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E12Hammer 6:13 Sat Dec 9
Whats it all about, whats all the fuss.

How does the ordinary man on the street get rich with Bitcoins?

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D Scully (eire) 2:16 Sat Jan 20
Re: Bitcoin
Vexed 8:27 Fri Jan 19

They took some battering alright, luckily the short term is irrelevant.
I'm sure you noticed me saying a few times I'm far from an expert but I think you are talking pure waffle.

I dont even consider the vechain website slick, I could give you 100 slicker websites with shit projects

Vexed 8:29 Fri Jan 19
Re: Bitcoin
Oh and the Vechain is being capped thing is hilarious. Do you really believe this?!

Fucking hell.

Vexed 8:27 Fri Jan 19
Re: Bitcoin
The Vechain/Ripple comparison was not really the function, more the bullshit surrounding it. Slick website, check. Scant technical detail, check. Centralised therefore pointless, check. Invented partnerships with firms nobody has ever heard of but will pretend to, check. Clarification on deal leading to drop in price......likely.

You may make a few quid off it, good luck to you, but ultimately it's not innovative, it's got to be the least inspiring use of blockchain ever (fucking supply chain, who gives a shit?) Without actually harnessing the power of blockchain, distributed consensus that is immutable. To say that it could reach $100 is absolutely mental given the number of coins, it's never going to happen. If it gets over 10 you should sell immediately.

Swiss, you seem heavily invested in this but I reckon that a bloke being remote controlled by his son to buy cryptos telling others they don't know about anything is a bit rich. Respect to you though, you appear to be an expert after two weeks in the game, I look forward to whatever your son tells you to write.

Scully, for such an expert your portfolio/recommendations seem to spend a lot of time on the biggest losers list on CMC. Only bitconnect had lost more than Snovio and Deepbrainchain last time I looked, top tips at just -75% and -76% respectively. A couple of days ago mind, they may have recovered to just -45% for the week by now. Keep em coming won't you?

Pair of clowns.

Gavros 4:23 Fri Jan 19
Re: Bitcoin
virtual knob waving contest

Swiss. 4:22 Fri Jan 19
Re: Bitcoin
For what it's worth I think Vechain is being held back by Bitcoin as you have to buy via this. Once the ties are severed I recon VeChain will really take off.

Slow increase today but as I said it's being capped.

D Scully (eire) 4:07 Fri Jan 19
Re: Bitcoin
Vexed 10:52 Fri Jan 19

You read up on vechain and ended up with a comparison to ripple?

I dont think there is any point in me trying to explain the difference because you have a pretty bullish opinion so i'll just leave you with a question, how much acid were you on before you read up on vechain?

Ace of Spades 12:54 Fri Jan 19
Re: Bitcoin
I'm not watching any youtube video unless it has the BITCONNECCCCTTTT guy haha

Swiss. 12:48 Fri Jan 19
Re: Bitcoin
If any of you out there have time and are confused about Blockchain you should watch this short presentation. She very good at explaining it in simpler terms. I'm not trying to dumb it down for you just to help


Swiss. 12:45 Fri Jan 19
Re: Bitcoin
yes a partial ban and restriction and now this


Turpinator 12:34 Fri Jan 19
Re: Bitcoin

Be careful out there

Swiss. 11:19 Fri Jan 19
Re: Bitcoin
https://www.blockchain.com/ For basic reading

I posted this in the summer for those who want a basic start to what it's all about.

Swiss. 11:17 Fri Jan 19
Re: Bitcoin

I think you should stick to conventional shares and not Blockchain as the technology is probably beyond you. You're probably a bit of a dinosaur.

I posted on here about the VEN when it was ยง2 . This was based on rumours which have come true of it expanding into the massive multi-billion dollar Chinese market.

Oh I'm doing this for an angle. . You ignorant tosser. You think masses of people on WHO are going to invest millions and push the price up for my gain.

I was doing it to help fellow West Ham fans make a bit of money. Possibly they still can. I think it will still rise a lot more.

Vexed 10:52 Fri Jan 19
Re: Bitcoin
You'll have to get an account on one of the exchanges that specialise in shitcoins. Binance, HitBTC and Kucoin have it. They'll list anything.

To be honest you're likely better off picking anything in the top 10 on coinmarketcap than taking a punt on this because a couple of people talk it up on here. Anybody that talks up a coin has an angle, ignore them. Read up. If you read up on this you might think as i do that it's just a shit Chinese version of Ripple. And Ripple is SHIT. You may not of course but a lot of the 'advice' on this thread is poor however well intentioned.

Certainly don't listen to me, the one thing I'm certain of is that I'm a cunt.

Hope that helps!

scott_d 10:38 Fri Jan 19
Re: Bitcoin
OK so how do you actually invest in VeChain?
What is the best platform/site for a know-nothing cunt like me to get involved?

zebthecat 10:51 Thu Jan 18
Re: Bitcoin
Just read the Vechain prospectus..
Look like they missed the point of the Bitcoin ethos and also looks suspiciously like a good old centralised platform tech startup.

D Scully (eire) 9:34 Thu Jan 18
Re: Bitcoin
Vexed i don't know your own personal definition of a shit coin but to me they are the complete opposite. China is a good thing, actual real world use of blockchain and big team behind them.

Ace of Spades 9:28 Thu Jan 18
Re: Bitcoin
Apparently ADC will be releasing some news over the coming weeks which might see it rocket, or it could be like their last and be an announcement about and announcement so who fucking knows.

BRANDED 9:21 Thu Jan 18
Re: Bitcoin
As more shitcoins appear then the value of all gets diluted.

Vexed 8:50 Thu Jan 18
Re: Bitcoin
VEN just looks like another shitcoin to me. A shit fucking Chinese shitcoin. The worst kind of shitcoin Looking at the number of coins it's safe to say that it won't reach 100 dollars in this lifetime.

Swiss. 7:02 Thu Jan 18
Re: Bitcoin

Aparently they are keeping the price cap down to attract more VEN. I say still not too late to buy. The China deals should have put the price up. It really could go to $100

D Scully (eire) 6:42 Thu Jan 18
Re: Bitcoin
Swiss. 1:14 Thu Jan 18

A couple of friends of mine reckon it will be a lot sooner than that.
Just got my first ven earlier, should have listened sooner, they seem to be doing big things.

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