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daveyg 4:13 Sun Dec 31
Mahrez or Sanchez
Football related not West Ham as that's torture

Who is the better player.Mahrez or Sanchez currently.
Mahrez for me,when I watch Leicester some of his skill is outstanding, a better team player than Sanchez too.
I think Citeh should go for him rather than stroppy Sanchez.
I know Pep was at Barca at the same time and signed him so that is going to have some sway.
Mahrez is 3 years younger and has probably not even reached his peak.Sanchez has.

If we could I'd sign Mahrez despite his hair.

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Sven Roeder 3:19 Mon Jan 1
Re: Mahrez or Sanchez
Mahrez is talented and am sure he will end up at a bigger team ... maybe Arsenal when Sanchez goes to City
Sanchez is a fabulous player and I think Arsenal are in for a bit of a shock when he goes. His style gives them bite and spark amongst a lot of languid tippy tappy which makes it ironic that the spoilt Arse fans don’t think he is giving enough.
He will make City even more scary surrounded by the players they have.

Gavros 2:58 Mon Jan 1
Re: Mahrez or Sanchez
Schnorbitz for me.

Private Dancer 2:57 Mon Jan 1
Re: Mahrez or Sanchez
One is one of the top players in world football, the other one is Mahrez. Strange question.

Sven Roeder 7:51 Sun Dec 31
Re: Mahrez or Sanchez
Good old Sanchez!
WBA 0 Arse 1 83mins

threesixty 6:37 Sun Dec 31
Re: Mahrez or Sanchez
They kind of have a lot of Mahrez type players at City (Silva, Sane, Silva etc...). As much as i dont like Sanchez he’s different gravy really. Can play as a genuine forward or striker, doesnt matter. He’s a 20/25 goal a season guy,different type of player to Mahrez.

On the other hand, Mahrez at arsenal would be a game changer for that club as they havent had a genuinely creative wide player since Carzola or Nasri. And far cheaper than buying Thoma Lemar.

Browno22 6:32 Sun Dec 31
Re: Mahrez or Sanchez
Mahrez for me

Pagey 6:23 Sun Dec 31
Re: Mahrez or Sanchez
Sanchez all day long. He’s just spent this season making sure he doesn’t get injured and jeopardise his move to Man City.

How Arsenal have allowed him, Ozil and Wilshere to run down their contracts is shocking. If they fail to sign another deal with two years left then they have to be sold.

Mahrez is quality too but still at least a couple of levels below Sanchez.

Grumpster 5:36 Sun Dec 31
Re: Mahrez or Sanchez
He's a right cunt, but Sanchez is a fantastic footballer.

If he goes to man city, their squad is becoming ridiculous.

RBshorty 5:23 Sun Dec 31
Re: Mahrez or Sanchez
Sánchez. Mahrez is very good. But it seems strange how none of the so call European elite aren’t interested in him.?

hammer205 5:09 Sun Dec 31
Re: Mahrez or Sanchez
Sanchez by a country mile
Mahrez is a horrible moody bugger

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