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mike hunt 4:00 Wed Jan 3
running the length of the pitch to celebrate a goal, what does that tell you about this character, all keepers have a few mistakes in them, even with the odd gaff, adrians still head and shoulders above hart, hope he wants to end his loan and go elsewhere

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mike hunt 8:26 Wed Jan 3
Re: adrian
me neither, he wasn't even an upgrade on randolph

Lertie Button 8:21 Wed Jan 3
Re: adrian
Hart is every bit as mediocre as I thought he would be, never saw him as an upgrade

El Scorchio 7:03 Wed Jan 3
Re: adrian
Sven Roeder 6:53

Now you come to mention that- I think I've only seen three players booked for timewasting at home games this season. All WHU players, and all in the Chelsea and Arsenal games.

Why is it that all opposing teams when leading or level are seemingly allowed to take all the time on God's earth and not get punished (WBA were flagrant with this last night) whereas the refs are right on us about it?

Some opposing teams have taken outrageous amounts of time with set pieces and celebrating goals with no warnings or cards given. (I'll just write that i have probably missed a booking for timewasting for opposing players but none really spring to mind and certainly our bookings for it are way out of proportion with visiting sides)

gph 6:56 Wed Jan 3
Re: adrian
Made a couple of nice throw-outs which could have set attacks going, but were wasted.

Commentator remarked on one of them (can't remember which other keeper he was likened to, but it was definitely a compliment).

I've not noticed him doing this, or at least not so well, previously.

Hopefully, we'll stop wasting these efforts.

Sven Roeder 6:53 Wed Jan 3
Re: adrian
He must have motored as he beat plenty of players there.
Great professional use of time wasting to get to the other end of the pitch and delay the restart.
I notice other teams dawdle about for minutes after scoring as West Brom did and refs do bugger all.

El Scorchio 6:40 Wed Jan 3
Re: adrian
There were a few instances last night where he could have been a bit more commanding of the back 4 and/or come to collect a ball.

On a similar note, I don't know what Reid thought he was doing when he pulled out of a race to a loose ball he surely would have won which almost resulted in Rondon scoring. Probably scared of getting sent off by the (once again) poor officials.

ironsofcanada 6:18 Wed Jan 3
Re: adrian
Early in game, came for a ball in front of the head of a West Brom forward.

In the past he seemed leery of aerial challenges like that.

The passion is great but I care more that maybe the competition has made his turn a bit of corner on that kind of bravery.

Dr Moose 5:56 Wed Jan 3
Re: adrian
Hart will move on to another mid table prem side as none of the top 6 will touch him based on form over the past 2 seasons (including this one as one of the two).

Pee Wee 4:42 Wed Jan 3
Re: adrian
I was in a penalty shootout a few weeks back and pens went round to keepers. I saved the other keepers then did the gloves throw.

My pen was pretty awful. Thankfully the keeper had butter fingers and it slid in.

He'll always be remembered for that. But it would have been a bit funny if he missed

mike hunt 4:32 Wed Jan 3
Re: adrian
still gives me goosebumps that moment he takes his gloves off and throws them on the floor

13 Brentford Rd 4:29 Wed Jan 3
Re: adrian
Love Adrian, the Everton FA cup penalty is one of my best WHU memories.

El Scorchio 4:22 Wed Jan 3
Re: adrian
At the start of the season, I thought Hart would be a significant upgrade on Adrian. I was wrong.

Hart is not the goalkeeper of 2-3 years ago any longer, and Adrian is good enough for us at this point in time and has totally justified his place in the side, which is a relief as he's one of my favourite players and I think he really loves the club too.

How can you not love him for this moment?

Razzle 4:05 Wed Jan 3
Re: adrian
That be that there Joseph Hart.

Pee Wee 4:05 Wed Jan 3
Re: adrian
It tells me that he is a team player and wants success for that team.

or it tells me that he wanted to take some of the limelight away from the goal scorer.

so really, thinking about it, it doesn't tell me anything about his character.

The best part of your post was saying Adrian is 'Head n Shoulders' above Hart. That made me titter. However I suspect it was by accident you made such a pun.

Good day to you.

Razzle 4:04 Wed Jan 3
Re: adrian
He'll be here until the end of the season and then he can relax and watch the world cup at home

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