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franksfat&slow&wank 5:35 Mon Dec 18
the oatcake stoke fc
too tempting to not go and see them bitch and moan

a couple worth a read re lanzini and arnie

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Kaiser Zoso 7:39 Tue Dec 19
Re: the oatcake stoke fc
That was you that got a slap nomates?

I remember that - it made the press.

normannomates 3:39 Tue Dec 19
Re: the oatcake stoke fc
Every shithole town has a wetherspoons.

How occupied it is on on a drab weds noon is a measure of the towns shittiness.

Blackburn is up there

normannomates 3:16 Tue Dec 19
Re: the oatcake stoke fc
Stoke lads done me on the chugger in full view of a carriage of full of civilians.
Brave cunts..I had to get back early..run into em piccadilly. .

You know...it's amazing how so many people can pretend theyre not seeing something.

Fuck em all

Cheezey Bell-End 11:51 Mon Dec 18
Re: the oatcake stoke fc
mallard 6:09 Mon Dec 18

Northern Sold 11:20 Mon Dec 18
Re: the oatcake stoke fc
Some gorgeous bits around Staffs.... but granted Stoke is a but shit..

bruuuno 10:56 Mon Dec 18
Re: the oatcake stoke fc
I'd rather live in Staffordshire than essex

Leonard Hatred 10:53 Mon Dec 18
Re: the oatcake stoke fc
There's a good Wetherspoons in Stoke

Gavros 8:45 Mon Dec 18
Re: the oatcake stoke fc
Everything about stoke is awful...

Apart from Staffordshire outtakes, which are actually quite nice.

pulhampete 7:35 Mon Dec 18
Re: the oatcake stoke fc
Well that's a shit site!

Makes WHO look positively modern.

dicksie3 7:12 Mon Dec 18
Re: the oatcake stoke fc
They're an awful club and need to get relegated as soon as possible.

Their gates will drop back down to 15k in no time.

Sven Roeder 6:45 Mon Dec 18
Re: the oatcake stoke fc
A more realistic view by one of the Stoke fans below re Arnie
Always amused that people like Hughes think he should take dogs abuse then not react when he scored.
Actually he was remarkably restrained given his reputation

Saw Wimmer when he was at Spurs and he was DOGSHIT
They seem to have a knack of selling their dross for decent money

Tony_Gale 6:25 Mon Dec 18
Re: the oatcake stoke fc


We were 1-0 up and could've conceded 3 in the last 5 mins

mallard 6:09 Mon Dec 18
Re: the oatcake stoke fc
"Let's not forget the barracking and piss taking he was getting two seasons ago at West Ham for his 'offside goals'. He went about the last quarter hour like a man possessed to ensure he scored and celebrated in front of the chicken run like a fucking nutter. Booing him was never going to get to him.

Read more: http://oatcakefanzine.proboards.com/thread/274189/arnautovic-reception-reaction?page=9#ixzz51dAoOHXG

I can't remeber this, can anyone confirm ?

gph 6:05 Mon Dec 18
Re: the oatcake stoke fc
They paid a load of money for Wimmer, and he didn't look a bad purchase until he actually played.

Somehow, they seemed to have turned him into a third-rate Shawcross.

Amusingly, Arnie persuaded Wimmer to join them, so maybe that's another reason they dislike Arnie.

mallard 5:53 Mon Dec 18
Re: the oatcake stoke fc
Let’s put some perspective on the situation.

To us, Arnie is a c**t for the manner he left us. It was a bitter pill to take. At the time I was absolutely livid but not so much anymore.

What we have to understand that unfortunately, in football now, ambition comes with how much money you’re willing to throw at it. The sad truth is that when Arnie knocked on the door to ask for more money and was knocked back, alarm bells began to ring for not only his own pockets (inanity I know, but this is modern football) but for the fact that as a club we weren’t willing to pay the going rate to attract (or keep hold of, in this instance)the next level of player. Ultimately, that is a lack of ambition.

As much as it pains us all to admit it, yesterday, Arnautovic was absolutely fantastic. He may have been unlucky with 4 or 5 chances before eventually finding the back of the net but let’s face it we don’t even have any players that would come close to taking up the positions he did to get those opportunities or make runs incisive enough to get those chances.

As for his taunting of the crowd, it’s nothing less than I’d expect with the poisonous abuse he was getting, totally justified abuse but you can’t expect him to start blowing kisses to the fans can you?

Mark Hughes says he is ungrateful. We rejuvenated his career, which is understandable. But we may turn out to be the ungrateful ones for not paying him what he wanted, he was our best player that carried us for a large portion to the top half finishes. The extra wages he wanted will look minuscule in comparison to what it will cost us if we go down.

In addition, we spent the majority of his transfer fee on Kevin fucking Wimmer, the gutless buffoon and the fact we didn’t find a suitable like for like replacement is non other than negligence.

Arnie you’ve always been a cunt but we loved you when you were our cunt and now we’re the ones with egg on our faces.

Read more: http://oatcakefanzine.proboards.com/thread/274189/arnautovic-reception-reaction#ixzz51d6vKn7U

franksfat&slow&wank 5:35 Mon Dec 18
Re: the oatcake stoke fc

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