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gph 12:37 Sun Dec 31
I like the way Salah - tries to stay on his feet, at least most of the time (not saying there are times he doesn't, just covering my back in case there's a famous dive I've forgotten about...).

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Any Old Iron 1:44 Mon Jan 15
Re: MotD
MOTD2 tonight showed about 12 minutes of the 'game of the season' and 15 minutes of rabbit after. Pathetic.

gph 1:39 Sun Jan 14
Re: MotD
Only 96 West Ham victories before Moyes reaches a proper landmark...

Headtheball 1:34 Sun Jan 14
Re: MotD
Timing the last game a 0 - 0 draw re Chelsea Leicester and it started at 11.44 and with analysis took 10 mins. Usually they brush over these.
Nice to see us on first with an emphatic win.

gph 1:31 Sun Jan 14
Re: MotD
Wasn't Sam's persistent influence behind our victory today?

Iron Duke 1:30 Sun Jan 14
Re: MotD
What you need to understand about Allardyce is that the defeat wasn’t his fault.

However, he was happy to take full credit when they were winning, including the game against us when he was sitting in the stands, and the one in Europe when he stayed at home.

gph 1:19 Sun Jan 14
Re: MotD
And Jordan Ayew does the business.

Hasn't Andre heard of sibling rivalry?

HairyHammer 1:19 Sun Jan 14
Re: MotD
"We need to be more boring" that is classic Allardyce.

Everton fans will not like that one bit.

lowlife 1:14 Sun Jan 14
Re: MotD
That smug grin on BFSs face when they beat us really pissed me off.

Pleased now that Everton fans realise how neanderthal his football is. Would love them to get sucked back into it.

gph 1:04 Sun Jan 14
Re: MotD
He analysed how shit Huddersfield were

Sven Roeder 12:59 Sun Jan 14
Re: MotD
Quite like the fact that Frank Lampard gets a job on MOTD and his first assignment is to analyse how brilliant West Ham were.
And has to wait for Chelsea’s 3rd goalless draw in a week

collyrob 12:55 Sun Jan 14
Re: MotD
Why is jay Rodriguez been investagated for saying bong had bad breath?

Manip 12:49 Sun Jan 14
Re: MotD
Superb interview from BFS. Superb that he is not our Manager swt.

"Need to be more boring" SWT

Helmut Shown 3:34 Sun Jan 7
Re: MotD
Lineker just like an old boy in a strip club just waiting to shoot his load if West Ham lose

Private Dancer 3:28 Sun Dec 31
Re: MotD
One of the best players on the planet right now, literally wins games on his own.

wurzel 2:03 Sun Dec 31
Re: MotD
Man utd on every fucking weekend

gph 1:39 Sun Dec 31
Re: MotD
Man City can get us out of the relegation zone. 3-0 will do it.

gph 1:30 Sun Dec 31
Re: MotD
Debs is doing great in goal for Newcastle

gph 1:28 Sun Dec 31
Re: MotD
Burnley unlucky not to get a penalty.

They would never have changed to "lucky" claret and blue from "unlucky" green if we'd been the leading C&B team instead of Villa in 1910...

gph 1:15 Sun Dec 31
Re: MotD
Is Congolese one of the source languages in the invention of Klingon?

Just thought Lukaku's name wouldn't be out of place in Star Trek.

gph 1:05 Sun Dec 31
Re: MotD
Didn't think the interaction between Defoe and Redknapp was exactly friendly

Iron Duke 1:04 Sun Dec 31
Re: MotD
Why was he wearing a gents toilet sign on his lapel?

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