hammer 6:13 Sat Dec 9
Whats it all about, whats all the fuss.

How does the ordinary man on the street get rich with Bitcoins?

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Swiss. 11:18 Tue Jan 23
Re: Bitcoin
Trevor B

Regardless of the math you still would have made a big profit you retard.

Bunch if jealous cunts on here.

Trevor B 11:15 Tue Jan 23
Re: Bitcoin
If you can't get very simple maths right then you'll fuck up the difficult things too. I wouldn't trust you to hedge my USDKRW exposure, that's for sure.

Swiss. 11:09 Tue Jan 23
Re: Bitcoin
That was a test of course to see if you were paying attention.

50% increase yes. But on the slide again. Will tack its way up.

What does this have with Sade?

And Prancer no one listens to you you big pervie, nonce.

Your mum 10:12 Tue Jan 23
Re: Bitcoin
"here's a top tip kids, don't take financial advice from anyone that cant work out that 6-9 is a 50% increase......"

Proper lolz!

Joe C 6:20 Tue Jan 23
Re: Bitcoin
Claiming to have dated Sade was a cracker.

He's gone full Walter Mitty these days, everything he says is clearly utter bobbins

Private Dancer 3:09 Tue Jan 23
Re: Bitcoin
SwIss is a proper thick cunt. He came out with something bewildering just the other day, but it escapes me what it was right now.

Trevor B 2:45 Tue Jan 23
Re: Bitcoin
Swiss wrote

VeChain up to nearly $9. So if you'd taken my advise last week at $6 you would have made a 30% profit already.

here's a top tip kids, don't take financial advice from anyone that cant work out that 6-9 is a 50% increase......

Vexed 7:59 Mon Jan 22
Re: Bitcoin
"bump and dump"


Swiss. 2:04 Mon Jan 22
Re: Bitcoin
Ven ยง9.3

Swiss. 1:51 Mon Jan 22
Re: Bitcoin

VeChain is out performing the other cryptocurrencies

VeChain up to nearly $9. So if you'd taken my advise last week at $6 you would have made a 30% profit already. You are right to be sceptical on cryrptocurrencies but I did my rsearch on this one. End of Jan they are launching THOR a new platform. They have already done big deals with the Chinese government and PWC.

I don't think people are gonna miss the boat on this one yet. I think it's a viable alternative to Bitcoin.

It's not a bump and dump currency.

Vexed 8:36 Sat Jan 20
Re: Bitcoin
Agree on PRL but dithered on it too long because I had to sign up for yet another exchange to get some. Think the boat has been missed for me now. A decent long term hold prospect if you got in early enough. Maybe I'll buy in the next dip at the end of the month/start of Feb.

D Scully (eire) 8:31 Sat Jan 20
Re: Bitcoin
This is another nice project oyster pearl https://medium.com/oysterprotocol/the-world-is-your-oyster-643161de754f

Its risky because what they want to pull off is a total game changer and severely undervalued, if they fail or dont get a user base its fairly worthless. I got some as a just in case because they have 2 test nets by the end of next month and if they go well they will start to have more eyes.

Vexed 7:31 Sat Jan 20
Re: Bitcoin
Still you. You do realise the whole market has gone up 30% don't You?

Swiss. 7:13 Sat Jan 20
Re: Bitcoin
so vexed. when I said invest a few days ago it was 6 and now its around 8. so who's the fucking mug here?

D Scully (eire) 2:16 Sat Jan 20
Re: Bitcoin
Vexed 8:27 Fri Jan 19

They took some battering alright, luckily the short term is irrelevant.
I'm sure you noticed me saying a few times I'm far from an expert but I think you are talking pure waffle.

I dont even consider the vechain website slick, I could give you 100 slicker websites with shit projects

Vexed 8:29 Fri Jan 19
Re: Bitcoin
Oh and the Vechain is being capped thing is hilarious. Do you really believe this?!

Fucking hell.

Vexed 8:27 Fri Jan 19
Re: Bitcoin
The Vechain/Ripple comparison was not really the function, more the bullshit surrounding it. Slick website, check. Scant technical detail, check. Centralised therefore pointless, check. Invented partnerships with firms nobody has ever heard of but will pretend to, check. Clarification on deal leading to drop in price......likely.

You may make a few quid off it, good luck to you, but ultimately it's not innovative, it's got to be the least inspiring use of blockchain ever (fucking supply chain, who gives a shit?) Without actually harnessing the power of blockchain, distributed consensus that is immutable. To say that it could reach $100 is absolutely mental given the number of coins, it's never going to happen. If it gets over 10 you should sell immediately.

Swiss, you seem heavily invested in this but I reckon that a bloke being remote controlled by his son to buy cryptos telling others they don't know about anything is a bit rich. Respect to you though, you appear to be an expert after two weeks in the game, I look forward to whatever your son tells you to write.

Scully, for such an expert your portfolio/recommendations seem to spend a lot of time on the biggest losers list on CMC. Only bitconnect had lost more than Snovio and Deepbrainchain last time I looked, top tips at just -75% and -76% respectively. A couple of days ago mind, they may have recovered to just -45% for the week by now. Keep em coming won't you?

Pair of clowns.

Gavros 4:23 Fri Jan 19
Re: Bitcoin
virtual knob waving contest

Swiss. 4:22 Fri Jan 19
Re: Bitcoin
For what it's worth I think Vechain is being held back by Bitcoin as you have to buy via this. Once the ties are severed I recon VeChain will really take off.

Slow increase today but as I said it's being capped.

D Scully (eire) 4:07 Fri Jan 19
Re: Bitcoin
Vexed 10:52 Fri Jan 19

You read up on vechain and ended up with a comparison to ripple?

I dont think there is any point in me trying to explain the difference because you have a pretty bullish opinion so i'll just leave you with a question, how much acid were you on before you read up on vechain?

Ace of Spades 12:54 Fri Jan 19
Re: Bitcoin
I'm not watching any youtube video unless it has the BITCONNECCCCTTTT guy haha

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