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Leonard Hatred 5:14 Wed Dec 27
Ancestry DNA
Has anyone tried this? Just seen a tv ad, you send off for a kit, send back a saliva sample, and it tells your your detailed ethnicity and links you to distant relatives and that.

Sounds quite interesting, but also could be a load of bollocks.

How does it work?

£79 by the way.

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joe blob 2:15 Thu Sep 20
Re: Ancestry DNA
All 4 of my grandparents came from the planet Varg, I can't seem to trace any further back than that.

norwaytips 8:04 Wed Sep 19
Re: Ancestry DNA
According to Adam Ritherford (geneticist), if you send samples off to 5 different companies, you get 5 different answers. Without having your complete genome done, they can say anything they like.
It’s a bit like reading your horoscope. Lots of generalisations.

mashed in maryland 7:55 Wed Sep 19
Re: Ancestry DNA
Darby_ 7:38 Wed Sep 19

A lot of Welsh people, and a lot of people in Cornwall, are very dark (black hair & eyes, not really skin). Read bits and pieces and apparently there's a fair bit of DNA/haplogroups or something usually associated with Spanish folk around them parts, but I'm fucked if I can understand it.

only1billybonds 7:49 Wed Sep 19
Re: Ancestry DNA
My bird is Australian and spent the first 48 years of here life in Aus. Her old man was from the East End and when she did the ancestry thing she discovered that bith our nans lived within 10 doors if each other down Maroon St in Stepney. There was only 2 years between them in age so its more than possible they played together as kids. Spooky stuff,i suspect my bird may actually be my sister.

Darby_ 7:38 Wed Sep 19
Re: Ancestry DNA
Most English people have some celt blood in them, especially those from western England. The celts didn't all disappear into Wales. Some stayed in England and began speaking Anglo Saxon.

There was also supposedly a longstanding Atlantic trade route between Portugal, Spain, Ireland and Western England that left a bit of Iberian blood in Ireland and west England.

That's what I've read, anyway.

Northern Sold 6:02 Wed Sep 19
Re: Ancestry DNA
Leonard Hatred 12:28 Wed Sep 19
Re: Ancestry DNA
Got my results back today.

97% Irish, 3% English/Welsh.

Bit of an anti-climax.

I should fucking CoCo Leonard son... in fact I would have kept schstum or fucking lied.... you fucking 97% Mick spud sucker...

gph 5:52 Wed Sep 19
Re: Ancestry DNA
Assuming a generation time of 30 years, you'll have around 8bn ancestors in 1137, a large number of which will be counted several times.

But if someone appears in your family tree more than once, to get your tree right you have to trace them by all the different routes of descent.

And the only thing that's preserved along the male line is the Y chromosome, which has around fifty working genes (out of the estimated 19,000+ genes of the entire human genome), and the only thing that's preserved along the female line are the mitochondria, which have 13 protein-encoding genes.

So it's just not feasible to know very much about your genome from knowledge of the identity of your remote ancestors.

Spandex Sidney 5:34 Wed Sep 19
Re: Ancestry DNA
Len, it took them nine MONTHS to tell you what you already knew?!

Your PPI claim was quicker!

HairyHammer 5:28 Wed Sep 19
Re: Ancestry DNA

Yea I get that but it still proves the point that you only get half a story, unless you have another 5 siblings who are willing to do the test with you, I would but none of my siblings would be the slightest bit interested, and it would be very interesting because I have two who are very white two who are olive skinned and one who is dark like a romanian gypsey.

ooooh Morley Morley 5:17 Wed Sep 19
Re: Ancestry DNA
I did some family tree stuff with my lot... found that my dad had a brother and sister he had no idea about. Turns out my nan was a bit of a slut back in the 40's

Lily Hammer 5:02 Wed Sep 19
Re: Ancestry DNA
The more that do this and have their data cross referenced, the better the results. I occasionally received refined updates based on the test I did years ago.

Siblings can have varying results for a variety of reasons, not least because of surprises regarding fatherhood.

dirtyden 5:01 Wed Sep 19
Re: Ancestry DNA
Watch this video. It explains why the results are different between siblings.


HairyHammer 4:46 Wed Sep 19
Re: Ancestry DNA
It doesn't make much sense to me I have seen these youtube vids where two siblings have very differing results one will get no jewish the other 15% or one will be 30% Irish with no English and the other 34% English with no Irish ???.
I think this is very hit and miss they are not lying but the technology is a bit early and whatever they give you now in another 10 years will probably be quite different.
They can even change the results as the technology improves apparently so today you might be 8% Mongolian and in a years time they wipe that off and make you 12% Native Indian.

Gavros 4:38 Wed Sep 19
Re: Ancestry DNA
i can trace my lineage back to the time of Edward III (1337 to be precise).

Mike Oxsaw 4:21 Wed Sep 19
Re: Ancestry DNA
I had a spare few days a while back so started a fairly loose search back on my family tree on-line (which clearly means someone has already done a lot of the work).

Got my father's side back to about 1616 and my mother's side to 1718. This was using a straight run follow-the-father practice.

What was quite interesting was then starting from those points and tracing the family tree back again along the routes that didn't lead to me. In one branch, a family of Jamaicans appeared (no indication of colour, just recorded place of birth) .

This is my next task, when I eventually get time. I could find out that I'm related to the actors who portrayed both Alf Garnet and Marigold...

Barty 3:52 Wed Sep 19
Re: Ancestry DNA
I´m a mix of vikings and their Scottish and Irish slaves.

Easy this ancestry shit when you are Icelandic

Leonard Hatred 12:50 Wed Sep 19
Re: Ancestry DNA
My mum is from Clones. Born in the house opposite Barry McGuigan's house.

joe royal 12:47 Wed Sep 19
Re: Ancestry DNA
Are any Irish people actually born in Ireland ?

, 12:44 Wed Sep 19
Re: Ancestry DNA
The 97% Irish part is non specific really. Which part of Ireland such as Kilburn, Boston or New Joysey would tie things down a bit more.

Lily Hammer 12:41 Wed Sep 19
Re: Ancestry DNA
Good genes, Len. You'll be alright.

alfs barnet 12:40 Wed Sep 19
Re: Ancestry DNA
Leonard Hatred wrote...

Got my results back today.

97% Irish, 3% English/Welsh.

When are you free next Leonard? I have a drive that needs tarmaccing.

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