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keepitfluffy 4:50 Sun Dec 24
The transfer window thread
C'mon mods, you know you want to...

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J.Riddle 2:29 Sun Jan 21
Re: The transfer window thread
They say we're going for a loan now, cheaper for the 2bobs 1.4m for the 23 yr old Mario, but their not sure if he's heart is in it, so we are getting a cheaper and older option instead with the 30 yr old Nasri, then again could all be a smokescreen?

Westham67 12:04 Sun Jan 21
Re: The transfer window thread
What happened with Leander Dendoncker, last
I read Anderlecht had put his price down to 10 Million

Joey Nutmeg 10:24 Sat Jan 20
Re: The transfer window thread
Jesus wept, might as well delete this thread - not a sniff of a signing, just a load of egos wanking themselves silly.

Stubbo 3:16 Sat Jan 20
Re: The transfer window thread
So what should we be doing Side, given Sullivan doesn't have the clout of a Saudi Sheikh, and we don't have the marketing machine of Man Utd?

Trying to do what Spurs have done is the only logical path to follow (until such time as these owners move on and we get Bill Gates to admit his life long love of all things West Ham).

Whilst we have tin pot owners, we have to behave accordingly. No reason to like it, but to try and follow a model that can't succeed makes no sense.

We have to cut our cloth suitably. Our owners clearly dont have the financial muscle or the desire to follow the 'buy big' or even the 'buy quite big' model.

I want us to buy quality, top drawer players. But the only world class aspect of our club is the volume of our home gates and the quality of our away support. In all other areas we're still on the same level as middle of the league sides.

Alex V 3:13 Sat Jan 20
Re: The transfer window thread
Let's say two years of the new stadium gives you £10m per year extra in the club coffers. What does that £20m get you - one £10m player every 2 years and then their contract covered? Of course if you make a pigs ear with a signing like Ayew, you've effectively wasted 4yrs+ of the advantages of the new stadium with one mistake. Make a couple of big bad signings (which I'd argue we've done over the past few years) and that's a whole era basically squandered because of poor decisions.

To justify the new stadium, the club simply has to be better run on the transfer side. It has to be accountable and careful with every pound, because spending that well or badly will be the deciding factor whether this new era will be delivered or not.

Side of Ham 3:00 Sat Jan 20
Re: The transfer window thread
PS. They've moved us into a stadium that SCREAMS of of ambition both on and off the pitch, except they won't finance the on, and expect us to be happy with that move into purgatory mid table shop window when we would have been happy as we was with your fantastic transfer plan.

It's easy to be laughed at by the bigger clubs the media when you have smaller crowds and a ground that fulfils that ambition.When you have bigger crowds than them though and they are still taking the piss on the pitch more often than not then it gets really pissy.

Side of Ham 2:54 Sat Jan 20
Re: The transfer window thread
Realistically Stubbo that plan is fantastic for a club that's set up as an old fashioned family club in a traditional stadium like Upton Park was who's fan base realise it's standing within the modern game.Now .....here is our new reality..... that set up is doomed to sell any prospects or finds to our bigger NEIGHBOURS and WON'T keep 55,000+ bums in a 55,000+ in a new stadium we can't match in the quality of in playing staff we get in.Even Arsenal will be struggling as is starting now, so they will be looking to feed off the likes of West Ham.

Fucking great, glad for you, you except the reality of that.I don't and they can fuck off into an industry that matches their financial outlay.

Alex V 2:23 Sat Jan 20
Re: The transfer window thread
Once a player is at the club it actually doesn't matter what you paid for them really. And that goes for future decisions about them - it doesn't matter that it's half price, it only matters if it's the right move for the club.

This indignance and hubris in response to offers for our players is I suppose quite a standard response. But it reveals an arrogance I think. Hernandez has offered so little - it seems to me like decision-makers at the club are in denial about it. Hernandez is only worth what a buyer wants to pay - if it ends up half what you originally paid what does it say about your ability to value players?

Stubbo 2:22 Sat Jan 20
Re: The transfer window thread
Side of Ham...the club's strategy or Moyes' comments about strategy?

It's common sense if you cant afford to compete at the top end of the market, to look for players who have potential to get there rather than buy has beens or never beens.

You'd propose something else? (Realistically)

Sven Roeder 1:56 Sat Jan 20
Re: The transfer window thread
Is this mouthpiece saying Carroll to Chelsea for £20m was nonsense before he broke again?

Alan 1:51 Sat Jan 20
Re: The transfer window thread

Irons respond to ‘Chicharito for Besiktas’ report

Javier Hernandez will not be sold to Besiktas or anywhere else for half of what we paid for him as is currently being reported.

Once again The Sun – having picked up a report from Goal.com (yep, that’ how it works these days) – is repeating the line that the striker is set to make a £7.5 million switch just six months after joining the Irons for £16 million.

Quite where these stories come from is anyone’s guess but just like the ‘Carroll for Chelsea’ nonsense this too is a load of old pony.

We were told from a senior Hammers source this morning it again simply isn’t true as he laughed: hat? Absolutely no way.”.

If anyone can really imagine David Gold and David Sullivan taking a £8.5 million hit on such a player six months after buying him they are living in different world to most Hammers supporters.

This won’t happen.

Romfordboy 1:20 Sat Jan 20
Re: The transfer window thread
Great transfer policy selling a player for half what you got him 6 months earlier

I can only imagine that 16m was made up of clauses and bonuses

Willtell 12:04 Sat Jan 20
Re: The transfer window thread
Yes but while others have had their chances Sakho hasn't really has he? Perhaps he's been injured or having a strop but if he realises he has to say for another 2 seasons, at some stage he will realise he needs to knuckle down to get an improved contract.

It may be good management if it's all true...

Sven Roeder 11:44 Sat Jan 20
Re: The transfer window thread
Sahko is injured / out of favour / being fitted for a straitjacket
Pea doesn't suit how we play with an ordinary midfield
Carroll is made of glass

About £300k a week of waste there which needs to be resolved by next season at least

One Word 11:21 Sat Jan 20
Re: The transfer window thread
Give Sakho a pay rise , 30k pw vs The Mexican on £125k

Pay Sakho 60k and make him happy

Side of Ham 11:18 Sat Jan 20
Re: The transfer window thread
The Alex V & Stubbo tag team seem very aligned to the club’s latest transfer strategy......i’m wondering why?

Roeder-nowhere 11:03 Sat Jan 20
Re: The transfer window thread
So looks like Pea is on his way. Seems odd, sell the striker he plays the most yet is probably least effective and for half the price we bought. Otherwise Sakho has hardly had a look in so seems odd to keep him and not play him. Especially when we’d get around 10 mil

Iron Duke 10:58 Sat Jan 20
Re: The transfer window thread
It sounds like Hernandez is going to Besiktas for about half of what we paid for him.

I wouldn’t mind keeping Sakho but the trouble is he hardly ever makes himself available for selection.

As much as we need 2 midfielders, we also need another striker because we can’t rely on Sakho or Carroll.

fraser 10:52 Sat Jan 20
Re: The transfer window thread
Sky have just said we've turned down an offer from Rennes for the moody cunt, Moyes said he's not allowed to leave.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 9:52 Sat Jan 20
Re: The transfer window thread
Alex V 4:40 Fri Jan 19

'If you've underestimated the risks of failure, you're probably over-confident in the chance of success'

No, you just suck at risk management. The rest is your prejudice.

Stubbo 9:09 Sat Jan 20
Re: The transfer window thread
It would appear from comments that Moyes is somewhat aligned with Alex V, in wanting a policy of buying cheapish young rough diamonds and improving them.

Hard to disagree given we either don't have the money or willing owners to buy big names ready to go.

In fairness, in recent times our best acquisitions (Payet aside) have followed this model:

Cresswell, Antonio, Obiang, Masuaku, Lanzini.

Might make the windows a bit dull though.

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