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Q: 2017/18 The RealWestHamFans March on March 10th
a. I'll be there, it's time for action now enough is enough
b. Not for me, I'll see you all at the Stadium
c. A bit difficult for me as I'll be on my stream with a cup of rosie
d. What march

bruuuno 8:44 Sat Dec 23
Moyes out
He needs to go NOW


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daveyg 11:16 Sun Feb 25
Re: Moyes out
With you there Simon

I know Collins is a favourite but he is simply not good enough,heads the ball straight back to the opposition every time.Playing him alongside Evra and Zab was playing straight into Liverpool's arms.
He must go,it's just laughable and I'm bored of it

dicksie3 7:59 Sun Feb 25
Re: Moyes out
Plenty of small, shit clubs with crap support have had far more lucrative sponsorship deals than we've had before.

Our current deal with Betway is not had but we should still be aiming higher.

We've always been small-time and run by amateurs and fucking idiots though.

Hopefully, the Yank on our board and Blackstone Group will buy us out soon.

simon.s 6:54 Sun Feb 25
Re: Moyes out
Another season of this dour sweaty at the helm would be too much to take. Nobody wishes relegation on their club, but if it was the choice between him staying or going, I’d take it.

swindon hammer 6:22 Sun Feb 25
Re: Moyes out
I completely forgot about Jobserve!

We really have scraped the barrel as far as shirt sponsorship goes.

As I said we are a small club in the eyes of most outsiders and we have never been able to attract decent managers or sponsors.

Darby_ 4:15 Sun Feb 25
Re: Moyes out
I doubt that playing three strikers would have given us a better chance of winning.

Tomshardware 2:56 Sun Feb 25
Re: Moyes out
I'm surprised people are defending Moyes after yesterday. We didn't have a go at all and dropping the in form Hernandez and Antonio was a poor decision.

ALso Hugill has barely had a chance and yesterday would have been the ideal game to start him, we had nothing to lose. Everyone expected it could be a hiding but the manner of it was weak.

Yes Liverpool are a very good side but we completely gave them the chance to play how they want to, Moyes just seems as archaic as Allardyce at times.

Westham67 1:39 Sun Feb 25
Re: Moyes out
Redknapp was Bonds N02. Redknapp stabbed Bonds in the back and took over as Manager

I don't think they have spoken again

Willtell 11:30 Sun Feb 25
Re: Moyes out
I thought he was when Bonzo was fired?

Chigwell 11:21 Sun Feb 25
Re: Moyes out
Redknapp wasn't promoted from within.

chim chim cha boo 3:46 Sun Feb 25
Re: Moyes out
swindon hammer 11:52 Sat Feb 2

Be fair mate. You left out the mighty multinational corporation Jobserve.

steveiron64 12:02 Sun Feb 25
Re: Moyes out
Two more wins and a draw or two, we stay up. Pity though that is the 'hope' for this season.

swindon hammer 11:52 Sat Feb 24
Re: Moyes out
What manager have we ever appointed that we all thought was a bit of a coup?


Aside from Greenwood the best ones have been Lyall & Redknapp who were West Ham players that were promoted within.

As for shirt sponsors

Bac Windows
Dagenham Motors

We have always been small time.

Westham67 11:52 Sat Feb 24
Re: Moyes out
gph 10:01 Sat Feb 24

Agree with that if you cant get the basics right no tactics will work attacking or defensive

chedylan 2 11:42 Sat Feb 24
Re: Moyes out
I don't believe that .

There are plenty of clubs smaller then west ham who have good managers. Like our player recruitment, there is obviously a bigger underlying problem

swindon hammer 11:34 Sat Feb 24
Re: Moyes out
We're not a big enough club to attract a really decent manager.
The same goes for a decent shirt sponsor.

History has proven that.

happygilmore 11:29 Sat Feb 24
Re: Moyes out
chedylan 2 11:26 Sat Feb 24
Re: Moyes out

it's simple, but wrong.

chedylan 2 11:26 Sat Feb 24
Re: Moyes out
I'm not sure why Antonio and Hernandez were dropped today. If you're going to bring back lanzini drop Mario.
We need a big clear out of stale and old players in the summer or we will just slowly sink to the championship Aside from my main gripe of moyes always late with substitutions or not at all.
He needs to be given cash and free control over building a squad if he's resigned. Otherwise it doesn't matter who's manager

happygilmore 11:23 Sat Feb 24
Re: Moyes out

the clowns running the club are dragging us down. Can't be arsed as long as they are in charge.

pulhampete 11:18 Sat Feb 24
Re: Moyes out
Unhappy Gilmore?

happygilmore 11:16 Sat Feb 24
Re: Moyes out
He is building for the future with a team around Evra

daveyg 10:26 Sat Feb 24
Re: Moyes out
If Moyes is our manager next season we will be in massive serious trouble.I see nothing why he should be retained as our manager.
He's very negative,plays to many old "establsihed" players.
FFS Evra,Collins,Zabaletta and Cresswell in a back 5 was never going to work against that Liverpool forward line.
Then leaving Antonio out was suicide.
I can't stand him,he's worse than Allardyce.
Out both of the cups for the League.
Teams like Brighton and Southampton are coping much better than us on both fronts.
We now have to beat Swansea well to keep pace with the teams above us.defeat and we could well swap places with Swansea.
I don't what we have gained from Moyes

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