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Q: 2017/18 Everton (h)
a. I fancy us to win this one and for Moyes to have the last laugh, Win
b. A bit like Thursday two teams seeing out the season and with ywo defence minded managers this will be a borefest, Draw
c. BFS will once again silence us and respect all three points, Lose
d, It didn't take long for the owners to start undermining the manager once we were safe and now Brady is digging out the fans in her column, while their PR cronies test the water over a new manager, we really have to rid ourselves of these clowns, ev
e. We're safe and as you know I'm the biggest West Ham fan going but I might give this one a miss as I need to get a new BBQ and they're on offer at B&Q, I'll still wear my replica shirt mind, as I bleed claret & blue

E12Hammer 6:13 Sat Dec 9
Whats it all about, whats all the fuss.

How does the ordinary man on the street get rich with Bitcoins?

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Swiss. 7:14 Fri Mar 2
Re: Bitcoin
More likely the Chinese than Russians

Gavros 3:30 Fri Mar 2
Re: Bitcoin
best of luck chaps. it cost the russkies a lot to pump the market back into life last time. they can only hold out for so long.

Swiss. 3:20 Fri Mar 2
Re: Bitcoin

I have VeChain (VEN) and it's on Blockchain. It been fluctuating between 4-5 USD on average with a 9 USD high.

It will soon be re-branding and this will almost definately push the price up. So make a quick buck. I sold half at 9 USD. But I'm in for the long term with the rest.

They have sold a lot of deals with China.

Stubbo 9:43 Thu Mar 1
Re: Bitcoin
Kraken for me which is pretty solid now since they replatformed

bobbymoore 9:30 Thu Mar 1
Re: Bitcoin
What platforms are people using? Was using coinbase about a year ago and had big issues.

So left it all. Time to get back in I think

E12Hammer 4:17 Wed Feb 21
Re: Bitcoin
Not like you to jump on a thread you know nothing about to have a pop at someone is it Johnson.

Oh wait. That's all you do. Ever.

Please fuck off before you ruin yet another thread on this website.

Have many more regular posters are going to stop posting because they cant deal with your moronic point scoring?

Johnson 4:15 Wed Feb 21
Re: Bitcoin
No, they've all just worked you out for a bullshitting wrong 'un so aren't interested in your rubbish anymore.

Swiss. 3:57 Wed Feb 21
Re: Bitcoin
Has everyone lost their sense of humour on this site or what?

I think it's time to call it a day.

Swiss. 1:58 Wed Feb 21
Re: Bitcoin
"one fisherman sees another from afar"

Trevor B 11:15 Wed Feb 21
Re: Bitcoin
One McAvennieeeeee 11:06 Wed Feb 21
Re: Bitcoin
"People on here loving it to fail. Pathetic."

How about if you're short?

Never trade a market that you can't short.

Stubbo 11:09 Wed Feb 21
Re: Bitcoin
Hopefully you're right. Not hard to get back in again if it reverses.

About picking the points of resistance and determining risk versus reward.

But if you look at the crypto market cap chart it looks decidely Bubble like. Bitcoin looked at over any period over 12 months ditto, especially a long-term view (e.g. 3 years plus).

Good luck to all of those in the market.

Vexed 11:07 Wed Feb 21
Re: Bitcoin
Oh shut up Swiss, you're such a clueless minge. Embarrassing.

One McAvennieeeeee 11:06 Wed Feb 21
Re: Bitcoin
"People on here loving it to fail. Pathetic."

How about if you're short?

Swiss. 11:04 Wed Feb 21
Re: Bitcoin
Oh it's taken a dip and now all off a sudden the bubble's burst again. People on here loving it to fail. Pathetic.

Fear is weakness but knowledge is empowerment.

Vexed 10:38 Wed Feb 21
Re: Bitcoin
Don't think you're reading them charts properly Stubbo.

Stubbo 9:09 Wed Feb 21
Re: Bitcoin
Downtrend in place.

Could this be the bubble bursting proper after the Bull trap "return to normal"?

Liquidate positions and watching brief for me.

zebthecat 11:41 Tue Feb 20
Re: Bitcoin
We used OpenVMS on HP Itanuim mainframes, Not the best to program on as C++,,Perl and VMS com scripts were the only supported languages but absolutely bombproof.

Cheezey Bell-End 11:33 Tue Feb 20
Re: Bitcoin
Yes COBOL db2 and CICS were the main tools when I worked in that environment in the early 90s. MVS was the operating system.

VMS was a popular system, but they discontinued it when DEC became part of Compaq.

I used to do help desk in a mainframe environment. Wish I had stuck with it. Not very fashionable, but there's always work in it.

zebthecat 11:20 Tue Feb 20
Re: Bitcoin
Cheezey Bell-End 11:00 Tue Feb 20

Quite, If they are using IBM kit it will be COBOL programmes (it is a language not a platform after all) with DB2 at the back end. I am imagine there is a lot of Oracle involved and HP have their own ffault tolerant .hardware/db platform The place I worked at used a home rolled database on VMS clusters.- very old school.

Cheezey Bell-End 11:00 Tue Feb 20
Re: Bitcoin
COBOL v relational databases? Makes no sense. Those banks etc will be using both.

Kaiser Zoso 9:32 Tue Feb 20
Re: Bitcoin
Ooh, high rolling PLAYAS at work

Net worth, two bob, and that’s both of them added together

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