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bruuuno 8:44 Sat Dec 23
Moyes out
He needs to go NOW


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chedylan 2 11:42 Sat Feb 24
Re: Moyes out
I don't believe that .

There are plenty of clubs smaller then west ham who have good managers. Like our player recruitment, there is obviously a bigger underlying problem

swindon hammer 11:34 Sat Feb 24
Re: Moyes out
We're not a big enough club to attract a really decent manager.
The same goes for a decent shirt sponsor.

History has proven that.

happygilmore 11:29 Sat Feb 24
Re: Moyes out
chedylan 2 11:26 Sat Feb 24
Re: Moyes out

it's simple, but wrong.

chedylan 2 11:26 Sat Feb 24
Re: Moyes out
I'm not sure why Antonio and Hernandez were dropped today. If you're going to bring back lanzini drop Mario.
We need a big clear out of stale and old players in the summer or we will just slowly sink to the championship Aside from my main gripe of moyes always late with substitutions or not at all.
He needs to be given cash and free control over building a squad if he's resigned. Otherwise it doesn't matter who's manager

happygilmore 11:23 Sat Feb 24
Re: Moyes out

the clowns running the club are dragging us down. Can't be arsed as long as they are in charge.

pulhampete 11:18 Sat Feb 24
Re: Moyes out
Unhappy Gilmore?

happygilmore 11:16 Sat Feb 24
Re: Moyes out
He is building for the future with a team around Evra

daveyg 10:26 Sat Feb 24
Re: Moyes out
If Moyes is our manager next season we will be in massive serious trouble.I see nothing why he should be retained as our manager.
He's very negative,plays to many old "establsihed" players.
FFS Evra,Collins,Zabaletta and Cresswell in a back 5 was never going to work against that Liverpool forward line.
Then leaving Antonio out was suicide.
I can't stand him,he's worse than Allardyce.
Out both of the cups for the League.
Teams like Brighton and Southampton are coping much better than us on both fronts.
We now have to beat Swansea well to keep pace with the teams above us.defeat and we could well swap places with Swansea.
I don't what we have gained from Moyes

master 10:09 Sat Feb 24
Re: Moyes out
Would've helped if Lanzini was fit, as he's our (second) best ball retainer usually.

Anyway, when we win next weekend everyone can go back to being a bit 'nonplussed middle-groundy' on Moyes again.

gph 10:01 Sat Feb 24
Re: Moyes out
I seriously doubt our tactical plan was to give the ball away as often as we did.

Until we cut this out, the real tactics are not going to work as well as they could.

chim chim cha boo 9:42 Sat Feb 24
Re: Moyes out
I don't know if we can expect things to go any different against top teams when it seems our transfer policy is to grub around in bins and second-hand shops for 'deals'.

I love Zab and he's a great pro but we've got a 33 year old and a 36 year old playing as our wing-backs in the richest league in the world.

There are plenty of places to point fingers but I don't think it's Moyes that's top of the list.

jfk 9:27 Sat Feb 24
Re: Moyes out
There will always be exceptions but Liverpool are unbeaten at home.i don't know how Burnley played at Anfield because I couldn't care less.
I'm merely stating facts about today's game.
I wish things had gone better but we lost to a better team.
We now need to beat loads of teams in a similar position to ourselves.

Tomshardware 9:18 Sat Feb 24
Re: Moyes out
Funny that jfk because teams like Burnley can go there and give them a game.

geoffpikey 8:47 Sat Feb 24
Re: Moyes out
Funny. BBC reports had us down today as being too open because we came to attack. We didn't much, obviously, but just couldn't. Didn't hear one suggestion we got thumped because we were negative.

Sniper 8:46 Sat Feb 24
Re: Moyes out
It’s another game that highlights the blatantly obvious gaping hole in the centre of our midfield that stops us being able to keep possession

So frustrating

Roeder-nowhere 8:43 Sat Feb 24
Re: Moyes out
Just as I was thinking why not have a go and try & get a goal or two to give us a chance, I read this below from
Steve Mcmahon, spot on. Better to go a little gung ho from the off than wait til the inevitable 2/3 nil down

"He's frightened to take the game to Liverpool.

"If West Ham had thought positive they would have had more of a chance.

"I'd rather lose 4-1 being positive, playing 4-1-4-1, than playing five at the back with wing-backs who don't want to be wing-backs."

This was a bonus game, time to have a crack... 14 games v Liverpool and still no win for Moyes.

jfk 8:42 Sat Feb 24
Re: Moyes out
The bookmakers had it right we was 5/1 for the draw.
Top teams are going to rip us apart when they click.its unfortunately the way it is unless we spend.
I suggest you get used to it.

jfk 8:36 Sat Feb 24
Re: Moyes out
Give it a rest you obviously know fuck all about football.
We wasn't unlucky we were outplayed by a very good team.

dicksie3 8:34 Sat Feb 24
Re: Moyes out
Moyes is the same as BORING BOLLOCKS (Allardyce); he sets the team up like a fucking League Two side against the top teams and we inevitably get thumped by sitting-back far too deep.

Still, if we beat Swansea next weekend then I'll forgive him for today's latest surrender job.

Tomshardware 8:30 Sat Feb 24
Re: Moyes out
jfk, so tactics played no part at all? Codswallop.

jfk 8:29 Sat Feb 24
Re: Moyes out
Let's blame Moyes and look for a scapegoat.
Liverpool have spent huge we ain't.
Liverpool are unbeaten at home.
We was 11/1 to win
We were beaten by a much better team with huge spending power.
It's got fuck all to do with Moyes.

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