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Q: Manuel Pellegrini
a. A great signing for the Club and maybe the change of direction we all need
b. It will only be a great signing if the Board back him with decent funds
c. This is West Ham so it will only end in farce
d. I'm not sure about this one, I'll wait until SKY is back to hear what Gary Neville thinks, then I'll voice my opinion

Leonard Hatred 5:14 Wed Dec 27
Ancestry DNA
Has anyone tried this? Just seen a tv ad, you send off for a kit, send back a saliva sample, and it tells your your detailed ethnicity and links you to distant relatives and that.

Sounds quite interesting, but also could be a load of bollocks.

How does it work?

£79 by the way.

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Nurse Ratched 6:24 Thu Dec 28
Re: Ancestry DNA
Haha, yeah. :-)

gph 6:23 Thu Dec 28
Re: Ancestry DNA
I could show you how complicated this all is, even if you make unjustifiable simplifying assumptions.

But I'd have to mention the word "Bayesian", and I don't want to pay copyright to Alex V...

joe royal 6:22 Thu Dec 28
Re: Ancestry DNA
And 10% honey badger?

Nurse Ratched 6:16 Thu Dec 28
Re: Ancestry DNA
I've had this done. Turns out I'm 90% wasp.

Brooking_is_GOD 6:14 Thu Dec 28
Re: Ancestry DNA
I'm doing one of these as well. Bought one for my Dad and Son too. Told him I need confirmation...

Dad did the pen and paper route and got us back to 1700, all English with one surprise of a Munroe smuggled in a couple of hundred years back.

chiff 5:07 Thu Dec 28
Re: Ancestry DNA
Thanks coffee and happy new year.

Grumpster 2:06 Thu Dec 28
Re: Ancestry DNA
ironsofcanada 1:41 Thu Dec 28

I do completely see why people love finding out about their family history, but I sort of see it that it's not as if I'm going to meet them and a huge amount of people are probably all tied in with royalty in some sort of way like Danny Dyer was.

ohgodno 2:00 Thu Dec 28
Re: Ancestry DNA

Send me half the money and I'll send you back some plausable nationalities with percentages beside them and a random number between 0.1-4% with "neanderthal" written beside it.

20 extra I'll through something exotic in.

10 extra gets you the "I'm a racist so nothing funny" guarantee

Let me know what your favourite historical ethnic group is and I'll be sure to boost that up. (20 extra for "viking" or "celtic").

Harmless but interesting "diseases" are 5 each or 3 for 10.

Norman 1:58 Thu Dec 28
Re: Ancestry DNA
So basically most people on WHO are at least half Paddy! coly would love it

Coffee 1:46 Thu Dec 28
Re: Ancestry DNA
chiff 8:45 Wed Dec 27

If you're interested in the Anglo-Indian background, read Diana Quick's autobiography, called A Tug on the Thread.

ironsofcanada 1:41 Thu Dec 28
Re: Ancestry DNA
Grumpster 1:33 Thu Dec 28

I can see that point of view. In my case, I just really enjoy history (I work in and around it) and while the big stories of history are interesting, it is the little personal stories that you can reconstruct and flesh out that make even more so.

Family history in one way of doing that which also happens to connect you in a vague way.

So to each their own, I guess.

Grumpster 1:33 Thu Dec 28
Re: Ancestry DNA
Missus is obsessed with family tree's etc and so paid some wedge for it all to be done.

Have a ridiculous amount of jock in there (Campbell's who were traitors to William Wallace being the main bonus) and hardly any Irish or Welsh which was at least pleasing.

I literally couldn't care less though. Pointless nonsense.

Johnson 1:29 Thu Dec 28
Re: Ancestry DNA
Shouldn't you be on the worst Xmas present thread with that, iYAWNS?

ironsofcanada 1:20 Thu Dec 28
Re: Ancestry DNA
My wife got me one for Christmas and I sent it off yesterday.

Curious as to whether it will confirm or rubbish (or neither) all the genealogy my family has done.

Willtell 1:13 Thu Dec 28
Re: Ancestry DNA
Leonard Hatred 6:11 Wed Dec 27
"I might investigate this. I'm fairly sure I'm made up only of Welsh and irish stock but it'd be interesting if I turned out to be part Somalian, or Jewish or summat."

I'll save you £79 Len. You're 100 Chav!

J.Riddle 3:34 Thu Dec 28
Re: Ancestry DNA
Norman 1:32 Thu Dec 2

I thoughts all Norman's were Frog Vikings?

Sussex_IRONS 3:12 Thu Dec 28
Re: Ancestry DNA
I would not bother with ancestryDNA or MyHertiage from looks of it they are lazy with their categories, anything that has a category as British or British Isles is bullshit.

Norman 1:32 Thu Dec 28
Re: Ancestry DNA
On MyHeritage it says Irish/Welsh/Scottish in one category but I think it different on other ones. It also says English and not British

gph 1:18 Thu Dec 28
Re: Ancestry DNA
There's growing evidence that the Celts "invaded", most of it from population genetics.

As it happened in prehistoric times, there's little evidence about the nature of this "invasion", whether it was a largely peaceful affair or a bloody conquest.

It resulted in the near cultural obliteration* of the previously dominant populations, but their DNA lives on in us (alongside that of the Celts themselves of later incomers), and it's most like that of the Basques. The Basque-like signal is strongest in Wales.

*There's nothing necessarily sinister in this obliteration (near because names like the Clyde, Tamar and Thames may be pre-Celtic) - it could be the result of merciless ethnic cleansing, or of the long-term impact of a higher status of Celtic culture because of better access to trade with the continent, or a combination of these and other things


Gavros 12:01 Thu Dec 28
Re: Ancestry DNA
again the question has to be asked why is Celtic explained as "Irish"? English Celts would have the same DNA characteristics.

joe royal 11:33 Wed Dec 27
Re: Ancestry DNA
"my English born mum is 100% Irish"

Apart from being English 😊

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