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bruuuno 6:33 Tue Dec 26
English football is corrupt
Today that has been confirmed once and for all

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Enoch Nutter 5:04 Wed Dec 27
Re: English football is corrupt
Can the club not raise a formal complaint with the FA regarding the referees performance in this match and also demand a full detailed account as to what it was that made him overrule his assistant?

Garth Algar 4:49 Wed Dec 27
Re: English football is corrupt
My belief is that he thought West Ham deserved nothing out of the game, let alone the win.
When Bournemouth 'scored', he took it upon himself to let the goal stand in the interests of his self perceived fairness.

Private Dancer 4:45 Wed Dec 27
Re: English football is corrupt
There is no logic at all as to why the goal was allowed. Even if Madley thought he knocked it in (not with his hand of course) then surely the lino would have at least still said he was offside anyway? The only reasonable explanation is that Madley thought he never touched it so it didn't matter if he was offside, but as Bank says surely he would have been deemed as interfeering with play..

North Bank 4:07 Wed Dec 27
Re: English football is corrupt
Eddie imo the fans got to him and this was his way of revenge and the last laugh, crazy to think but there is no other explanation, if he felt Wilson never touched the ball he still challenged Adrian so he was active

Far Cough 4:06 Wed Dec 27
Re: English football is corrupt
Eddie, because the fans were cunting him off over that high kick non red card?

zico 4:04 Wed Dec 27
Re: English football is corrupt
Don't these Refereeing teams work together every week? If I was the Lino I would be asking for a transfer!!

Eddie B 3:57 Wed Dec 27
Re: English football is corrupt
The lino flagged for something. Be it offside or handball, he was obviously in a better position than the ref to see it, so what reason could the referee have to over rule him?

Willtell 3:53 Wed Dec 27
Re: English football is corrupt
I think that is a good explanation of the feelings of a lot of us zico. I can't understand why he would over rule his assistant unless he had a bet on the game being a score draw...

zico 3:49 Wed Dec 27
Re: English football is corrupt
When Mane got sent off for Liverpool for raising his boot I felt it was harsh because he had eyes on the ball that was coming over his shoulder but the "pundits" on MOTD were saying that the rules had changed and "intent" no longer had anything to do with it and if a boot dangers an opponent deliberately or accidentally then it's a red card. Fine, but the same MOTD last night were saying yesterdays that was far worse than Mane's was nothing more than a yellow?!?!?!?! Whether the fella meant it or not by the "new" laws surely it's a red.

The goal that was given bemuses me. I know all Referees have got ego's these days and want to be the centre of attention but I just cannot for the life of me see why Madeley has left himself open to criticism. If he had gone with the Linesman's decision and had the Lino got it wrong (*which he didn't) then Madeley would have been let down by his Lino. However he puts himself in the position to get criticised because he makes a decision to over rule the Lino when he cannot in any circumstances because of his positioning know 100% if Wilson was offside or whether he had touched the ball. The Lino was perfectly placed, Madeley isn't so why make such an over rule to risk himself getting it wrong?! It doesn't make sense at all why he would do that unless extreme arrogance or something a tad fishy!!

Two of the worst decisions I have ever seen involving West Ham were the Sammy Lee offside in the 1981 League Cup Final where Clive Thomas over rules his Lino and the Tony Gale FA Cup SF sending off by Keith Hackett for dragging down Gary Crosby. Horrendous decisions "but" at least they could hide behind their decision (even if wrong) that in Thomas case was Sammy Lee interfering with play? Yes he was IMO but Thomas decided he wasn't. Same with Hackett - was it a goal scoring opportunity? IMO No but Hackett claimed it was. With Madeley he can't even hide behind his own opinion because he can't see it because he is not in line to make an informed offside decision and Wilson's arm is goal side so Madeley would have been blindsided. So as I say either extreme arrogance and a feeling of self importance or something fishy went on.

Garth Algar 3:09 Wed Dec 27
Re: English football is corrupt
I'm not one to shout conspiracy but yesterday really does need to be investigated.
It's easy to get wound up in the heat of the moment but when you have had time to calm down and reflect, and you still feel like this, you know it's not a knee jerk.

Why can't the club come out and publicly request an investigation? ?
It's not like they're short of a few words....

Mad Dog 2:41 Wed Dec 27
Re: English football is corrupt
Yeah. You buy an earpiece. Totally worth it.

You can hear the ref clearly and any conversations he has with players (who, in rugby, are completely respectful when spoken to)

Lily Hammer 12:46 Wed Dec 27
Re: English football is corrupt
Mad Dog

So it’s not on the PA then? You here them clearly on the TV. Do you have to have headphones to listen at the match or something?

Mad Dog 12:39 Wed Dec 27
Re: English football is corrupt
Lily. I've been to a lot of rugby games. I usually buy a ref link. They're fucking great.

Northern Sold 12:13 Wed Dec 27
Re: English football is corrupt
Today???? Ha ha ha Ha... where the fuck you been Bruuuuno... in a fucking coma???

Lily Hammer 12:12 Wed Dec 27
Re: English football is corrupt
Is there a good reason why PL refs can’t have a microphone linked to the PA system like refs of rugby matches? That way everyone can here them explain their decisions on the spot. Madley and the lino covered their mouths while discussing the incident. Why? What have they got to hide?

Alfs 5:35 Wed Dec 27
Re: English football is corrupt
There is, without doubt, corruption in football. There is corruption in every multi-million-pound business so it would be naive to suggest otherwise. The question is, how deep does the corruption go.

We all know that Sepp Blatter and his cronies were at it for years but how many have been prosecuted? Money and power provide protection.

A draw for the match today offered 9/4, or double your money. These far East betting syndicates could easily get a ref such as Madley in their pockets with a 'make sure it happens or don't get your bung' deal.

The bung money would then be laundered and placed into some secret account which Madley has no trail to but does have access to. It's pretty simple nowadays. Though I do have to admit, it's normally done with far more subtlety than Madley achieved today.

It would be interesting, fascinating in fact, if a major newspaper came out and called a ref a cheat and to see if the ref in question would sue for libel. If he did, all of the facts would have to come out, rather than all the secrecy that the present system works under.

Dan M 4:48 Wed Dec 27
Re: English football is corrupt
I guarantee that one day in the future Madley will write his autobiography and mention this game as the one time he deliberately tried to shut the fans up. As it's West Ham involved it'll be immediately laughed off and forgotten, bar one patronising thinkpiece in the Guardian and a largely ignored rant on Football365 or fourfourtwo.com.

claret on my shirt 4:05 Wed Dec 27
Re: English football is corrupt
A tackle or challenge that endangers the safety of an opponent or uses excessive force or brutality must be sanctioned as serious foul play.

That's from the rule book, how kicking someone who's about 6ft plus in the shoulder/face showing his studs is not endangering a player is laughable.

Mad Dog 3:17 Wed Dec 27
Re: English football is corrupt
As in I can't believe they agreed it was just a yellow

Mad Dog 3:16 Wed Dec 27
Re: English football is corrupt
Against my Better judgement I broke my role and watched that cuntfest match of the day. Wow. Agree its Just a yellow? Francis nearly too his fucking head off. And how the ref can overrule his lino is beyond me.

We got done like a absolute kipper

young woody 12:09 Wed Dec 27
Re: English football is corrupt
They should of had 10 men
It was offside the only reason it could be overturned was because he ref thought Wilson didn’t touch it. Which he did with his fucking hand.

I can’t believe anyone will disagree with that.

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