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ray winstone 9:35 Fri Dec 22
Food Banks
Sam Allardyce brands UK’s reliance on food banks a ‘disgrace’

Sam Allardyce has branded the growing number of food banks in Britain a national disgrace after visiting one in his role as Everton manager this week.

Allardyce, together with assistant Sammy Lee, donated food on behalf of the club to the North Liverpool Foodbank on Thursday. Supporters of Everton and Liverpool have held regular collections for the facility, one of 428 operated within the Trussell Trust Network, having set up the Fans Supporting Foodbanks initiative. Three wards surrounding Goodison Park are among the poorest in Europe, with up to 42% of families living under the Living Wage Foundation’s poverty line.

I agree with Sam....

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Mike Oxsaw 6:29 Fri Dec 29
Re: Food Banks
Hermit Road 6:10 Thu Dec 28

So, benefits to be paid in such a way that they can only be spent on items on a list of morally acceptable goods & services?

Hermit Road 6:10 Thu Dec 28
Re: Food Banks
I’ve taught in the poorest schools in England for 20 years. I have never met 1 family that NEEDED food banks as a result of government policy. I’ve met a few who needed it because of parental neglect who had spent the money on other things though.

Blaming government for indeividuals using food banks to save money for other, more vital pursuits, is just a massive lie.

Nurse Ratched 5:53 Thu Dec 28
Re: Food Banks

Nicey 5:52 Thu Dec 28
Re: Food Banks
Labour banned it

Nurse Ratched 5:48 Thu Dec 28
Re: Food Banks
Harvest Festival. Each kid would work hard at home to decorate a box or basket to make it look like a gift, and then fill it with non-perishable food items. The boxes would be displayed in the school hall during the Harvest assembly. Prayers and singing. A bit of a talk about charity and the less well off, plus isolated people like pensioners. The boxes would be distributed to people in need.

Does anything like that happen today? My children were never asked to do this at school.

Nicey 5:34 Thu Dec 28
Re: Food Banks
AND mallard there isn’t just one article, there is lots of information about this. It was a scandal labour tried to hush up. Cameron reversed this decision and you will find even further information on this and how it was needed.

50yrs ago when I was a kid we have food at harvest festival for the poor. A food bank is not a new thing only their use has increased as the conservatives removed Labour’s restrictions because they could see people had a genuine need for food and not just money to spunk on other shit - food!

The facts in this debate are hard for labour and corbynistas to take. You will find lots of facts that corbynistas will struggle with. This is what happens when you blindly follow the leader of the 6th form debating society who himself is blindly following a communist phycopath in McDonnell

Read the guardian and call everyone a racist or a nazi and you don’t have to worry about facts though

Johnson 5:32 Thu Dec 28
Re: Food Banks
It's an article in the GUARDIAN mallard, you know, the Labour newsletter?

Nicey 5:28 Thu Dec 28
Re: Food Banks
Fitch you really are missing it.

Yes the number of people using foodbanks has increased due to the number of people being referred by job centre and cab advisors. They are the first port of call for those seeking benefits so by banning them to refer people means far less people used them.

You have to start from that very factual point before going any further on corbyns hyperbole wagon. If you don’t start there you get lost in all manner of made up nonsense for political point scoring.

I hope that helps

El Scorchio 5:24 Thu Dec 28
Re: Food Banks
penners28 9:29

mallard 5:21 Thu Dec 28
Re: Food Banks
That's an article from 2010, and in the following 7 years, there has been no concrete evidence to support this claim.

Fifth Column 5:19 Thu Dec 28
Re: Food Banks
So the "demand" for food banks has shot up exponentially because of... job centres referring people. So job centres referring people made them hungry and thus there was more "demand"?

You have a lot of faith in the effect of job centres referring people to places.

Do you think demand may have one up because of more poor people who can't afford food?

That rule was ridiculous but so is the idea that food banks are now proliferating mainly as a result of job centre workers telling people that they exist.

After8 5:08 Thu Dec 28
Re: Food Banks
Nope. The guardian.


That practice, negotiated locally, was stopped by the Labour government in 2008, after a ruling that Jobcentre Plus advisers "must not act as an agent for handing out any form of support, such as food vouchers" on behalf of charities. Labour ministers were thought to have been concerned that the Trussell Trust parcels would give the impression welfare payments were insufficient.

mallard 8:39 Wed Dec 27
Re: Food Banks

" ......under labour the job centres were banned yes BANNED from referring people to food banks."

Source = Jacob Rees-Mogg

The Kronic 7:42 Wed Dec 27
Re: Food Banks
After8 5:11

You're referring to New Labour AKA Thatcher's 'greatest legacy'.


penners28 7:35 Wed Dec 27
Re: Food Banks
Norman, people would be treated as they treated me when i eas doing it. We could help in so many ways (payment plans etc) but if they just wanted a row, and showed no intention of paying, then I started removals.

I did it for years and found it made me very cynical of what true poverty actually is. My view...if you have sky you are not poor. If you smoke, your are not poor.

After8 5:25 Wed Dec 27
Re: Food Banks
Just because there's four universities in Liverpool doesn't mean to say they're all good or Liverpool is a hot bed of education. There's four centre backs at West Ham but our defense is shit.

After8 5:11 Wed Dec 27
Re: Food Banks
What ray is not telling you is that under labour the job centres were banned yes BANNED from referring people to food banks.

Under the conservatives, the ban was lifted hence why demand has gone up.

Labour allowed children to starve and stay hungry than have people help feed them because they didn't want negative pr headlines.

Let that sink in. Labour blocked food bank use and left people to fend for themselves.

Heartless bastards

Mike Oxsaw 9:11 Wed Dec 27
Re: Food Banks
normannomates 4:39 Wed Dec 27

That's the key - "For some" - SOME. It's that some that the media (and the ignorant) use to tar all with their opinionated brush.

Many just want to get on, some even want to improve their lot and stop becoming (what they, themselves feel are) a burden on society, but that very society is more often than not the very thing that stops them, puts blocks in their way, gives them even bigger and higher hoops through which to jump.

It's almost as if those empowered to ostensibly help the less fortunate among us have modelled themselves on a teacher from their secondary school - an authoritarian teacher, at that - who's tasks is to educate (the ignorant), and he/she has to use a stick to do so because the rich have hidden all the carrots.

normannomates 4:39 Wed Dec 27
Re: Food Banks

Maybe for some..not me.
I was under the mental health team..my everyday life I fucked off..got behind..because I stopped caring.

Miserable occupation being a bailiff. .but I'm old school. .polite..and made a brew

penners28 9:29 Tue Dec 26
Re: Food Banks
From my bailiff days I can easily tell you the “poverty” some live in.

Somehow poverty is classed as not being able to buy food after you have paid your iphone bill, sky bill, and spent money on fags and booze.

ray winstone 9:25 Tue Dec 26
Re: Food Banks
Cunt, coward, slippery, fucking hell, it's WHO bonanza time!

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