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Leonard Hatred 11:40 Fri Dec 22
The Rubik's cube


Ronald Reagan

Lennon assassinated

Moscow olympics boycotted

Sir Trev's header in the 13th minute

Sally James on Tiswas

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Leonard Hatred 2:59 Sun Dec 31
Re: 1980

RBshorty 1:09 Sun Dec 31
Re: 1980
The Empire Strikes Back. And the murder of John Lennon.

Side of Ham 1:00 Sun Dec 31
Re: 1980
Raging BULL

Willtell 8:55 Sat Dec 30
Re: 1980
I well remember being at Wembley for Sir Trev's rare header. Did I say I've still got the programme?

yngwies Cat 6:13 Sat Dec 30
Re: 1980
Sir Trev's Bonce and Iron Maiden

Side of Ham 5:32 Sat Dec 30
Re: 1980
JOHNNY LYALL getting us to the FA Cup Final.

Mike Oxsaw 5:26 Sat Dec 30
Re: 1980
Well, that's two last words.

Can we get back on topic now?

Side of Ham 5:22 Sat Dec 30
Re: 1980
This is my last words then you twat......

You've stuck up for a sexual predator to the hilt and you don't really remember the John Lyall era even though you're an old bloke.

One of those is possibly the worst thing a West Ham fan could do really.

I won't do your mincey digs i've no need, the above states it all.

Willtell 4:28 Sat Dec 30
Re: 1980
Side of Ham 4:01 Sat Dec 30
My last post on this subject.

You see Snide the problem for you is that I was right and his conviction was quashed at re-trial. Yes I agree the bloke was despicable and I don't know how many times I have to say that but then you seem to want to keep arguing because I have caught you out lying again.

The reason I stuck up for a despicable cunt like Ched Evans was simple really. He was fitted up by a slag that thought she could get compensation and buy herself and her best friend a couple of brand new pink Minis, and the police.

Cunts like you can never see the wood for all the trees in the way because you are incapable of original thought. How's your design business going then eh? Not very successful was it? No vision you see. You're just a bitter, lying loser...

Northern Sold 4:09 Sat Dec 30
Re: 1980
Take it to WHOmail Gents.... for all our sakes

bruuuno 4:07 Sat Dec 30
Re: 1980
Stone me do you two pair of cunts not got bored? Who gives a shit?

Side of Ham 4:01 Sat Dec 30
Re: 1980
Says more about you that you are desperate to swap this around, luckily my daughter is too young to have that type of discussion at all yet.

You're a scummy cunt WilltellLIES for thinking you WON or was PROVEN right about this mans behaviour that night.

Also like the way you've generalised her yet you stuck up for a bloke that takes advantage.

Trying to twist it round to be it about my young daughter eh? you really are a lowlife piece of work WilltellLIES.

Willtell 3:49 Sat Dec 30
Re: 1980
So you still don't understand why I called him a "despicable prick" then?

And yes I do have a daughter thanks. But she's far too sensible to go to the hotel room of a 2nd rate footballer she met at 3 in the morning outside a kebab house.

Says a lot about you to compare your poor sick daughter to that kind of slag though Snide...

Side of Ham 3:43 Sat Dec 30
Re: 1980
Innocent of the RAPE, he's not innocent of leaving his home with his girlfriend asleep upstairs to go and stir his mates porridge on a girl who's faculties were gone.

Or do you think that's decent human behaviour?

Hope you don't have any daughters they would be disgusted if you think that's how a bloke in a relationship should behave.

Who's the simpleton now WilltellLIES?

Willtell 3:37 Sat Dec 30
Re: 1980
Can't you fucking read what I said in the previous post you simpleton Snide? Or do you think this is all deflecting your lying and pointless rants for the last word?

"I was proved right because although the bloke was a despicable prick he was later found innocent."

Side of Ham 3:01 Sat Dec 30
Re: 1980

Wasn't good enough just saying i couldn't afford so you've made no point as you know well how the other massive cunt performs his act, when i eventually gave the full reason though he threw a hissy fit a bit like yours over Johnny Lyall's era and YOU not remembering it.

Your both a pair of cunts anyways who now do not attend so this forum is it.....GREAT....this is your limit, your contribution to the club.

Err condemning a sexual predator like old Ched is not following the herd it's having decency.You wasn't proved right he just got away with the rape charge.A bloke who gets home to his girlfriend then goes back out to a hotel to lick out a drunk girl that's already had sex with his mate is one sick fucker, and YOU STUCK UP FOR HIM.

Answer this.. taking the rape bit out do you think his acts that night were of a decent man?

Scum, if you try to even explain that one to the forum.

Willtell 11:29 Sat Dec 30
Re: 1980
"Err she was born gravely ill and that had consequences so i couldn't work as freely which in turn got me behind on my earnings therefore i couldn't afford it until i caught back up."

Exactly my point Snide. A simple "I couldn't afford a season ticket" would be enough for an anonymous football thread. But no you invent a reason for being skint that turns you into the hero. That's what liars do. Invent things.

I didn't follow the herd in condemning Ched Evans like you did and probably said some things I shouldn't have on here. However, I was proved right because although the bloke was a despicable prick he was later found innocent.

All of the faux outrage on here was about "virtue signalling" instead of recognising that men were now in a position where women accusers stay anonymous while men have their lives made a misery and their careers get ruined just because a slag says so....

Now I'm busy again so just fuck off back to your pathetic life...

Re: 1980
For mash get smash

Side of Ham 1:46 Fri Dec 29
Re: 1980
Err she was born gravely ill and that had consequences so i couldn't work as freely which in turn got me behind on my earnings therefore i couldn't afford it until i caught back up.

Are you that thick? as well as making yourself look a cunt like when you stuck up for Ched and his actions that night to go out from home with his girlfriend and stick it in his mates porridge.

All you've proved with the Lyall thing is you've confirmed you don't remember a lot of the John Lyall era (you've stated this not me) yet went to his cup finals

You really are a scummy cunt glad you've moved it all to France.

Anymore of your worming you want explained?

Willtell 1:17 Fri Dec 29
Re: 1980
Being skint is a good reason for not buying a season ticket. Using a sick daughter as a reason for not going to games is shameful when you live near the ground because 3 hours on a Saturday afternoon is nothing and we all know the NHS pays for everything.

I have proved that you were lying about your issue with Lyall just a few posts down so stop calling me a liar. Is that why you are desperate to make some sort of point?

What is your point other than having a dislike for my posting style? You want to believe that you are a better WH fan than I am. So what if you are? Gold Star for you today then.

Anyway, I've got friends coming to stay soon and have things to do...

Side of Ham 1:03 Fri Dec 29
Re: 1980
Yep found out to be lying as he now wants to stop this and throw the attention back onto my very good family reason not to go.

Comeback with something better so you don’t trip over yourself too much.

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