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normannomates 10:01 Fri Dec 29
Oct 13th
That's the last time I left the house...

Van gogh is a lightweight compared to myself.

I'm full of shit. ..and need help

I look like Grizzly Adams ....

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lowermarshhammer 1:56 Fri Dec 29
Re: Oct 13th

Convince yourself that one of those walls that you've been staring at is Mrs Nomates and she's giving you the silent treatment.

You'll soon be putting your shoes on and going down the shops / bookies/ pub/ park etc just for a bit.

You never know you might come home with a sledgehammer to have a word with her.

Seriously though the best thing to do is extract yourself out of your pit one morning and go for a fucking long walk in the countryside.

Good luck.

Nurse Ratched 1:43 Fri Dec 29
Re: Oct 13th
Goose - I agree. I don't like The Out.


Mike Oxsaw 1:36 Fri Dec 29
Re: Oct 13th
If you can't make the street, how about the (front) garden?

Bit of weeding? Sweep the path? Paint a gatepost? Wash the windows?

You're within your personal space but can say hello to passers-by, with the front door just a few steps away.

p.s. No "Man the fuck up" posts yet?

This site has gone way past the dogs, raced clean through the cats and now well on it's way to the rodent stage.

goose 1:36 Fri Dec 29
Re: Oct 13th
i wouldnt bother - the outside is over rated.

Mart O 1:25 Fri Dec 29
Re: Oct 13th
Get out and speak to someone, Big Norm, hopefully someone you know and trust, but anyone half normal will do. I've been there or thereabouts and you can get past this, and move on to much, much better things, but it takes time.

Set yourself some small, easy enough tasks, put aside the mountain(s) that you tell yourself render even these impossible. Even one fucking thing a day, but get yerself out of the house. Oh, and it's easily said but the booze or whatever ain't helping.

Mex Martillo 12:19 Fri Dec 29
Re: Oct 13th
Good suggestion, I have 2 dogs. I take them out everyday and talk to them. I will see the doctor if they ever reply.

Northern Sold 11:59 Fri Dec 29
Re: Oct 13th
Get a dog

Mex Martillo 11:57 Fri Dec 29
Re: Oct 13th
Try getting dressed up and going out of a walk round the block to say hello to anyone you meet?

Far Cough 10:54 Fri Dec 29
Re: Oct 13th
Have you got to the ear cutting off stage yet?

gph 10:39 Fri Dec 29
Re: Oct 13th
And I thought you were off to fight ISIS alongside the Kurds...

Don't set yourself near impossible tasks and beat yourself up because you fail.

Try something like going outside for ten minutes, and work up to going to the shops.

No-one's going to kill you, even if Uncle Oswald isn't around to protect you.

bruuuno 10:25 Fri Dec 29
Re: Oct 13th
Norm son! What's for breakfast?

One McAvennieeeeee 10:25 Fri Dec 29
Re: Oct 13th
Get on youtube and stick some old highlights on, norm son.

I'd start with the 15-16 season.

Private Dancer 10:22 Fri Dec 29
Re: Oct 13th
You must be saving a few quid then even if take away's aren't as cheap as they once were.

All the best, norm.

normannomates 10:11 Fri Dec 29
Re: Oct 13th
Cry for help...sorry chaps..I've called a cab..
All the best

One McAvennieeeeee 10:05 Fri Dec 29
Re: Oct 13th
Chin up, NORM son.

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