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Sydney_Iron 9:42 Sat Dec 23
Racist Jewellery
Twitter and the usual PC suspects offended and outraged by a brooch!!!

Is this not getting a tad stupid, maybe just ban anything black or depicts someone who is, paintings & sculptures for starters?


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Mike Oxsaw 10:08 Mon Dec 25
Re: Racist Jewellery
SilverSurfer 3:03 Mon Dec 25

Is that a dirty version of a Sulli West Ham badge?

normannomates 4:21 Mon Dec 25
Re: Racist Jewellery
Sir Oswaldt

SilverSurfer 3:03 Mon Dec 25
Re: Racist Jewellery
I've got a Golli..., West Ham badge, so fucking what.

Hammer and Pickle 9:49 Sun Dec 24
Re: Racist Jewellery
The black vikings were wiped out by St. Patrick with the dinosaurs and dragons.

gph 9:46 Sun Dec 24
Re: Racist Jewellery
You haven't read it very well if you think that.

Tip: the Vikings weren't hunter-gatherers

mashed in maryland 6:46 Sun Dec 24
Re: Racist Jewellery
Is this going down the road that Vikings were really black and all that shit, Jeep?

gph 6:38 Sun Dec 24
Re: Racist Jewellery
Er, the latest thinking is that black skin is only a disadvantage in low UV environments when the diet is poor in vitamin D, and people have to rely on their skins to manufacture it.

Early farming improved food security at the expense of food quality, and it was only after the agricultural revolution that there was sufficient selection pressure to turn Europeans white.

Prior to that, European (hunter-gatherers) were fairly dark (even if some had blue eyes).


Spandex Sidney 5:54 Sun Dec 24
Re: Racist Jewellery
Wasn't her parents massive Nazis? Her proper name is Marie Christine von Reibnitz.

Princess Heinkel it is then.

DagenhamDave 4:39 Sun Dec 24
Re: Racist Jewellery
1964 11:22 Sun Dec 24

Don’t know who you’re talking to. But I’ll have to assume you’re taking the piss or a kid. As only the innocent or the ignorant would think things are that straightforward.

mashed in maryland 1:02 Sun Dec 24
Re: Racist Jewellery

TBH I'd never heard of her before a couple of days ago but reading that it gives the impression she's probably lived her whole life in a bubble convinced of her own superiority and purity. So a racist, eccentric old auntie making a very nasty and bitchy "you're not welcome" statement, one which can easily be brushed off as ignorance if pulled up. Not really the sort of publicity the royals need, and I say that as someone who generally couldn't give a fuck about them.

Although I do think Sydney has a point re the press; they'll milk the race thing for all its worth for the rest of our lives, and that certainly won't help anything.

Lertie Button 12:41 Sun Dec 24
Re: Racist Jewellery
Typical of that pc lot, next thing they will be complaining about her Daddy, Nazi? SS? they just have no sense of humour.

BRANDED 12:25 Sun Dec 24
Re: Racist Jewellery
I love the idea that people get outraged by anything now days. Its our cognitive dissonance in overdrive.

Take the swastika. Its a symbol that's been used by all kinds of organisations through history. My Dad had a swastika badge and he told me it was his socialist badge from the 1930s. Its also all over India where its a religious symbol meaning good well!

Calm down. Its just a story to sell advertising.

Sven Roeder 12:09 Sun Dec 24
Re: Racist Jewellery
It just seems a bit odd
Oh I am off to a royal occasion meeting the new Princess to be who is a bit dusky ... so I will wear my GOLLIWOG badge

Believe she once told some black people who were a bit noisy at a New York restaurant to go back to the colonies.
Which is a bit ill advised you’d say.
I guess that’s what happens when you put German people in some nonsensical position called ‘Princess’.

mashed in maryland 12:00 Sun Dec 24
Re: Racist Jewellery
Can actually perfectly appreciate the outrage around this. If she did it unintentionally then she's obviously a bit cut-off and someone should have said something. If she did it intentionally then it was a really cuntish thing to do, even if it is just a case of bitchy in-law behaviour. Either way it's embarrassing as fuck, not least cos it gives all the wrong people all sorts of ammo.

1964 11:22 Sun Dec 24
Re: Racist Jewellery
Your either racist or your not.


DagenhamDave 10:17 Sun Dec 24
Re: Racist Jewellery
Couldn’t give a flying one obviously. But there is no way she didn’t do that on purpose.

geoffpikey 9:10 Sun Dec 24
Re: Racist Jewellery
The whole episode is somewhat symptomatic of a few people's "outrage" altering our whole discourse. Even if you look in Wikipedia (yes, I know) the only reference to the "racism" of "Blackamoor" figures appears with this news story.

It's baffling. Especially as this somewhat odd, nothing else, brooch depicts the "moor" as a queen. The Telegraph, of all papers, has been reporting the depictions are "now considered racist" Since, it seems, this story made the news. Not really before. I await the shutting down of all pubs called The Saracen's Head.

Sven Roeder 8:43 Sun Dec 24
Re: Racist Jewellery
She should have just worn her Nazi Dad’s medals from the SS instead.

I’m sure Harry’s bird will look on the positive side .... she has been told this family she is marrying into is a bit conservative and now she finds out they have a Princess called MICHAEL

Nicey 8:37 Sun Dec 24
Re: Racist Jewellery
She had a brooch of the band cameo? Word up

Mike Oxsaw 6:11 Sun Dec 24
Re: Racist Jewellery
gph 3:13 Sun Dec 24

That may well be the case, but it was't all accomplished by passengers on the first boat out of Cairo.

As the more swarthy tribes moved north, fatalities would have been fairly high until natural selection found the right balance for offspring to survive in colder climes, less exposed to the ultra-violet radiation their ancestors developed a protection against..

Sydney_Iron 6:07 Sun Dec 24
Re: Racist Jewellery
This though is really a non story, a stupid royal and her brooch, FFS

Any random opinion is news know? Someone on Twitter decides something offends them and that feeling is validated by other social media misfits, and the media pick up on it and then milk it for the clicks and ad revenue (or whatever) Who the fuck cares?

Not to mention the ridiculous position the media are putting Meghan Markle in, it seems her role is ‘biracial American’, and anything remotely related to that will be created into headlines just as Kate Middleton was the ‘commoner’.

The press really are a pack of cunts

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