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Mex Martillo 12:48 Sun Dec 31
Who should pay for the beautiful game?

Nice piece from the Guardian. I do not like that these rich people with dubious money have ruined the Premier with their expensive squads that are unattainable to most. The competition has gone. We have a few fighting for the title and the majority end up fighting to avoid relegation, it is even more exaggerated this year.

We need to take the money away and give the football back to those that made it so popular. All tickets should be sold at reasonable prices accessible to people on a minimum wage and it should be illegal to sell TV coverage, no more football packages, they can sell to advertisers, but all TVs should be able to tune into all televised games without the owner of the TV paying to receive the game. Impossible I know, but it would both reduce massively the money in the game and players wages and I think it would increase even more the interest in the game.

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Bungo 8:18 Sun Dec 31
Re: Who should pay for the beautiful game?
I think the ship has sailed.

Now that big money has spotted football as a means of generating more money, there will be no going back. Those who could change things, have no real interest in changing things as they've all got their noses in the same trough.

The only time change will happen is if enough punters stop buying top level football through tickets, merchandise and premium TV subscriptions, and spend that money elsewhere.

Mex Martillo 8:11 Sun Dec 31
Re: Who should pay for the beautiful game?
For me the solution has to be in reducing revenues by making it cheaper for supporters.

I do not think a salary cap would work, to easy to cheat and pay the players in a different ways and also what happens to the “saved” money more profit for the owners?

If there is willingness to do something, I really think it has to be to reduce the cost to supporters of watching football. We, the supporters, started all the interest and maintain the interest in football and this has lead to them overcharging us to see what we want to see. And the situation has got so crazy that some people that love the game no longer want to watch because they feel ripped off. I would love it if we could do something about that.

The financial fair play rules were a step in the right direction to make it harder for rich people to pour their money into the game and give a team an unfair advantage.

The next step should be to stop all teams and leagues ripping of the supporters.

Sven Roeder 3:01 Sun Dec 31
Re: Who should pay for the beautiful game?
I don't have a problem with TV paying for the game but FIFA should rule that every professional league has a maximum salary cap per club of £100m pa and that no club can have more than 30 players over 18 under contract at any time.
The wages saving would mean the clubs could sign up to an agreement that say 80% of tickets are £20 a game or under.

BRANDED 2:53 Sun Dec 31
Re: Who should pay for the beautiful game?

Takashi Miike 2:13 Sun Dec 31
Re: Who should pay for the beautiful game?
I think only way to have restored a fair competition was by implementing a total salary limit per club so you could still pay the star player silly money but only half a dozen could be on these type of wages rather than the whole squad like the two Manc clubs. of course it will never happen as they don't want a fair competition

charleyfarley 1:02 Sun Dec 31
Re: Who should pay for the beautiful game?
Agree Mex apart from the money and managers/boards compromising cups for Premier League survival, looks like another trend developing Hughes fielded a weakened side against Chelsea to better their chances against Newcastle tomorrow.
The Premier League now, as you say is for a few fighting for the title and the rest too scared to play any kind of decent football and fielding weakened sides where it suits, the game is slowly being strangled

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