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tricky trev 3:57 Sun Dec 31
Zaha up to his usual
Will he now get a ban. Cheating cunt of a player.

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Sir Alf 8:17 Mon Jan 1
Re: Zaha up to his usual
threesixty 6:44 Sun Dec 31

Agree. Its why we need better midfield options to Kouyate, Obiang and Noble etc when we play teams we have to take the game to. We rely on Lanzini and Arnie totally now as Antonio is either injured or unfit these days.

Private Dancer 2:47 Mon Jan 1
Re: Zaha up to his usual
Look at you hysterical queens with all your bile and hate, faux outrage. A couple of footballers on motd2 didn't even think it was a dive. Fucking queens.

Side of Ham 7:07 Sun Dec 31
Re: Zaha up to his usual
What's happened is that he's not actually that good it's just the defenders now hang off him because if you tackle him he draws a foul with his antics.

He's mastered keeping the ball far away from the defender whilst running with it at pace and he gets to use his pace as they are afraid to commit then when they have to make the tackle they go through him to get a nick on the ball which he then goes all poleaxed hopefully by then for him in the box.

They deal with his cheating at international level it's just our refs that are shit.

threesixty 6:44 Sun Dec 31
Re: Zaha up to his usual
Putting 10 behind the ball and breaking with Zaha is all you can do against a club like city. As good as the result is, I dont think it proves anything in terms of them escaping relegation.

Getting 3 points against teams around you means you have to commit players to attack and its a totally different type of game. Look at us, good performance against City, Chelsea and Arsenal with the same tactics as Palace. Then play Newcastle and lose.

We have gone from barely conceding a goal against the best sides in the country to shipping 6 in 2 games to relegation strugglers.

gph 6:04 Sun Dec 31
Re: Zaha up to his usual
I shall be watching Burnley's games with interest, as I try to figure out what is the real wording of the rule.

Is it "diving while wearing claret and blue"?

fraser 6:00 Sun Dec 31
Re: Zaha up to his usual
Fucking annoying after Lanzini's ban to see so many dives go unpunished.. As well as being on the end of a cunt who blatantly cheated us out of 2 points smirking about it straight after.

JayeMPee 5:58 Sun Dec 31
Re: Zaha up to his usual
Yep he dived but Palace aren't going down if they continue to play like they did today. Aren't too many teams worse than us at present, need to strengthen the squad quickly.

under the thumb 5:42 Sun Dec 31
Re: Zaha up to his usual
He’s a cheating shit face of a player.
How many fucking penalties has that prick won them this season.

Throw the book at him and watch how they will pick up fuck all points. Take him out of that team and they are shit.

I hate Palace supporters with a passion and as for that knob head Chairman of theirs Parish and his bum chum Mark Bright I pray that end up back in the Championship.

My fear is with Uncle Woy in charge he will keep them up. I actually like Hodgson and he carries himself well, it’s just the gay supporters who piss me off. Bit of Tott scum about them. Four seasons in the premiership and they spout so much shit about how fucking great they are.

gph 5:37 Sun Dec 31
Re: Zaha up to his usual
If they've got to have this "the ref saw it and took action at the time, so no further punishment" business, can't they at least sack refs who make monumental fuck-ups?

tricky trev 4:33 Sun Dec 31
Re: Zaha up to his usual
Unfortunately don't think they can ban Puncheon as he picked up a yellow. However on Zaha...........

claret on my shirt 4:29 Sun Dec 31
Re: Zaha up to his usual
He is actually very good but he is a diving cunt, Puncheon needs to be banned as well for that tackle on De Bruyne

j.a 4:27 Sun Dec 31
Re: Zaha up to his usual
Awful prick of a footballer. Cannot stand him and he's not even very good.

The_Phantom 4:03 Sun Dec 31
Re: Zaha up to his usual
Makes my blood boil, cheatng fcuking cnut.
When will refs get wise to him.
He's a serial offender.
Give him a 10 game ban and then see if he still thnks its worth it.

Hate it when our players do it too but he's the worst.

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