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collyrob 12:42 Wed Jan 3
Declan Rice
The real deal.

Going to go all the way, future Ireland and West Ham captain.

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Mike Oxsaw 4:27 Wed Jan 3
Re: Declan Rice
ludo21 2:55 Wed Jan 3

What if it's not incompetence?

A tax-free bung that never comes back to the UK, but is available to an owner whenever they visit a certain location is a big attraction to somebody who feels "they pay more than their fair share of tax as it is".

A villa on some tropical island of which you have unlimited use and access, fully managed complete with a staff, registered to a company in a tax-haven to untraceable owners? Who wouldn't?

pdbis 3:18 Wed Jan 3
Re: Declan Rice
Should give him an improved contract and start playing him from the start as he is ready now.

ludo21 2:55 Wed Jan 3
Re: Declan Rice
Mike Oxsaw 12:36 Wed Jan 3

What you say would make sense if we didn't then splurge even more on a non entity to replace them..... owners are, at best, incompetent.

Have Burke and Cullen been recalled from Bolton? They played on 1st Jan.

Would love to see a back three of Burke, Oxford & Rice on Sunday.

dealcanvey 1:38 Wed Jan 3
Re: Declan Rice
I would not be surprised if Oxford, Burke and Cullen have all been recalled in order to play in the FA cup.

Mike Oxsaw 12:36 Wed Jan 3
Re: Declan Rice
There are a lot of influential people in the game today, the last thing they want is a kid coming through the ranks of an academy and breaking into that club's first team.

In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if there was a sub-culture of unsettling any kids that show such potential in order to turn them into moneytizable (?), transferable assets.

franksfat&slow&wank 12:17 Wed Jan 3
Re: Declan Rice
Exactly herby 6 fucking years the clueless cunts

Northern Sold 12:15 Wed Jan 3
Re: Declan Rice
Well watching Kouyate at the moment I'm surprised that Lesley Crowther would not replace him neveralone young Declan...

Herby 12:13 Wed Jan 3
Re: Declan Rice
I don’t think anyone was suggesting the 3 youngsters should be starting against spurs. But I like the idea of one day in the not too distant future watching 3 very capable young centre backs out of the academy play in the first team. Personlally I’d be playing Burke, Oxford and rice together in a back 3 evey everyday in training and every game in the under 23’s. Start getting them working together learning about each other and training them to play a certain way. Then when possible blood them into the first team. I prefer that strategy than handing Reid a 6 year deal at the age of 29

the exile 12:03 Wed Jan 3
Re: Declan Rice
Agree - about time Rice got a start, whether at CB or DM. Oxford to start against Shrewsbury?

franksfat&slow&wank 11:25 Wed Jan 3
Re: Declan Rice
In Burke Rice and Oxford we have 3 decent players that need a run of games .. I think Rice is ready now though and should start playing from Thursday night

andyd12345 9:51 Wed Jan 3
Re: Declan Rice
Trevor, in fairness Reid, Ogbonna and Cresswell have all been very, very average for the best part of 18 months. There will always be times when they keep a clean sheet (Chelsea) but there will also be plenty more times when they look a bit calamitous (Newcastle, Everton, Watford and Liverpool conceding 13 goals).

The point that was being made was that Rice is certainly not performing any worse that our current defenders so has every chance for a start soon. Don’t see that as ‘having an agenda’, particularly

Mex Martillo 9:37 Wed Jan 3
Re: Declan Rice
Great to have a youngster genuinely pushing for a 1st team place

Trevor B 9:09 Wed Jan 3
Re: Declan Rice
The Reid, Ogbonna and Cresswell that kept out Chelsea at home and Arsenal away? Odd how some superb performances are instantly forgotten, depending on your agenda.

Herby 7:02 Wed Jan 3
Re: Declan Rice
wouldnt it be lovely to see a back 3 of Burke, Oxford, Rice. Good defensively and probably all better on the ball than our current back 3. I struggle to believe they would do much worse than Reid, ogbonna and Creswell

solidbond 2:10 Wed Jan 3
Re: Declan Rice
Ready to start now.

ludo21 1:38 Wed Jan 3
Re: Declan Rice
Very short sighted IMO.

If that means we are keeping Oxford then perhaps that's okay as keeping all three happy won't be easy but if both are let go...!

Sven Roeder 1:37 Wed Jan 3
Re: Declan Rice
Neat tidy player and can actually pass a ball to a teammate
Thought that run he made down the left lifted the team and kept the momentum going.
Would start him at Wembley on Thursday

Johnson 1:32 Wed Jan 3
Re: Declan Rice
We’re selling Reece Burke

ludo21 1:30 Wed Jan 3
Re: Declan Rice
Rice needs to play DM ahead of Kouyate or Obiang... also need to get Oxford involved.

Rice and the Reeces are the future.

Not going to be happy if we sell Oxford and get some joker in from Swansea.

eastend joker 1:22 Wed Jan 3
Re: Declan Rice
this lad has it all ,never looks out of place wherever he is asked to play ,comfortable on the ball and shows great composure for someone his age ,i really rate him and believe his time has come now .

D Scully (eire) 12:59 Wed Jan 3
Re: Declan Rice
I'd like him LCB instead of cresswell with noble and oxford in the middle.

Or after his run tonight maybe we can make a winger out if him ha

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