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madeeasy 3:41 Sun Dec 17
Scottish football
Does anyone really care?

It's in BBC sports updates. Talk sport. Sky sports news.

It simply is irrelevant and doesn't matter and is as news worthy as curling. Its.

Why do they get so much coverage?

I wish they put as much coverage into a real under 21's league and tried to get us excited about young bright future English talent.

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Any Old Iron 5:01 Sun Dec 17
Re: Scottish football
For some years now it's got my back up that the BBC continue to show Jock prem results before the Championship, when it's quite clear to anyone with a vague interest in football that the SPL is not much better than div1, and if it wasn't for the two Glasgow clubs the crowds would be no better.

terry-h 4:50 Sun Dec 17
Re: Scottish football
Channel 5 show the Championship and goals from Leagues one and two on a Saturday night.
The top six in the Scottish PL could survive in the lower reaches of the Championship or League One, so the standard north of Hadrian's Wall is not as hopeless as some on here claim.
I quite enjoy a competitive jock match. The referees tolerate a bit more violence there.

twoleftfeet 3:48 Sun Dec 17
Re: Scottish football
I’m enjoying watching Celtic get spanked by Hearts.

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