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Q: 2021/22 What competition should we prioritise this season?
a. The league is our bread & butter, so this year let's have a club sandwich
b. We're owed an FA Cup after Gerrard nicked our last one in 06, our name's on it in 22
c. A bye to the League Cup 3rd round gives us a good start, let's make it count
d. The Europa is our best ticket to the Champions League, this is the one
e. What's wrong with you, let's do the lot, has the quadruple ever been done

StratfordStan 10:05 Sat Dec 16
Bilic interview
Glad we changed manager but respect the bloke


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Pee Wee 12:32 Mon Dec 18
Re: Bilic interview
I think that's a certainty

Alex V 12:26 Mon Dec 18
Re: Bilic interview
My fear is that the owners take this bit of form as an excuse to offer Moyes some long contract and it just gets stale again.

Pee Wee 12:24 Mon Dec 18
Re: Bilic interview
Bilic gave me my most enjoyable season watching West Ham and for that i'll be eternally grateful.

The Beardy Idiot, the Poison Dwaft and the Vile Slag have made me dislike going to games and for that I'll eternally despise them.

As long as they are in charge it really doesn't matter who is manager. We'll have some good games and some poor games, but ultimately we'll never kick on.

stewie griffin 12:19 Mon Dec 18
Re: Bilic interview
to be honest, I thnk you'll see a similar pattern all the while we have these owners.

Even someone as experienced as the fat OAF had the same thing, started well, did ok for a couple of seasons, then won only 3 of his last 24 league games.
They all come in, think its great to have English owners who communicate with the fans, then it all turns sour and things go to shit. Probably be as well to do what Watford do and change every year to stop the cunts from pissing off whoever it is after a while.

Swiss. 12:19 Mon Dec 18
Re: Bilic interview
There was definately a schizim within the squad between the pro Bilic players and anti-BiIic. I think that was still there in Moyes' first few games

Alex V 12:17 Mon Dec 18
Re: Bilic interview
, 11:06 Mon Dec 18

In some ways Zola and Roeder were also similar to Pardew and Bilic. They all had good first seasons followed by struggles. It might honestly have more to do with the attitudes of players at our level - they can raise themselves for a new manager for a time, but maybe need fresh inspiration to deliver over a longer period.

I'm a fan for taking coaches a year at a time. While I'm delighted Moyes is doing positive things, I like that the club has the chance to make a positive appointment next Summer. To keep it fresh.

Pee Wee 12:16 Mon Dec 18
Re: Bilic interview
Texas Iron talking about epitaphs

He just can't help himself can he.

Northern Sold 12:12 Mon Dec 18
Re: Bilic interview
Some of SHIT Slav the WORSTEST WHU manager we've EVER had results...

Arsenal (A) - 2-0
Liverpool (A) - 3-0
Man City (A) - 2-1
Chelsea (H) - 2-1
Liverpool (H) - 2-0
Liverpool (H) - 2-1
Spurs (H) - 1-0
Everton (A) - 3-2
Chelsea (A) - 2-2
Man Utd (H) - 3-2
Chelsea (H) - 2-1
Spurs (H) - 1-0
Spurs (A) - 3-2

What a shit cunt Manager he was for us

Northern Sold 12:03 Mon Dec 18
Re: Bilic interview
I go along with that comma son... probably our 2 bestest modern day periods as well...

The Ghost of Braderz 11:59 Mon Dec 18
Re: Bilic interview
7th and 11th in transitional seasons.

Yeah, our worst manager in recent history. LOL.

, 11:06 Mon Dec 18
Re: Bilic interview
To me the former manager of ours that the Bilic reign resembles is that of Pardew. In both cases the team rose to a peak and subsequently ended up in a situation where a bad run of form left owners sufficiently concerned about relegation to conclude that another manager would better guarantee survival.

Buster 10:42 Mon Dec 18
Re: Bilic interview
Worse than Zola, Grant and Roeder.

Absolutely world class, that.

The Kronic 10:25 Mon Dec 18
Re: Bilic interview

As for being worse than Zola, Grant and Roeder - that just exemplifies the helmets on here.

Texas Iron 10:20 Mon Dec 18
Re: Bilic interview
Bill's Epitaph...

Good International Manager...

Never a Premier League Manager...

Texas Iron 10:14 Mon Dec 18
Re: Bilic interview
He was good while he had Payet playing well...
At the end of his first season he started to lose too many games and dropped more points due to poor selection and tactics from April on...
The Euro games were a fiasco losing to
poor teams due to lack of preparation and selections...

mattyolmes 7:37 Mon Dec 18
Re: Bilic interview
Bilic - I liked him, I supported him as manager far too long.
I was wrong.

geoffpikey 12:34 Mon Dec 18
Re: Bilic interview
Alex. I mean by YOUR logic we should have been selling Payet anyway as he is, to quote you, "ancient." I have no real interest in revisiting these ever-decreasing circles when it comes to blame about signings. Sullivan will talk shit: that seems a given. We know that.

But I don't believe Bilic is much better. The actual evidence of what he DID is pretty damning. I'm just glad SOMETHING has changed.

under the thumb 12:30 Mon Dec 18
Re: Bilic interview
Roeder Zola & Grant!!!!!
You fucking muppet.....get a grip man.

Andy H 12:24 Mon Dec 18
Re: Bilic interview
Very fucking odd all this Bilic adulation. Terrible manager and being completely found out by what Moyes is doing. A complete fraud like Grant, In fact I'd say Roeder, Zola and Grant were ahead of him, that's how bad he was. How anyone would even consider him as manager is beyond me. Yeah but he's a great bloke, oh okay let's keep him then. He would have taken us down, I have no doubt about that, way out of his depth. Thank fuck for Moyes, and I never thought I'd ever say that.

cholo 11:21 Sun Dec 17
Re: Bilic interview
Having seen Arnies sudden turn around under Moyes, I do wonder if some of our other recent flops would've faired better under a different manager.

Far Cough 10:48 Sun Dec 17
Re: Bilic interview
Top man was Stanley, Stoke are well proud of him

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