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The Stoat 11:44 Wed Dec 13
Team for Stoke
Collins or Rice

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chim chim cha boo 6:23 Fri Dec 15
Re: Team for Stoke
Biggie Biggs 5:42 Fri Dec 15

I love that too, 'the points fairy'.

I'm nicking that!

Mart O 5:49 Fri Dec 15
Re: Team for Stoke
"points fairy"

Ag !

Biggie Biggs 5:42 Fri Dec 15
Re: Team for Stoke
Stoke and Newcastle are both in terrible form and desperately need result . I think we all know what will happen when they play the points Fairy

Eerie Descent 5:35 Fri Dec 15
Re: Team for Stoke
Sakho is an uncommitted cunt off the pitch, doesn't give a flying fuck about the club or anything for that matter, and doesn't live the life of a professional athlete. He's not happy about his pay, but how the fuck do you expect to be paid more when you're such a cunt?

Mart O 5:23 Fri Dec 15
Re: Team for Stoke
Thing is chim, if you compare the effort he puts in now to that which he was putting in when he first came here, it's night and day. He used to chase everything down at full pelt, now he jogs about.

I don't care whether that's because he doesn't want to be here. I'm not interested in what's gone on in his life on the pitch - seems to me he's brought most of that on himself. I care even less about his salary. He's paid vastly more than most and I struggle to see how he can complain when he rarely plays and rarely scores.

A lot of this comes down to the fact that the geezer is mind numbingly stupid. Hearing him interviewed not too long ago was a real eye opener for me. Thick isn't the word and it was also blindingly obvious that he's got a bolt loose. Mind you, that's not his fault. His grandfather was a fucking WITCH DOCTOR. I kid you not.

I want to see us start a game with someone who wants to play for West Ham up front. Time for Chicharito for me. With Arnie in behind, I think we can do 'em

franksfat&slow&wank 5:22 Fri Dec 15
Re: Team for Stoke
we don't look like scoring many imo

so I wouldn't leave a 140k a week striker with his goal ratio on the bench

I like Antonio but fuck me he's like frank Bruno on smack up front

franksfat&slow&wank 5:21 Fri Dec 15
Re: Team for Stoke

chim chim cha boo 3:47 Fri Dec 15

chim chim cha boo 3:47 Fri Dec 15
Re: Team for Stoke
As for the game against Stoke, in a way it will tell us far more about the team and Moyes than the previous three games when we were expected to lose heavily. It was a good incentive to show Moyes and the pundits that they were wrong.

How many times though have we put in big performances over the top teams only to be beaten heavily by a team we SHOULD put a performance in against? I'm not talking just recently either, but over the 40 or so years I've watched us play.

How many 'must win's have we actually ever won? Last time I can recall we had Carlos Tevez, Craig Bellamy and Dean Ashton in the squad.

Consistency and at least a point away tomorrow and my confidence in Moyes will continue. Or did we blow ourselves out over the last couple of weeks?

chim chim cha boo 3:37 Fri Dec 15
Re: Team for Stoke
Reply Mart O 2:08 Fri Dec 15

I can see why you'd say that about Sak but he HAS been dogged by injury, personal demons and bad Ju-Ju for those two years. Now he doesn't seem to get a game and two players who are not centre-forwards are being picked over him and Carroll. I'd guess he's also one of the lowest earners in the squad.

I know he came on against Man City and missed an opportunity right at the end (it wasn't the sitter most made it out to be) and the prime objective of playing Chelsea was running the clock down which is not his game at all as he's all about running at defenders and keepers and forcing them into mistakes.

I guess there's no way back for him after the pre-season silliness in France and many West Ham supporters want to see him go but you just know he's going to go to his next club and score hatfulls. I predict a lot of 'why did we let him go for only twelve million'?

He's a lot of things but I don't think he's lazy.

Mart O 2:13 Fri Dec 15
Re: Team for Stoke
I think it's time to see if he can do it for us as a starter, pure and simple.

I quite like the suggestion below of moving Zaba into the back 3 and Antonio to the right, Chicha up front.

Eerie Descent 2:10 Fri Dec 15
Re: Team for Stoke
'I fear Hernandez would get owned by the Stoke centre backs'

5 goals in 5 games against them in his career.

I think he's OWNED them in the past, Stubbo.

I think they are the perfect centre backs for him to be up against, his pace and movement has clearly caused Shawcross all sorts of problems.

Mart O 2:08 Fri Dec 15
Re: Team for Stoke
The semi-mythological status attributed to Sakho on here is indeed incredible.

When he's come on recently he's strolled around looking vaguely interested, but no more. He's been less use than Carroll and for almost as long. He's had one short period where he did the business regularly, other than that he's done nothing but fuck the club about.

And yet on WHO he's the second coming.

Well, he's not the Messiah, he's a stupid, lazy, fucking cunt.

Lee Trundle 10:53 Fri Dec 15
Re: Team for Stoke
"Thats why Id start Sakho Eerie. He offers a goal threat"

You do realise that Sakho has 2 League goals over the last 2 seasons for us, don't you?

Sakho is one of these players that gets better the less he plays for us.

GreenStreetPlayer 10:48 Fri Dec 15
Re: Team for Stoke
We are still finding our way, and a style of play under Moyes. Gently bently.
It's been backs to the wall for the last three games and done a pretty good job of it.Tomorrow the other team will play differently, but be used to the "normal" ebb and flow of defence and attack.
I'd like us to play cautious still and play our way into the game. The danger is of course we invite them on.
I think if we go too gung ho at the start they will pick us off.
The confidence will come and we will end up pushing them back, with our new fitness seeing us through.

Stubbo 9:04 Fri Dec 15
Re: Team for Stoke
Thats why Id start Sakho Eerie. He offers a goal threat and also is able to hold the ball up, plus would be more motivated by starting the game.

I fear Hernandez would get owned by the Stoke centre backs.

Darby_ 8:43 Fri Dec 15
Re: Team for Stoke

Zab - Ogbonna - Cresswell

Noble - Obiang

Antonio - Lanzini - Arthur

Chic - Arnie

Eerie Descent 12:01 Fri Dec 15
Re: Team for Stoke
No one in the 2nd half managed that, Stubbo, however in his 10 minutes on the field, he looked like the only player in our team in the half who looked close to scoring.

We need him in there badly. He can do the work up front if we're playing well, and we need a goal threat from our attackers. Desperately.

franksfat&slow&wank 11:02 Thu Dec 14
Re: Team for Stoke
I guess after 4 points and 2 clean sheets vrs Chelsea and arsenal does justify the same side against stoke as we should get more chances the other end ?
Just fancy Chico to take those chances created

Stubbo 11:01 Thu Dec 14
Re: Team for Stoke
My concern with Hernandez is that whilst on the field he was ineffectual. Didnt win the ball, didn't hold it up, and our possession play isn't good enough to have a player up front on his own who is only a poacher.

I like the player but sadly see him as a bit of a luxury for us at present. We saw against Everton what happened when we tried to be more expansive but had no stickability up top.

I expect the same side injuries and suspensions not withstanding, although would personally play Sakho, stick Antonio on the right side in the Masuaku role, and Zabaleta in as a right sided Cresswell.

easthammer 10:34 Thu Dec 14
Re: Team for Stoke
Colins for Reid otherwise no change

easthammer 10:32 Thu Dec 14
Re: Team for Stoke

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