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keepitfluffy 4:50 Sun Dec 24
The transfer window thread
C'mon mods, you know you want to...

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Side of Ham 7:00 Tue Jan 16
Re: The transfer window thread

Side of Ham 6:59 Tue Jan 16
Re: The transfer window thread
Who’s running recruitment on fear you muppet V?

I hope you are directing that at the owners as they are the ones that let us go season to season a few players short and then for them to add to that problem by selling off players in over stocked areas doesn’t guarantee THEM balancing it up in other areas.

It’s just typical that because we’ve found a nice little system that works for us that it’s then ok to deplete the squad FURTHER and presume it’s all going to be hunky dory between now and the end of ANOTHER ‘funding our feet’ season.

There’s no fear involved just stupidity in believing these chancers will get their buying strategy right on a consistent basis.

chelmsfordhammer 6:54 Tue Jan 16
Re: The transfer window thread
willtell, i have , watched all 12 minutes of it , he looks half decent in a pretty shit league . Does that make him the next world beater , not in my book. Thats doesn't mean id be against signing him but the way some are going on on here they must have seen a lot more of him playing other than a 12 minute youtube video.

Willtell 6:47 Tue Jan 16
Re: The transfer window thread
Yes mate normally I agree but take a look at it because it is certainly one of the best YouTubes I've ever seen. Look at the passing - 50m with either foot. Well make your own mind up but do yourself a favour and watch all 11 or 12 minutes...

chelmsfordhammer 6:43 Tue Jan 16
Re: The transfer window thread
Willtell, I have no idea whether he’s any good or not and won’t make my mind up because of a YouTube video . I’m just amazed how many Belgian football experts we have on here. It’s one thing saying he looks half decent but the way some on here are going on I reckon they must have Anderlecht season tickets.

Alex V 6:41 Tue Jan 16
Re: The transfer window thread
Russ of the BML 6:32 Tue Jan 16

But effectively I think if we pick our strongest side based on current selection, 4 of our forwards are on the bench (Sakho, Carroll, Hernandez and Ayew). I think this 'who is a striker?' question ignores the reality of the situation. Do we really need four players as the reserve in case three of them get injured? No. Is it justified that they be our highest paid players in the squad? Absolutely not. At some point common sense has to be applied.

And if we're desperate for a 'proper striker' then what do we do to get one? I would argue selling off very expensive reserves is a great method for doing it. I'd shift three of those mentioned in exchange for one more reliable first-team striker.

The club imo is desperately guilty of sitting on its hands while its players get gradually worse and worse. It's happened with the defence, midfield and up front. That has to change. Players need to be pro-actively shifted before they drag the whole club down. Of course replacements are required where necessary - that's the whole point of shifting the players!

Mr. Burns 6:40 Tue Jan 16
Re: The transfer window thread
Andre Wisdom is signing?

chelmsfordhammer 6:40 Tue Jan 16
Re: The transfer window thread
Russ, is that the same Batshuayi that’s scored less premiership goals in more games than Andy Carroll in the last two seasons, playing for a team that creates a lot more chances than us or is it a different Batshuayi.

Willtell 6:38 Tue Jan 16
Re: The transfer window thread
chelmsfordhammer 6:25
I think most of us had never heard of him before but take a look at this below and tell me whether or not this is the type of player WH need?


Iron2010 6:33 Tue Jan 16
Re: The transfer window thread
Please just keep the wisdom coming.

Russ of the BML 6:33 Tue Jan 16
Re: The transfer window thread
That's why I think any deal with Carroll going to Chelski should involve Bats coming the other way. Imagine him leading the line with Arnie, Antonio and Lanzini zipping around him.

Russ of the BML 6:32 Tue Jan 16
Re: The transfer window thread
Alex V 6:24 Tue Jan 16

I understand what you are saying. But in reality neither Arnoutavic, Antonio nor Lanzini are strikers. They are not regarded as goal-scorers as in the same mould as a traditional 9 like Carroll, Sakho, Hernandez. And there scoring records will tell you that.

It would be nice to get rid of Carroll, Sakho and Hernandez and get in even just one striker (goal-scorer) who is going to get you a gauranteed 15 a season.

Because that's what Arnie, Antonio and Lanzini will get combined. We are so desperate for a proper striker.

chelmsfordhammer 6:26 Tue Jan 16
Re: The transfer window thread
Irons, not at all . I just understand the difference between real football and what you play on your computer.

chelmsfordhammer 6:25 Tue Jan 16
Re: The transfer window thread
I’m also amazed how popular Belgian football is over here. So many people know so much about Dendoncker I can only assume they watch Anderlecht play on a regular basis. Personally I’d never even heard of him before he was linked to us. Can someone tell me where they watch all this Belgian football, because I’d like to watch him play.

Iron2010 6:24 Tue Jan 16
Re: The transfer window thread
All hail Chelmsford. What a guy ....

Alex V 6:24 Tue Jan 16
Re: The transfer window thread
In terms of strikers, I read the current first choice forwards are Arnautovic and Antonio, with Lanzini pushing for 3rd choice after those goals in a forward role at Huddersfield. On that basis there'd have to be 4 further injuries to forwards (even with Antonio out) before we'd have to turn to Martinez or some makeshift option. That's quite simply overkill. We have way too many strikers (many of them paid our highest wages) and some of them would struggle to play the off role as well. It is really quite sensible to lose a couple of these and funnel those resources into areas of the squad that need an upgrade.

If you run recruitment based on fear you would probably end up never changing anything (because what if we need that thing that changed). But that's a terrible way to make progress and a great way to tread water or go backwards.

chelmsfordhammer 6:11 Tue Jan 16
Re: The transfer window thread
This site becomes more a comedy site as each day goes by. Just last Sunday after Shrewsbury everyone was on here saying how thin our squad was. One week on after one win people want us to ship half of our strikers out without any real suggestion as to who we should bring in. As side of Ham says , one injury and suddenly we re short again. The squad needs to be added to especially in midfield not ripped apart mid season when it’s doubly hard to make decent signings. Still , anything other than a big win tonight and you’ll all be crying out for the squad to be added to again.

Side of Ham 5:59 Tue Jan 16
Re: The transfer window thread
Fucking hell we already struggle if one of Lanzini or Arnie gets injured or suspended and everyone is of the assumption we’ll get replacements for these striker sales to the standard of covering for the above plus there’s the staying in form factor which is these two’s moot point otherwise they wouldn’t be here.

franksfat&slow&wank 5:00 Tue Jan 16
Re: The transfer window thread
we will I am sure fuck up any chance of selling a carroll, sakho etc as will want silly money
the pair are never available for selection and I'd fucking pay to get rid of them
yes 2 very good strikers but fuck me enough evidence on the table to suggest carroll wont stay fit and the other wants out so fucking sell

Alan 4:53 Tue Jan 16
Re: The transfer window thread
Sport Witness

From Spain: West Ham’s Andy Carroll could be off to Sevilla if Michy Batshuayi deal fails

The transfer market is a tangled web, and Estadio Deportivo give a good example of that today.

Previously reporting Michy Batshuayi is very close to a loan from Chelsea to Sevilla, the local Spanish newspaper now has a new claim.

It had been reported both in England and Spain that before Antonio Conte lets Batshuayi go anywhere, he wants a replacement brought in.

West Ham’s Andy Carroll has been the man most linked over the past few days and if that move happens, Sevilla get Batshuayi.

But if it doesn’t, Estadio Deportivo report the club could move for Carroll instead.

The West Ham player is said to have told his agents he’d be keen on a move to La Liga, so would be attracted by the Sevilla interest.

Sevilla won’t make an approach for Carroll at this stage because it’s in their interests for the West Ham striker to move to Chelsea, so Batshuayi, the club’s first choice, can arrive at the Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán.

Anyone got a headache tablet?

Alex V 4:43 Tue Jan 16
Re: The transfer window thread
>>> I think it's unthinkable that we shift all three strikers without a replacement lined up.

I kind of agree. But at the moment the three strikers you're talking about (Carroll, Hern, Sakho) seem to be effectively 4th, 5th and 6th choice for the positions after Lanzini's success in an off-striker role at Hudds (and maybe 7th with Ayew being picked ahead of others). If they were our only strikers there's be no talk of them going at all, but they're basically reserve players as it stands. In Carroll and Hernandez's case we are paying top wages to players who clearly don't deserve them.

I would sell two if there's interest, and bring in at least a loan to give cover. I think the club needs to get over this obsession with sticking with what it has. To improve we have to shift rubbish and replace with better - might as well start now!

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