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w4hammer 3:16 Tue Dec 12
Parking Appeals (again)
The significant other got a parkingeye ticket for staying longer than 4 hours at a shopping centre recently. Ive told her to ignore it; she's got receipts and everything associated with the fact that she was, incredibly, there for four hours +

anyone had anything similar and if so whats the best thing to do!?


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w4hammer 5:20 Tue Dec 12
Re: Parking Appeals (again)
Its the staples corner shopping faciilty- i guess they do it to stop people parking cars and disapaearing all day into town on the train etc

So its a retail park allowing a private bunch of cowboys to fine people for....errr browsing shopping

ohgodno 5:02 Tue Dec 12
Re: Parking Appeals (again)
E12Hammer 3:48 Tue Dec 12

If the sign on the broken meter said "pay on 5th floor" and you can prove you were ticketed while paying on the 5th floor you should have let them take the car. When this got to court the company would have got destroyed.

Garth Algar 4:36 Tue Dec 12
Re: Parking Appeals (again)
Tell them you will kill their families on Xmas day if they don't rescind the ticket.

Seems a good deal for them...?

Crumple Stiltskin 4:35 Tue Dec 12
Re: Parking Appeals (again)
These arsewipes were on to me in Harlow recently. they Said i'd stayed 3 hours in a two hour car park. The car park allows for 3 hours free parking. I pointed this out to them in an email and never heard from them again. Bunch if chancers.

Northern Sold 4:25 Tue Dec 12
Re: Parking Appeals (again)
PAY THE.... FINE....

Johnson 4:21 Tue Dec 12
Re: Parking Appeals (again)
Why wait until after the period they double the fine?

Surely you appeal immediately? Sounds like you tried to play them and got done over, E12.

Buster 4:10 Tue Dec 12
Re: Parking Appeals (again)
E12Hammer 3:48 Tue Dec 12

The bloke that clamped your car was probably penners.

Marston Hammer 4:10 Tue Dec 12
Re: Parking Appeals (again)
Tell your missus to stop being a pikey and pay the fine.

On The Ball 4:06 Tue Dec 12
Re: Parking Appeals (again)
Fucking hell! That makes my story look a bit pathetic. Isn't there some kind of governing body you could have complained to?

A few weeks ago I had a meeting at Southend Hospital. You can never park in the main site so I pack on an adjacent road and pay at a meter. This time it wasn't dispensing tickets, so I went to ring the helpline - the number of which, behind the plastic, had been scribbled out. Nice try, I thought, and found the number online.

I spent over ten minutes on hold but explained the situation. She asked if there was a 'pay by phone' sticker, which there wasn't. She didn't really offer me any advice, and as that is the ONLY meter I left a note on my dashboard explaining and went to my meeting. Nearly four hours later I came back to find a Southend Borough Council-issued ticket. I appealed on the grounds that it wasn't possible to pay and that I called them, but they rejected it because there's a 'pay by phone' sticker on the back of the machine. Why didn't the bird on the phone try to take payment, or tell me what to do?!?

It's only £25 but it's really fucking irritating.

, 3:55 Tue Dec 12
Re: Parking Appeals (again)
E12, I know it is hindsight but you should have driven your car up to where there is a ticket machine that is working.

Hermit Road 3:53 Tue Dec 12
Re: Parking Appeals (again)
If it’s local authority, then appeal but eventually, if they deny it, you have to pay. As long as you appeal before the reduced rate period ends though it is frozen at the lower rate.

Hermit Road 3:52 Tue Dec 12
Re: Parking Appeals (again)
Ignore that, they don’t have the law on their side any more and your car won’t be clamped in your drive.

I had one from a private company. I ignored it. If they’d have got as far as taking me to court I’d have paid before the court date. Hasn’t happened yet though.

E12Hammer 3:48 Tue Dec 12
Re: Parking Appeals (again)
Once upon a time I parked on the 3rd floor of the old Stratford Shopping Centre car park. Got out the car, casually strolled over the parking meter, but it had a sign on it that it was out of order and to purchase your ticked on the 5th floor.

Up to the 5th floor I strolled, bought my ticket, only to find on my return my car had been ticketed. No traffic warden or ticket warden in sight.

So i went back to the parking meter, took a picture of it, and went on my merry way.

Two weeks later I get a letter through the post saying I've missed my window for reduced payment, and that cost of the fine was now doubled to 100. So I wrote to them, inserting copies of the photo of the out of order meter, and of the ticket I had purchased (which was actually timed 1 minute before the time of the parking ticket).

They wrote back to me a week later saying the feed had again doubled, to 200, and that the copies were inadmissable.

This time I sent them the originals, recorded delivery.

They wrote back, again a week later, to say that my appeal had been denied on the grounds that the ticket was not displayed correctly.

I wrote back, this time pointing out that the original parking meter was out of order, and that it takes time to walk up 3/4 flights of stairs, and back again.

A week later I again received a letter, this time stating that the fine was 400, and that my 2nd appeal had been denied. At was at this point that I gave up and just thought fuck it.

A month later, nothing. Then one morning I wake up to go to work, only to find my car clamped (on my drive). They must have been watching me, or at least it felt like it at the time, but around the corner comes a removel vehicle to tow away my car.

It cost me 730 to get them NOT to tow my car. The removal bloke was the single most smarmy condescending bloke I've ever met.

Moral of the story. Dont argue with these people, they have the law on their side, and its very rare to get a Government agency to admit they've made a mistake.

Pay the ticket. Take the hit. Forget about it.

ray winstone 3:42 Tue Dec 12
Re: Parking Appeals (again)

Parking tickets
The most common type of parking ticket is a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) issued by local authorities if you park incorrectly or for too long on public land.

Private companies can issue parking tickets and may call them Parking Charge Notices, but they are not the same as the Penalty Charge Notice.

They are not backed up by law. Instead, they are invoices for a breach of contract.

If the car park operator wants to force you to pay, they will need to take you to the civil court, which is costly and time-consuming.

If the car park operator takes you to court and wins, you then have pay the costs in addition to the original charge. If you lose and still refuse to pay, you could find the judgment going on to your credit file and damaging your chances of borrowing or taking out contracts, such as for mobile phones.

Gavros 3:41 Tue Dec 12
Re: Parking Appeals (again)
"my red line is your red ring"

Burnhammeronsea 3:40 Tue Dec 12
Re: Parking Appeals (again)
I got one too from Parking eye. The car park had a restaurant on site where I celebrated my mates birthday after shopping. 3 hour limit overstayed by 40 mins. I'm appealing online and attached receipts for shopping items saying it ain't long enough especially as eateries are on site. Got to be worth a shot as they won't invoke the higher amount of £100 whilst appeal is pending. £60 for quick payment.

Gavros 3:38 Tue Dec 12
Re: Parking Appeals (again)
that would be my minimum in negotiations.

w4hammer 3:36 Tue Dec 12
Re: Parking Appeals (again)
Gavros 3:20 Tue Dec 12
Re: Parking Appeals (again)
Some form of sexual punishment is clearly in order.

Soapy Bum Wank!

Spandex Sidney 3:24 Tue Dec 12
Re: Parking Appeals (again)
Ignore it and bin all the 'we will eat your children' letters.

Then send her to me for a good spanking. Unless your other half is a bloke.

Gavros 3:20 Tue Dec 12
Re: Parking Appeals (again)
Some form of sexual punishment is clearly in order.

lowermarshhammer 3:19 Tue Dec 12
Re: Parking Appeals (again)
Buy her a watch

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