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Q: 2021/22 What competition should we prioritise this season?
a. The league is our bread & butter, so this year let's have a club sandwich
b. We're owed an FA Cup after Gerrard nicked our last one in 06, our name's on it in 22
c. A bye to the League Cup 3rd round gives us a good start, let's make it count
d. The Europa is our best ticket to the Champions League, this is the one
e. What's wrong with you, let's do the lot, has the quadruple ever been done

jack flash 1:05 Sat Dec 30
Millwall or Spurs
Suppose you were referee in this match

Who would you bias all your decisions against?

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Lord Brampton 3:25 Sat Dec 30
Re: Millwall or Spurs
Neither, as I wouldn't be prepared to compromise my integrity.
I would, however, ensure that there was an explosive device hidden in each dressing room and timed to go off 10 minutes after the final whistle.

Bullet 3:23 Sat Dec 30
Re: Millwall or Spurs
Millwall, there is a mutual hatred unlike any other..............were my local team when growing up through the 70's & 80's, fair to say me and my West Ham mates had our fair share of agg, one was caught on his own no colours just knew had his face sliced up by 20 getting on at Surrey Docks while travelling to UP on the tube from New Cross to Whitechapel when Millwall were at home or away.

I didn't go to Cripps testimonial, but it personifies the hatred between the two clubs at the time. Went up another level when Pratt got killed and they started hunting us. We starting driving up about 3 years later when I got my licence through Rotherhithe and Blackwall tunnel or Woolwich ferry. The hatred exists, and is only tempered by the fact that we never play each other, that and the old guard who harbour a grudge are dying off.

If you asked me whether I would rather be cornered by a few Millwall or Spurs I know which I would choose.

munkyfunk 3:09 Sat Dec 30
Re: Millwall or Spurs
Millwall always has been for me, grew up with pure hatred for them.
Spurs I see as another scummy team no different than chelsea

cup of tea 3:04 Sat Dec 30
Re: Millwall or Spurs
I am in my 40s so SHOULD hate Millwall more than Spurs but I find them a total irrelavence to be honest. So much so I do not care what they do, who they play etc. The fact we do not play them does not help. For meit has always been a hatred of Spurs

Herby 2:57 Sat Dec 30
Re: Millwall or Spurs
I’ll have a read up northern. Interesting it started before the strikes. I only come accross the article by chance as I was looking up the history of the royal docks. My dad was a docker and he has just handed down all his old job cards to me from his days on the docks.

Northern Sold 2:21 Sat Dec 30
Re: Millwall or Spurs
Like I said... started years before the General Strike...


The bitter and bloody rivalry between West Ham and Millwall supporters is one of the oldest, most intense feuds in the history of British football.

Both teams were created in the industrial heartland of east London in the late 19th century by rival factory workers.

Millwall FC was formed in 1885 by labourers at JT Morton's canned food factory on the Isle of Dogs. Ten years later, a foreman at Thames Ironworks, London's last major shipbuilding firm, decided to form a football team to improve the morale of his workers.

The two sides frequently played each other in heated local derbies.

At start of the 1906/07 season, a particularly ferocious encounter saw one player hurled against a metal advertising board. Millwall finished the game with only nine men, after the others were stretchered off following heavy tackles.

The East Ham Echo reported: "From the very first kick it was seen that there was likely to be some trouble. All attempts at football were ignored." The supporters were also criticised for fighting each other in the stands.

In 1926, when tough economic times were taking their toll on the docks, the rivalry turned nasty. The General Strike of that year was observed by workers in the East End, who were mainly West Ham supporters, but the Millwall-supporting shipyard workers of the Isle of Dogs refused to lend their support, provoking mass outrage.

The bitterness of this betrayal would endure for years.

Northern Sold 2:13 Sat Dec 30
Re: Millwall or Spurs
Herby.... there was plenty of rivalry even before the 1926 General strike... have a read up..... what I was told about the 26 strike by my old man was that they might not have scabbed but all the action and protests was done by our lot while they done fuck all... then again the Dockers strike was called off early and left the miners all alone to fight their own battle... our historic rivalry has always been with that lot over the river... Spurs for me is just another London derby...

Fifth Column 2:03 Sat Dec 30
Re: Millwall or Spurs
Takashi Miike 1:30 Sat Dec 30
Re: Millwall or Spurs
I've liked and even had a few Millwall mates, I can genuinely say I've never met a spurs fan who wasn't an utter fucking cunt

Yup, 100%. I'd give ten penalties against Spurs and send off Alli one second after kick off.

Herby 1:48 Sat Dec 30
Re: Millwall or Spurs
Was doing a bit of reading recently about the history of the old docks and come accross a piece that was about the strike that started our fued with Millwall. According to the article the strike was never broken and the story is a made up one to create the rivalry. Same for Southampton and Portsmouth. Both rivalries based on something that never actually happened.

Northern Sold 1:40 Sat Dec 30
Re: Millwall or Spurs
Got plenty of Spurs mates... all decent blokes... I don't associate with that mob over the river... never have and never will... only one I can stomach is Danny Baker

kirok1 1:37 Sat Dec 30
Re: Millwall or Spurs
Hate Spurs with a passion. Overblown view of themselves as world beaters and generally arrogant twats who wouldn't know a genuine thought if one ever visited their vacuous heads.

Takashi Miike 1:30 Sat Dec 30
Re: Millwall or Spurs
I've liked and even had a few Millwall mates, I can genuinely say I've never met a spurs fan who wasn't an utter fucking cunt

jack flash 1:30 Sat Dec 30
Re: Millwall or Spurs
Much as I dislike Millwall, I agree with Thanks Ted & would favour them over Spurs all day long

Lilly Hammer ~ Sure you'd get better odds on Millwall, but you'd get a bigger bung from Levy

Grumpster 1:28 Sat Dec 30
Re: Millwall or Spurs
Millwall are the enemy numero uno.

At the same time, I know more millwall fans than spurs fans and it's possible to have a beer and an unbiased conversation about football with them.

My spurs pals still won't even admit that dele alli dives and think he's fouled every time.

defjam 1:25 Sat Dec 30
Re: Millwall or Spurs
Thanks Ted 1:17

Thanks Ted 1:17 Sat Dec 30
Re: Millwall or Spurs
Millwall over Spurs all day long .

I have a form of respect for Millwall, Spurs can fuck of and die for all I care.

Lily Hammer 1:16 Sat Dec 30
Re: Millwall or Spurs
I asked Madley for advice on this one, and he said to back Millwall, because the odds would be much better.

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