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Leonard Hatred 2:47 Fri Dec 22
When people on here use this as an adjective, ie "muggy little cunt", what does it actually mean?

Obviously it's derogatory, but what does it MEAN?

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BRANDED 11:38 Sat Dec 23
Re: "Muggy"
It means like a cup of rosie lee's gash

Vexed 11:33 Sat Dec 23
Re: "Muggy"
dicksie3 4:39 Fri Dec 22

Irony overload

normannomates 6:57 Sat Dec 23
Re: "Muggy"
It's ironic really

Dan M 11:31 Fri Dec 22
Re: "Muggy"
We was all football and they was just muggy bonehead.

dicksie3 4:39 Fri Dec 22
Re: "Muggy"
I always associate it with someone who's a bit of a fucking div. Especially a loud-mouth div who thinks that they know it all.

There are a lot of MUGS on WHO, that's for sure...

w4hammer 4:31 Fri Dec 22
Re: "Muggy"
i think mug is derived from making a muggy/spasticated face..

Gavros 3:49 Fri Dec 22
Re: "Muggy"

charleyfarley 3:48 Fri Dec 22
Re: "Muggy"
Means when it is hot and humid and makes you sweat

Pub Bigot 3:42 Fri Dec 22
Re: "Muggy"
Term I've heard about me since I was a chavvy.

Other words you may no longer hear are:


The last three, in the PC world we live in and because Cockney's are a dying breed, I can understand.

Gavros 2:55 Fri Dec 22
Re: "Muggy"
a mug is someone who gets mugged, i.e. is simple.

the rest you can work out.

Westham67 2:53 Fri Dec 22
Re: "Muggy"
Stupid, gullible cunt

R.E - Chelmsford 2:51 Fri Dec 22
Re: "Muggy"
From the Urban Dictionary

1. When someone says one thing but means another

2. When someone does something that annoys you or something that is not to your liking.

Swiss. 2:50 Fri Dec 22
Re: "Muggy"
When you have a "mug"/ face like Johnson's.

Gavros 2:48 Fri Dec 22
Re: "Muggy"
how do you not know that, you muggy little cunt?

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