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Q: 2021/22 What competition should we prioritise this season?
a. The league is our bread & butter, so this year let's have a club sandwich
b. We're owed an FA Cup after Gerrard nicked our last one in 06, our name's on it in 22
c. A bye to the League Cup 3rd round gives us a good start, let's make it count
d. The Europa is our best ticket to the Champions League, this is the one
e. What's wrong with you, let's do the lot, has the quadruple ever been done

E12Hammer 6:13 Sat Dec 9
Whats it all about, whats all the fuss.

How does the ordinary man on the street get rich with Bitcoins?

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bill green 11:56 Mon Dec 20
Re: Bitcoin
Steady 12:23 Sun Dec 19

he does a lot of hours at McDonalds

any views on BSV you bitcoin experts?

Steady 12:23 Sun Dec 19
Re: Bitcoin
Come on you irons - I’ve just been in 2 posts and both times you’ve mentioned you’re on a 6 figure salary. Both posts or your replies have no relevance to salary ….. I’m guessing you’re actually on £8 an hour at McDonalds

Side of Ham 12:18 Sun Dec 19
Re: Bitcoin
All we’ve learnt here is Come On Benrahma doesn’t like a punt but does like to be a punter….

Come On You Irons 12:13 Sun Dec 19
Re: Bitcoin
Try typing your point in a coherent sentence Vexed, else you just end up looking like a div.

You div.

Vexed 12:05 Sun Dec 19
Re: Bitcoin
You cannoil anything down to gambling if making informed decisions based on information is now fucking gambling. You div.

Stocks are fucking dull too.

Come On You Irons 11:23 Sun Dec 19
Re: Bitcoin
Well, that's true to a degree for blue chip stocks that actually pay dividends. I suppose they can be regarded as a long-term investment that yields a return.

However, many people 'short' stocks in the hope to game the market, so the description of glorified gsmbling applies to those tactics.

Dicko75 8:52 Sat Dec 18
Re: Bitcoin
Investing in stocks is absolutely nothing like gambling. If you think that you’re missing the most fundamental point about stock investing - you’re buying an asset and ownership of the business. For that you receive a vote, a dividend and exposure to the future success or failure of the business. It is completely different to gambling.

iphammer 7:47 Sat Dec 18
Re: Bitcoin
Has anyone invested in NFT's ?

Vexed 7:33 Sat Dec 18
Re: Bitcoin
Come On You Irons 12:29 Sat Dec 18

To the uninitiated it can look like a gamble but what isn't if you get involved without knowing what you're doing?

Hundred notes? Hardly the great fucking Gatsby are you?

DeFi you fucks. Do yourselves a favour and read about it.

Come On You Irons 12:29 Sat Dec 18
Re: Bitcoin
Investing in Bitcoin, other cryptos and individual stocks is simply glorified gambling as no one can predict the future. There is no denying that fact.

I bought £100 of Bitcoin a couple of months ago as a a low leveraged punt. I'm currently down about 20% but I'm prepared to write off the full amount. If it goes up massively then I will get some small ROI.

I use my six figure salary to invest my full annual ISA allowance in diversified stocks and shares ISAs as I believe they offer the best returns potential and don't fluctuate wildly like cryptos.

Lee Trundle 11:57 Sat Dec 18
Re: Bitcoin
FoLOLow on.

smartypants 11:01 Sat Dec 18
Re: Bitcoin
Fair play to you Irish, I know a few like you. One mate of mine bought about £10k of bitcoin over 5 years ago and I remember him getting slaughtered for it on Facebook. He told everyone back then he would be proven right. Another bloke I know bought a million pound house off the back of it about 2 years ago, so god knows how much he must of put into it. Not for me though, as I wouldn’t know where to start. It really is anybodies guess where it will all be in 2 years time.

Irish Hammer 2:15 Sat Dec 18
Re: Bitcoin
I'm Not zoltaneering, but I've made a life changing amount of money on bitcoin.

Still holding some and prepared to see it go to zero or to the moon. I'm not selling until it goes to being worth stupid money and then I will.

iphammer 1:40 Sat Dec 18
Re: Bitcoin
Has anyone on here actually made money from bitcoin or have you invested and lost a lot?

Vexed 12:58 Sat Dec 18
Re: Bitcoin
I think everyone is wising up to ADA and the fucking scam has been for the last seven years - still no utility and everyone else has overtaken it. Nobody needs it now.

Hermit Road 12:16 Sat Dec 18
Re: Bitcoin
I don’t care what ADA is worth towards the end of next year as long as there’s a decent pump along the way

charlie paynter 11:56 Fri Dec 17
Re: Bitcoin
Stepney.Ammer 6:04 Fri Dec 17

Same with my main bank. You can still transfer the money into platforms like eToro and buy there (terrible spread fees though). To be honest, I’m probably just going to hodl what I’ve got now, for better or worse.

Vexed 10:27 Fri Dec 17
Re: Bitcoin
mashed in maryland 10:04 Fri Dec 17

Yeah rubbish, get rid of it.

If ADA is worth ten cents by the end of next year the world has gone mad. What a fucking hopeless project.

mashed in maryland 10:04 Fri Dec 17
Re: Bitcoin
Probably just as much to do with impending inflation.

$5M in 7 years ain't gonna be worth anywhere near what it's worth now.

PwoperNaughtyButNot 7:16 Fri Dec 17
Re: Bitcoin
Bitcoin goes to $5m
Ether goes to $400k
Ada goes to $161
XRP goes to $111
Dodge goes to $26

By 2028


Stepney.Ammer 6:04 Fri Dec 17
Re: Bitcoin
Just had a text from my bank that they will no longer be allowing payments for crypto due to too many scams. Sounds bollocks to me.

Anyone had their bank do similar?

If all banks did this surely that would wipe out the Bitcoin/crypto market?

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