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Eddie B 9:34 Thu Dec 28
WHU team Vs WBA

Collins Ogbonna Cresswell

Zab Noble (or Rice) Obiang Arthur


Arnautovic Hernandez

Subs: Hart Reid Kouyate Ayew Carroll Sakho Byram

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nychammer 11:19 Tue Jan 2
Re: WHU team Vs WBA
Has the ref ruled it out yet. Pinch me!

R.E - Chelmsford 7:22 Tue Jan 2
Re: WHU team Vs WBA
There are two changes to the starting 11 from the Bournemouth game! Mark Noble also returns to the bench

According to EX

Mex Martillo 6:52 Tue Jan 2
Re: WHU team Vs WBA
Terry, with these antics I think Sakho will probably have trouble to find a buyer that will pay him what we do. West Ham stuck with another useless leach?

terry-h 6:27 Tue Jan 2
Re: WHU team Vs WBA
According to C and H,Sakho says he has a groin problem even though nothing has shown in a scan. Looks like he is acting the cunt until somebody coughs up an acceptable fee.
If Antonio hasn't been training he can't be available either,so it looks like Ayew will start as usual even though he has looked crap lately.
I predict a very unentertaining draw.

dealcanvey 5:51 Tue Jan 2
Re: WHU team Vs WBA
You know your centre midfield is bad when we are desperate for Noble to be fit.

Mex Martillo 5:50 Tue Jan 2
Re: WHU team Vs WBA
I hope he does not go for Carroll, I would be happy with Sakho or Chicharito starting.

Where’s Charley, I am desperate for this game to start

Keith Lemon 5:43 Tue Jan 2
Re: WHU team Vs WBA
If Ayew plays, I think I will cry.

Lanzini behind Arnie and Hernandez will do nicely up top

Mex Martillo 5:42 Tue Jan 2
Re: WHU team Vs WBA
Apparently Noble is on for a late fitness test, I do not think it is a choice of him playing which game it is play him when there is doubt that he has recovered or wait 2 days and be more sure he is ready to return.

After the last game I find it hard to justify starting Ayew in front of the other forwards and Chicharito got an assist. Looks clear to many of us, but lets see what Moyes does.

stepney hammer 5:21 Tue Jan 2
Re: WHU team Vs WBA
I think tonight's game is more important and a must win. If he's fit, then Noble starts for me. Cannot have another game of Obiang and Kouyate, just doesn't work.

If Noble is not fit then either Rice or Oxford come in.

As others have said Arnautovic and Hernandez up top...but I don't see it happening. Moyes doesn't seem to rate Hernandez for whatever reason.

Mex Martillo 1:52 Tue Jan 2
Re: WHU team Vs WBA
I would keep Noble fit and rested for Spurs and start Kouyaté for West Brom. I agree with Lanzini, Arnautovic and Chicharito starting, hope Moyes goes for it.

Keep dreaming 1:05 Tue Jan 2
Re: WHU team Vs WBA
WBA will not make any room for us to run on. They will probably be defending deep and trying to capitalise on freekicks and corners (as we usually do).

We need Lanzini, Arnie and Javier up front as they can play in small areas and finish...

dealcanvey 12:31 Tue Jan 2
Re: WHU team Vs WBA
Carroll would be better suited for Spurs when I am sure we will be playing much more direct.

wanstead_hammer 12:05 Tue Jan 2
Re: WHU team Vs WBA
Yeh, would play noble if fit. Least he can put chica or arnie in behind their defence, sometimes!
Am sure our 3 at the back can cope as Air Traffic Control.
We need to get early goal and keep on the front foot all game.

Hammer and Pickle 11:57 Tue Jan 2
Re: WHU team Vs WBA
Agreed. Let’s hope Moyes has learnt the lesson of the Newcastle and Bournemouth games and plays to our strengths instead.

Rossal 11:38 Tue Jan 2
Re: WHU team Vs WBA
Hope not

Id rather play Chicarito and Arnie and run in behind them rather than play to their strengths and lump it to AC

Hammer and Pickle 11:31 Tue Jan 2
Re: WHU team Vs WBA
Fair point Rossal - you reckon he’ll be tempted to play Carroll following that Donkey Model?

Chip Shop Charlie 11:20 Tue Jan 2
Re: WHU team Vs WBA
Justin P


Rossal 11:13 Tue Jan 2
Re: WHU team Vs WBA
I sort of agree Pickle. Not sure if Noble is fit, if he is id prob include him

If it is a typical WBA side though it will most likely be very direct and alot of set pieces coming into the box. Kouyate is a donkey yes....but he will do box to box all game and can win a header

Hammer and Pickle 10:58 Tue Jan 2
Re: WHU team Vs WBA

dealcanvey 10:46 Tue Jan 2
Re: WHU team Vs WBA
If Noble is fit you would be mad to play Kayoute infront of him. Shadow of his former self and has the most limited passing range I have seen from a professional footballer. Centre back he is ok but should not be anywhere near or centre midfield. If Noble is not fit then Rice ahead of him.

Hammer and Pickle 10:39 Tue Jan 2
Re: WHU team Vs WBA
Only question in my mind about Rossal's team is Kouyate - does a fit Noble really slow us down so much? At least Noble can pass and does have a football brain to see the options if there are runners in space ahead of him.

Absolutely no Ayew, Carroll or Cresswell anywhere near the team and we'll surely thump them.

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