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Sydney_Iron 3:41 Tue Dec 26
French Foreign Legion
Watched a doco on this lot, make the Paras or Marines look like lightweights, fuck me there training is brutal, very few who try to join get in, they don’t take anybody these days and looks to me to be mainly ex military screwballs who managed to get booted out of there own courtiers army or wanted more from the job than the odd bit of peacekeeping, once your in its 5 years and almost guaranteed action of some kind, they do all Frances dirty work and some, and seeing as no Frenchman can join there pretty much disposable in fact 1 in 10 will get killed either in action or the training…

Respect were its due, any Whoers be in the Legion?

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Northern Sold 2:39 Wed Dec 27
Re: French Foreign Legion
Only know one bloke.... one of the real tough mods around our area that used to go toe to toe with anyone and everybody... started off in the Green Jackets and then went in the Legion.... not spoke to him in 30 odd years but last I heard he's doing up Lambrettas in thailand... oh and by all accounts he loved every second in the Legion... but then again he was always an absolute fruit..

normannomates 2:16 Wed Dec 27
Re: French Foreign Legion
The slow marching and shit tunes combo was enough to put the kybosh on any temptation I had .

The low number of Ex British Army that do join this mob..pretty much all regret it..thus desert. .or do their time and jack without a backward glance.
No way to live..that's a certainty.

I've known five bods who served..two are dead..three are on another planet.

normannomates 1:58 Wed Dec 27
Re: French Foreign Legion
Not doubting that for a second.

In the Military..it's a different world..and bad shit happens.

But..these occurrences are rare..even in the likes of the FFL

normannomates 1:49 Wed Dec 27
Re: French Foreign Legion
Band of Brothers.

It's true a lot ..but certainly not all ..are desperados ..but that their strength.

After ww2 most of the Legion were made up of ex Wermacht.

This is a common theme..a lot of Africans and East Europeans too.

The training isn't any harder than British Infantry...more intense mentally ..but purely on soldiering skills.. far inferior.
British Paras and Royal Marines are far better all round Soldiers in my humble

chim chim cha boo 1:39 Wed Dec 27
Re: French Foreign Legion
I had a pal who ended up deserting from the FFL who told me some fucking horrible stories about them.

A French sergeant held a loaded pistol to his head and made him suck his cock. He said he was absolutely sure he'd die if he didn't comply as the bloke was an absolute psycho who everyone knew had killed recruits before.

He saw a couple of recruits die training in the desert and said it very nearly happened to him in Djibouti in Africa.

They were doing RPG training firing at old tanks on a hill. On the other side of the hill was an African village. When it got to his turn to fire he pulled the trigger and nothing happened.

The bloke doing the training comes screaming into his face to point the end of the Bazooka down and let the grenade fall out onto the floor. Understandably he was a bit reluctant but did it anyway. He said he was shaking like a shitting dog as it plopped onto the sand.

Then he was told to reload the grenade and fire it again- and he was a bit reluctant about that too. He said he pulled the trigger again after pointing it at a tank it was easier to hit than miss and the grenade made an unusual hissing sound, came out of the barrel and shot off over the hill, hitting the poor village and exploding.

The bloke training them went fucking potty and kicked fuck out of him in front of everyone. Then all the soldiers packed the kit up and jumped in the truck. My pal was given two full ammo boxes and was told to run back three miles to the camp with them. He started running down the shitty road with the truck revving up and driven about an inch behind him all the way. He knew that if he as much as stumbled he'd get run over and nobody would give a fuck.

No wonder the poor cunt deserted!

Hammer and Pickle 10:20 Tue Dec 26
Re: French Foreign Legion
Talking of low flying mean kit, there was a squadron of A10s in Norfolk back in the day. Surprisingly quiet and on you before you even knew they were on the way.

arsene york-hunt 10:16 Tue Dec 26
Re: French Foreign Legion
""...few who try to join get in, they don’t take anybody....""

What about these........?


Animal 10:12 Tue Dec 26
Re: French Foreign Legion
Aircraft carriers are old hat? Fmob

Aircraft carriers are the spearhead of any decent naval force, in terms of defensive and offensive capabilities

You've not heard of power projection then?

ludo21 7:59 Tue Dec 26
Re: French Foreign Legion
Ha ha

Willtell 7:55 Tue Dec 26
Re: French Foreign Legion
If you say so but they were probably French jets on a training run over Hampshire ready for life after Brexit....

ludo21 7:46 Tue Dec 26
Re: French Foreign Legion
Willtell... bollocks

I've seen UK military aircraft fly extremely low over SE England... Chinooks fly at tree top height on a weekly basis in Hampshire, I've also seen one fly at no more than 100m down the A3, also seen a Hercules actualy hit the top of trees during a low pass over Bewl reservoir in Kent.

Willtell 7:42 Tue Dec 26
Re: French Foreign Legion
Aircraft carriers are old hat and absolutely no use to an island off the coast of Europe. A lot of smaller, faster ships capable of inflicting damage and running are far more VFM.

As we will find out when we leave the EU and have to fight off a Spanish Armada of fishing vessels nicking our fish...

Animal 6:50 Tue Dec 26
Re: French Foreign Legion
2 carriers will still put us as the 2nd strongest naval air contingent in the world behind the US.

These new carriers are proper job

gank 5:35 Tue Dec 26
Re: French Foreign Legion
I offered to train the legion in self defence and unarmed combat when I was out of work, for expenses only.

Rude Frog cunts never even replied.

mashed in maryland 5:08 Tue Dec 26
Re: French Foreign Legion
Worst made up story ever posted on here, that.

BRANDED 5:00 Tue Dec 26
Re: French Foreign Legion
In the 90s I took a night train from Paris to Cannes. Turned out to be a troop train. Spent the night in tbe buffet car getting pissed. Met a conscript who'd lived in the UK for years living the rave scene. He warned me of the Legion trooper in the corner. Everyone was on edge. I fucking loved it and cunted him in the bastard.

Willtell 4:36 Tue Dec 26
Re: French Foreign Legion
epsom 1:01
I only know what I Googled and found on Wikipedia. I was surprised but there you go. There was a time that Britain ruled the waves and now we only have one aircraft carrier of note. The 2nd will be with the navy in 2020 apparently.

Animal 1:02 Tue Dec 26
Re: French Foreign Legion
France has one aircraft carrier, the Charles de Gaulle

It's smaller and considerably less advanced than the two QE class ships of the royal navy.

epsom 1:01 Tue Dec 26
Re: French Foreign Legion
Willtell 9:52 Tue Dec 26

The French only have 1 aircraft carrier - Charles De Gaulle which is Nuclear powered and has been troubled throughout its service life to date.

They have 3 Helicopter causing ships (aka HMS Ocean)

They are slightly bigger than the UK armed forces in active personnel, however they are facing major budget challenges at the moment, hence the head of the French Armed services quit in July.

I think arguing over who is bigger is like two dwarves trying to win the "who is tallest competition".

bruuuno 12:38 Tue Dec 26
Re: French Foreign Legion
There was a big influx of brits after Afghan apparently after people got a taste for battle

The French can definitely join

Willtell numbers and figures are misleading, Britain may just have less soldiers but spend more on training them etc.

Willtell 10:16 Tue Dec 26
Re: French Foreign Legion
I guess that was funny in your mind Thickle? It is almost certainly made up of more Poles than Brits.

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