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Stevethehammer 2:19 Tue Jan 2
Bali.. Indonesia
Out there next week.. any decent bars to watch football?

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Darby_ 6:54 Wed Jan 3
Re: Bali.. Indonesia
Kuta's a shithole full of hawkers and drunk Aussies but most of the rest of Bali is great.

Probably my favourite part is the east coast, around Tirta Ganga and Amed.

Gavros 3:02 Wed Jan 3
Re: Bali.. Indonesia
if you steer clear if Kuta you'll hardly come across any Aussies.

I thoroughly loved the place. between there and Sri Lanka for my most favourite.

Fifth Column 2:52 Wed Jan 3
Re: Bali.. Indonesia
I don't like Bali. Clearly I'm the exception to most people on here.

Pee Wee 1:50 Wed Jan 3
Re: Bali.. Indonesia
NothI got wrong with a bit of child poverty as long as I get a nice view and lovely beach

joyo 6:38 Tue Jan 2
Re: Bali.. Indonesia
Isn't it the rainy season right now? Was gonna go couple of years ago, but January it pisses down,also don't like places full of Aussies

greenie1 6:04 Tue Jan 2
Re: Bali.. Indonesia
I had booked (through the Holiday company) a taxi to pick us up at the Bali Airport. Met the taxi driver at the airport, got in the taxi, only to be joined on the trip to the hotel by someone trying to sell us day trips. I was so tired and this bloke was just rabbiting on and shoving photos in our faces, in the end I closed my eyes and ignored the bloke. Also, I lost count how many people outside the hotel were trying to sell us excursions.

Gavros 5:37 Tue Jan 2
Re: Bali.. Indonesia
for begging you can find much worse. in Bombay you'll be followed around by an entire family.

joe royal 5:36 Tue Jan 2
Re: Bali.. Indonesia
The Aussies go to Kuta like the Brits go to Ibiza.

North of the island is (was) unspoiled . Hire a car and explore.

If you are feeling flush stay at The Banyan Tree.

busheyhammer85 5:24 Tue Jan 2
Re: Bali.. Indonesia
Bali is lovely, and has some amazing places.

But there is undoubtedly areas in poverty as you would expect in that neck of the woods.

Kuta is also a hell hole.

chim chim cha boo 5:22 Tue Jan 2
Re: Bali.. Indonesia
Sorry to go against the grain but I was amazed at how many places in Bali were absolute shit-holes.

It seems to have an amazing reputation as a paradise isle that I struggle to reconcile with the out-and-out poverty you see there. Kids constantly pulling at your sleeves begging for money, hawkers not taking no for an answer and even following you into bars as you struggle to shake them off.

I went to a really lovely part with tiered paddy fields and jungle and a lovely volcano and even here the constant begging ruined it for me. It was the first time in my life that I've shouted 'FUCK OFF' to poor children. I felt a right cunt about that.

I remember going to Komodo Island to see the dragons and even there it was mobbed with people trying to sell you shit and their carefree attitude to animal cruelty appalled me.

Admittedly I was only there for a week but I couldn't wait to fuck off to Australia, my real destination.

busheyhammer85 5:22 Tue Jan 2
Re: Bali.. Indonesia

Thanks mate. Was a shame. Years of trying for kids took its toll unfortunately.

Went on to have a kid with my new partner. So every cloud and all that.

greenie1 5:17 Tue Jan 2
Re: Bali.. Indonesia
Went there 10 years ago.
Nothing special about the place, eating out wasn't cheap and I got a case of the Bali Belly.
Singapore for a few days was good though.

Northern Sold 5:10 Tue Jan 2
Re: Bali.. Indonesia
Fucking hell that never lasted long Bush Man... I remember giving you stick about giving up football for valentines Day... only seemed like yesterday... sorry to hear that fella...

busheyhammer85 4:53 Tue Jan 2
Re: Bali.. Indonesia
Been there 9 times. Got married in the Gili Islands in 2013.

Since divorced. Moral of the story is, it's cursed.


Gavros 4:48 Tue Jan 2
Re: Bali.. Indonesia
sounds like a brassing cruise.

LeroysBoots 4:45 Tue Jan 2
Re: Bali.. Indonesia
When I was a small child I lived in Singapore for 2 years, going to visit the place we used to live and frequent, apparently still there as my sister was there last month also.

3 days in Singapore, 5 days on a cruise around Thailand and 6 days in Bali

Gavros 4:43 Tue Jan 2
Re: Bali.. Indonesia
singapore? 4 floors.

LeroysBoots 4:40 Tue Jan 2
Re: Bali.. Indonesia
Out there next month...thanks for info

Singapore and Bali

Gavros 4:34 Tue Jan 2
Re: Bali.. Indonesia

Gavros 4:33 Tue Jan 2
Re: Bali.. Indonesia
avoid Kuta pee wee. go to ubud and go to the gili islands. couple of days London as it's nice and quiet.

Northern Sold 4:27 Tue Jan 2
Re: Bali.. Indonesia
Bali looks fucking amazing.... I think what I'm trying to say is when in an amazing beautiful place like that why would you want to make yourself miserable and ruin your stay there by watching our shower of shite??

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