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Sven Roeder 3:33 Sun Dec 10
Sunday Football
Southampton 1 Arsenal 1 FT
Liverpool v Everton 2.15pm
Manchester United v Manchester City 4:30pm

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OccupyGreenStreet 12:05 Mon Dec 11
Re: Sunday Football
Lukaku *allegedly* throwing a bottle that hits Arteta seems a bit more serious than throwing milk (or pizza, back in the day) around.

Coffee 11:46 Mon Dec 11
Re: Sunday Football
Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho had water and milk thrown at him and Manchester City coach Mikel Arteta suffered a cut head during a post-match row.

United were upset at what they viewed as an excessive City reaction to Sunday's 2-1 win at Old Trafford, which sent them 11 points clear at the top of the Premier League.

City's players celebrated in front of their fans after the final whistle and coaching staff tried to persuade manager Pep Guardiola to join them, but he refused.

After the players headed down the tunnel, it is understood Mourinho made his feelings known outside the visitors' dressing room as he made his way to post-match interviews.

The City camp reacted, with Brazil goalkeeper Ederson and Mourinho exchanging words angrily in Portuguese - but Mourinho carried out his post-match media engagements as normal and made no mention of it.

Arteta was left with a cut, though it is unclear how it was caused and sources from both clubs say no punches were thrown during the incident.

The incident started when Mourinho responded to what he perceived to be over the top celebrations.

The row took place outside the visitors' dressing room, the door to which was open. It was noisy but lasted no more than two minutes.

A one-pint milk carton - which had been left in the City dressing room for tea and coffee - was thrown at Mourinho. The United manager did not get splattered but a member of his staff was.

After the row, the Portuguese went into the referees' room, which is opposite the visitors' dressing room, and then to the tunnel to do his post-match interviews.

Players from both sides were talking to each other normally after they had got changed.



twoleftfeet 12:46 Mon Dec 11
Re: Sunday Football
When are we playing Man Utd?

I’m only asking because Lukaku needs a goal or two to boost his confidence.

Sven Roeder 12:00 Mon Dec 11
Re: Sunday Football
They were like a turd in a punchbowl today and if Liverpool had won 5-0 they couldn’t have complained.

, 11:56 Sun Dec 10
Re: Sunday Football
According to Siggurdson BFS has brought a sparkle to Everton. Nearly spat out my mouthful of tea when he said that.

Dharmesh_Sheth 11:44 Sun Dec 10
Re: Sunday Football
Yeah i’m sure fat sam would have them playing like this.

, 11:41 Sun Dec 10
Re: Sunday Football
At least City play in a more adventurous way than their neighbours.

Sven Roeder 11:39 Sun Dec 10
Re: Sunday Football
You could probably make a few styles work with £800m worth of players.

, 11:24 Sun Dec 10
Re: Sunday Football
I don't think that Man City are playing Barca/Pep tikka takka football.

Keep dreaming 11:20 Sun Dec 10
Re: Sunday Football
Remember back when a few pundits claimed Pep's Barca style of football never would work in PL. The tempo of the play was to high etc.

arsene york-hunt 11:05 Sun Dec 10
Re: Sunday Football
Looks like City are becoming the best ever team in the PL taking over from Arsenal's invincibles.

Dharmesh_Sheth 9:04 Sun Dec 10
Re: Sunday Football
Mourinho has surpassed himself again. What a fucking embarrassing post match interview.

, 8:50 Sun Dec 10
Re: Sunday Football
I get your drift but the SPL is dominated by Celtic whereas the EPL, unlike almost any other major west European national league, has five or six clubs that are credible champions.

swindon hammer 8:45 Sun Dec 10
Re: Sunday Football
Premiership is turning into the SPL now.

It really is all about how much money you can spend.

ray winstone 8:11 Sun Dec 10
Re: Sunday Football
Man Utd looked like a mid table team today, either that’s an indictment of how good Citeh are or Jose is losing his touch....

RBshorty 8:11 Sun Dec 10
Re: Sunday Football
Well that’s made me smile. Lukaku is a flat track bully at best. But Ederson could be the signing of the season.?

Sven Roeder 8:08 Sun Dec 10
Re: Sunday Football
Must admit I loved the work in the corner playing for snookers off the Man U players.
Man City should have won about 4-1

Title over so now we have 6 months of the media going on about who finishes 4th (FOURTH) zzzz

kylay 8:07 Sun Dec 10
Re: Sunday Football
Er, melodrama rather

kylay 8:03 Sun Dec 10
Re: Sunday Football
Looks less a derby than a beauty pageant with all the mellow drama

Lily Hammer 8:02 Sun Dec 10
Re: Sunday Football
Antonio, are you watching this?

This is how it's done when you want to run the clock down.

Northern Sold 8:00 Sun Dec 10
Re: Sunday Football
Quality old skool hack there Mr Young... love it

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