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Q: Manuel Pellegrini - What should we do
a. A good man & a good coach we should stick with him
b. A busted flush & he's outstayed his welcome, time to go
c. What difference does it really make who's in charge while the current owners are still in control

gph 12:24 Sun Dec 10
I sincerely hope Stoke go down.

Not just because they'd fill one of the relegation places, so there'd be one less for us, but because Tottenham keep smashing them.

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Russ of the BML 1:48 Tue Dec 12
Re: MotD
BigLump 12:50 Mon Dec 11

I assume as it was a sitter and the best chance they created..... IT also made Morata look a cunt so not all bad.

jack flash 1:29 Tue Dec 12
Re: MotD
Rarely watch it. I watched it after we beat Chelsea though just to hear all the lame excuses about their poor performance!

Hermit Road 3:58 Mon Dec 11
Re: MotD
I haven't watched it in years. They talk bollocks and they talk bollocks in a smug, condescending way that seems to reassure them, and only them that they aren't talking bollocks. They'd make excellent fashion critics if Vogue ever covered the Emperors New Clothes Show.

my left foot 3:15 Mon Dec 11
Re: MotD
Did anyone hear Shearer towards the end of the show talk about how Newcastle shouldn’t be struggling due to 50,000 supporters whereas Brighton & Huddersfield should be. The host said okay in a way as not to agree with him.

BigLump 12:50 Mon Dec 11
Re: MotD
Why did they feel the need to show a clip of Morata's shot at goal for Chelsea - which was off target anyway.

And yet the other team's who failed to score didn't get the same treatment.

wd40 12:40 Mon Dec 11
Re: MotD
Only good thing about both shows is 2 good 2 bad and this week it was excellent!

gph 12:29 Mon Dec 11
Re: MotD
We did as well away to Man City as Man U did at home... if the highlights weren't very deceptive.

Our last two games have made me a lot more confident of staying up and a bit more.

Mace66 6:59 Sun Dec 10
Re: MotD
Shearers analysis could be done in 10 seconds " they pressed and hurried all day long, they really did "

Any Old Iron 6:55 Sun Dec 10
Re: MotD
normannomates 1:59 Sun Dec 10

You're a bit thick, aren't you. No, I don't want short shitty hoghlights, which is what we get with the format you're supporting. I want longer, less shitty highlights, and far less analysis. A short analysis segment is fine, but not when it takes up as much time as the game. Is it beginning to sink in?

And CH5 don't only do back to back matches, otherwise wtf is Chris Iwelumo doing there?

Westside 2:33 Sun Dec 10
Re: MotD
We just have to actually beat the teams around us...

One of the few things we actually did right last season.

ironsofcanada 2:31 Sun Dec 10
Re: MotD
Just do what I do. Start watching a half hour or so late on the iplayer. You can then skip all the analysis (except ours, if you want) and you end up finishing about the same time.

Eddie B 2:29 Sun Dec 10
Re: MotD
That Diof fella for Stoke for Erikson's was disgusting. Didn't even bother to even jog back.

RBshorty 2:15 Sun Dec 10
Re: MotD
Spurs putting Stoke to the sword did us a favour. We now ain’t got the worse goal difference in the league. But I’m with you on them getting relegated. Bunch of inbred nethanderals. Shawcross being chief among them.

Mad Dog 10:08 Sun Dec 10
Re: MotD
Goals on Sunday is an hour and a half. Factor in adverts and it's the same time as motd

normannomates 2:01 Sun Dec 10
Re: MotD
Yes they do mad dog...over three hrs and a days grace...I'd say so they should.

normannomates 1:59 Sun Dec 10
Re: MotD
I like to hear ex pros giving their views.

So you want just short shitty highlights with no input?..just go game to game highlights?

Like channel 5

Mad Dog 1:58 Sun Dec 10
Re: MotD
Goals on Sunday on sky does an infinitely better job

Mad Dog 1:58 Sun Dec 10
Re: MotD
Also how often in a year do they have 20 teams to talk about? How often do a teams play on same day.
Last day of season and boxing day.

Or am I imagining that too?

Any Old Iron 1:51 Sun Dec 10
Re: MotD
normannomates 1:35 Sun Dec 10

But they wouldn't have to do so much condencesing of the games if they cut back on the interminable babble from Lineker and co. For some time now MOTD has shown as much analysis as the actual games and it's totally unnessecary. I turn it on to watch football, not pointless rabbit.I don't give a fuck what Phil Neville has to say.

normannomates 1:48 Sun Dec 10
Re: MotD
Well in your world mad dog..maybe so.

gph 1:48 Sun Dec 10
Re: MotD
Chelsea players nearly died of hypothermia in an away match at Blackpool in 1931.

Obviously, fear of a repeat has eaten its way into the soul of their club...

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