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lowermarshhammer 2:07 Sun Dec 17
Black ice
Parked upside down in a ditch last night.

Managed to right it this morning, think it's good for another 50000 miles once the oil and windscreen are sorted.

That's the problem with driving slowly and carefully, you sometimes don't put the concentration in that you would if you were giving it the beans.

Be careful out there skaters.

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Grumpster 10:53 Wed Dec 20
Re: Black ice
Not black ice, but some chap who clearly needs new shoes fell over at Fenchurch St this morning approaching the stairs to go out where it was wet.

Fantastically he got up, walked two paces and went down again.

Cheered me right up, as nothing better than seeing people hurt themselves falling over.

yngwies Cat 9:04 Tue Dec 19
Re: Black ice
They should do the old Bob Sleigh and Cresta on black ice.

Fivetide 6:57 Tue Dec 19
Re: Black ice
Often see cars in ditches and fields off corners. Absolutely ALWAYS a small hatchback. Every single time.

Swiss. 5:48 Tue Dec 19
Re: Black ice

In Sweden they don't use snow chains but winter tyres from October are a legal requirement. Problem is if there is no snow they do mess up the roads.

The Stoat 1:45 Tue Dec 19
Re: Black ice
What's this got to do with WEST HAM?

Hammer and Pickle 8:39 Sun Dec 17
Re: Black ice
Only just noticed ChesterRd@6.25

Does it sound like this?


Far Cough 8:35 Sun Dec 17
Re: Black ice
I had them big chunky snow tires on my 4x4 Chevy Silverado

bruuuno 8:30 Sun Dec 17
Re: Black ice

ChesterRd 6:25 Sun Dec 17


Lily Hammer 7:53 Sun Dec 17
Re: Black ice

You don't see many or any chains these days. Busses had them when I first came here. I believe you can still use the small studs, but you have to pay a lot more car tax for the same reason of damage to roads.

Most these days pay that bit extra for the special treads. I don't know how they work, as to my eye, they look like normal tyres, but they grip snow and ice almost as if it were dry asphalt. Took me a while to trust them, but in time I realised I could take bends and turns on snow and ice as I would in the summer.

ironsofcanada 7:50 Sun Dec 17
Re: Black ice
My home province has no laws against chains or such, probably because come spring these days, the road are hashed no matter what.

Two seasons in Alberta, winter and road construction.

I miss winter a fair bit and except the driving. I remember being single and coming back from visiting a girl down in the States, the mountain passes were just great for my light as air, Ford Ranger pickup. Shaking its back end the whole way like some kind of belly dancer.

Far Cough 7:34 Sun Dec 17
Re: Black ice

Far Cough 7:34 Sun Dec 17
Re: Black ice
hey were banned in Minnesota, they fuck up the roads

gph 7:31 Sun Dec 17
Re: Black ice
Last time I was in Norway, they said they were going to ban snow chains as they cut up the roads too much.

No idea if they did or didn't.

side effect 7:27 Sun Dec 17
Re: Black ice
The same happened to me in Scotland in 1984. I was a passenger in the back . The window behind me smashed so I was oot first.

Hammer and Pickle 6:44 Sun Dec 17
Re: Black ice
Correct me if I'm wrong, but winter tyres are apparently a rarity in the UK.

That multiple pile-ups are avoided during the winter months must be therefore down to the skid-control skills of UK drivers.

*doffs cap to UK drivers*

Far Cough 6:41 Sun Dec 17
Re: Black ice
The worse place for ice is on bridge decks because they freeze from both sides

ChesterRd 6:25 Sun Dec 17
Re: Black ice
Glad no real harm done and good topic to being up.

In adverse weather conditions people need to turn the radio/music off and just listen to the noise from the tyres on the road. You might not be able to see black ice but you can hear it.

Claret Badger 4:41 Sun Dec 17
Re: Black ice

Mike Oxsaw 4:26 Sun Dec 17
Re: Black ice
You're safe, me old mate, that's what really matters.

I tweak the nose of a costly season ticket on account of being an old git with a Freedom Travel Pass - and having an office just across the road from my drum.

lowermarshhammer 3:37 Sun Dec 17
Re: Black ice

Sincerely hope that you won't go off the rails when you see the season ticket increase of whatever the fuck percentage they have the brass neck to put it up by on Jan 2nd.

lowermarshhammer 3:31 Sun Dec 17
Re: Black ice
Very rural Essex. Last salted in 1962 I would think

Narrow Road, think not such a harsh version of Laguna Seca corkscrew. Corner, curve, gradient, camber, not enough recovery space once I'd started to correct the initial slip.

I've ridden motorbikes since I was 6, can handle most skids.on two, four and 56 wheel forms of transport. This one got the better of me, nevermind. Worse things happen at sea.

A wider road and I would have stayed on it I would think.

At, cough, aggressive speed going through could have gone through substantial hedge then 50 metres plus into a field.with a few triple salcos for artistic points as well.

Lucky I was going slow, it was all serene and peaceful. Brambles were a bit of a bastard for me to get out through via a back window but verge cushioned the car nicely.

Nothing damaged at all, the force used in righting it is what has fucked the windscreen.

I love that time standing still oh fuck this has gone wrong and how is it going to end up.feeling, motorcyclists and anyone who built jumps for their pushbikes when they were kids will know what I am talking about.

Luckily only a 1.2 small oriental car. Easy to flip
about without much harm I suppose.

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