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Nick QQQ 6:27 Sat Dec 23
Bloke is a lamppost. Unless we are going to play him as cb time to move him on.

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ironsofcanada 11:27 Sun Jan 14
Re: Kouyate
Again a much more useful player if we have three in midfield.

Whether we can do that and have five at the back and continue to get results will be interesting to see.

Mex Martillo 11:21 Sun Jan 14
Re: Kouyate
I agree with you Wiltell apart from the one on one comment he is okay at that and at worst gets a touch on the ball and disrupts what the opposition were trying to do putting them step back. For me where he goes wrong is when he gets the ball in a forward position he looks hesitant as Chigwell said and then the opportunity passes and he makes a simple pass side ways or back or one time he even appeared to show the ball so a defender dived in knocking the ball out to give us a throw in close to there penalty area. Frustrating.
But yes he was covering for Zabaleta, pressuring their defenders and midfielders high up the pitch to make mistakes / passes back or just bad passes under pressure and he made runs forward that took defenders off Arnautovic and Lanzini. Helped the midfield play.

Willtell 9:36 Sun Jan 14
Re: Kouyate
Eerie is right about Kouyate. He's a CB playing in midfield because he's very fit and mobile. Moyes has him protecting Zabaleta on the right which he does quite well. His inadequacies show up when he's faced with a defender in a one to one.

A better right sided player as mobile as Kouyate but with more attacking flair will eventually replace Kouyate - maybe next season?

KingandPaynter 8:14 Sun Jan 14
Re: Kouyate
all four whufc goals today were assisted from midfield by Kouyate

Chigwell 6:57 Sun Jan 14
Re: Kouyate
I was encouraged by his match against Huddersfield. He still appears very hesitant and rather slow, but perhaps being part of a more confident team will help him.

Mex Martillo 8:07 Sat Jan 13
Re: Kouyate
He is a frustrating player though, plays a good game without actually touching the ball much. And when he has the ball he is so careful it is a bit annoying

ironsofcanada 6:48 Sat Jan 13
Re: Kouyate
Decent game.

License to get forward with three in middle and it helped.

Joe C 6:09 Sat Jan 13
Re: Kouyate
Playing well so far today

Mex Martillo 3:33 Sat Jan 13
Re: Kouyate
Your right Exile, but it is hard not to put one last comment to see Eerie go off on another wobbly. Yes we should all grow up a bit.

Willtell 3:26 Sat Jan 13
Re: Kouyate
I'd describe you as the Design Technician equivalent of Kouyate...

Eerie Descent 3:24 Sat Jan 13
Re: Kouyate
I like to describe myself more of a design technician.

Willtell 3:21 Sat Jan 13
Re: Kouyate
Eerie Descent 2:33 Sat Jan 13
"Look at Willtell steaming in, because I hurt his feelings by telling him no one gives a fuck about him or his old job. Hahaha!"

When did you do that then Eerie? Oh yes I seem to remember a 2 or 3 years ago telling someone I wouldn't employ them. Was that you then? Were you that 2nd rate designer?

Eerie Descent 3:20 Sat Jan 13
Re: Kouyate
The whole website is embarrassing when you think about it, grown me posting about football and other bollocks.

Just don't take it that seriously and you can't go far wrong.

the exile 3:16 Sat Jan 13
Re: Kouyate
This is getting embarrassing. Everybody needs to walk away.

Eerie Descent 3:16 Sat Jan 13
Re: Kouyate
I've obviously still got more work to do on you, thumb. Here's another helpful piece of wisdom to get you on track.

This is a faceless online football messageboard.

Think about that. Let it sink in, then have another go.

under the thumb 3:06 Sat Jan 13
Re: Kouyate
Having the last word is associated with ego. Egomaniacs like you always have to have the last word. It gives you a feeling of power.

You are fundamentally flawed and it’s there for everyone to see. Someone like you who has to have the last word feel uncomfortable when the power is taken away from you.

I bet you are one of these people in life who has never risen to the top in career or business so you come in here and adapt your personal profile so you can feel like you are winning and no one else is right.. Ultimately having the last say means nothing.

Eerie Descent 2:48 Sat Jan 13
Re: Kouyate
This is not a discussion. It is me educating you about football and yourself.

Learn from me.

under the thumb 2:44 Sat Jan 13
Re: Kouyate
You are like a smell that lingers. I’m a big boy now and I don’t need to rally troops to have a discussion with you of all people.

Eerie Descent 2:33 Sat Jan 13
Re: Kouyate
Look at Willtell steaming in, because I hurt his feelings by telling him no one gives a fuck about him or his old job. Hahaha!

Little thumb, the difference between me and you is that I don't come on here looking for friends, I don't need to be liked on an online website. You're desperate attempts to rally troops would be funny, were it not so tragic.

the exile 2:25 Sat Jan 13
Re: Kouyate
Cullen won't get any more than a spot on the bench today, with Noble, Obiang and Kouyate all fit. It would be nice to think that Cullen might be ahead of Kouyate in the pecking order, but I'll believe it when I see it.

ironsofcanada 2:06 Sat Jan 13
Re: Kouyate
Pedro 2:03 Sat Jan 13

Moyes talking him up again, so maybe.

Though Noble and him is a pretty tiny midfield.

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