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Q: Manuel Pellegrini
a. A great signing for the Club and maybe the change of direction we all need
b. It will only be a great signing if the Board back him with decent funds
c. This is West Ham so it will only end in farce
d. I'm not sure about this one, I'll wait until SKY is back to hear what Gary Neville thinks, then I'll voice my opinion

stewey 11:02 Tue Dec 26
Westfield ruck
See the locals where playing up again today.

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Urac Hunt 8:12 Thu Dec 28
Re: Westfield ruck
East London scum!

ornchurch ammer 7:05 Wed Dec 27
Re: Westfield ruck
Does that have any relevance to us? Err Yes.

We have been treated like lepers since day one over with barriers and stewards deployed to keep us out yet these 'youts' cause enough issues without any action being taken.

How about metal detectors around each entrance for a start?
Or would the snowflakes start moaning about racist measures being able introduce?

1964 5:48 Wed Dec 27
Re: Westfield ruck
Just a bunch of scum.

Gavros 4:58 Wed Dec 27
Re: Westfield ruck
I dont really understand how this has any meaning whatsoever.

some kids had a fight in a shopping centre. How does that have any relevance to us?

dicksie3 4:24 Wed Dec 27
Re: Westfield ruck
How was that even a fight? Fucking embarrassing. About as intimidating as Spurs Away.

Enough to frighten the GOGGLEBOXERS away though, of course.

I bet they all pegged it out of the EYEBROW-SHAPING PARLOURS...

the last eastender 4:22 Wed Dec 27
Re: Westfield ruck
Funny earlier that side mentioned the Albanians etc starting up business in the area.
I have heard from various sources that many of the yout dem are moving out or not performing their operations in their old stamping grounds rather they are moving onto the suburbs or outer towns as they are shit scared and terrified of aforementioned East European gangs who are far more organised (and better armed)than what they ever were.
What a shame.

the last eastender 4:19 Wed Dec 27
Re: Westfield ruck
It's pathetic and predictable all this crap with the yout dem.
It's boring now.

13 Brentford Rd 4:10 Wed Dec 27
Re: Westfield ruck
Good job we were not allowed to play at home boxing day.

mashed in maryland 3:37 Wed Dec 27
Re: Westfield ruck
Interestingly a mod has come in and removed what I was "christ"-ing at.

the last eastender 3:31 Wed Dec 27
Re: Westfield ruck
But you love it mashed you can't get enough of it.

mashed in maryland 3:26 Wed Dec 27
Re: Westfield ruck
There's sometimes absolutely no need to.

the last eastender 3:25 Wed Dec 27
Re: Westfield ruck
Still playing the troll are we.

mashed in maryland 3:24 Wed Dec 27
Re: Westfield ruck

the last eastender 3:21 Wed Dec 27
Re: Westfield ruck
Albanians are ok, at least they don't hang about outside your local school beating up boys and sexually assault girls. Or jave massive outs in your local shopping centre.

violator 3:10 Wed Dec 27
Re: Westfield ruck
There's an ALBANIAN who drinks in my local that's a Hammer, the governor is always telling him if he'd held onto the axle a bit longer he could have been Spurs

Johnson 3:09 Wed Dec 27
Re: Westfield ruck
You’re a fool if you can’t scott. The likes of riosleft and Snide were bemoaning how the ethnics has taken over and that Sari ships and crime meant the area was a shithole.

It was when I pointed out that Stratford has worse crime stats and just as many ethnics that they all made up the supposed fear of postcode gangs.

It’s easy to forget when you were all completely and utterly wrong about basically everything though.

Takashi Miike 3:07 Wed Dec 27
Re: Westfield ruck
and the cunt justifying the gangs shit himself when a boso landlord told him to drink up and fuck off

Johnson 3:04 Wed Dec 27
Re: Westfield ruck
Snide of Ham 2012: Anti-OSers are scared of gangs in Stratford, Little out of town poofs I’m an east end geezer don’t you know. I’ll make up and mock about some shit about postcode gangs.

Snide of Ham 2017: Me and my mates got run out of a pub in Stratford as we wasn’t welcome and folk should avoid certain areas to avoid getting done over.

scott_d 3:00 Wed Dec 27
Re: Westfield ruck
There was lots of shit being spouted about the move and reasons why it would apparently be better at Stratford than Upton Park but I don't remember any of the reasons being that we can finally get away from all the ethnics and all the trouble they were causing?

Gavros 2:58 Wed Dec 27
Re: Westfield ruck

mashed in maryland 2:50 Wed Dec 27
Re: Westfield ruck
WHO in 2012: Upton Park is a shithole full of gangs and ethnics. We need to move to Stratford where everything is great and lovely and modern (plus we will fulfil our destiny of finally becoming a massive big time big money club)

WHO in 2017: Well, there may be stabbings and gang fights and police lockdowns at Westfield every 5 minutes (plus the ground and stewarding are shit and so is the football) but that's just PART & PARCEL of east London and we should just accept it


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