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Moore4Less 4:13 Wed Jan 3
Tickets on "General Sale"
Anybody notice how all the Band 5 seats mysteriously vanish whenever tix are put on GS? Also, how it is nearly impossible to select most of the supposedly available seats? You can't even hover over them to get the Band and seat prices as the selector "hand" just does nothing for most of the available seats in blue.

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Johnson 5:52 Wed Jan 3
Re: Tickets on "General Sale"
No, it's a West Ham issue, as they manage the service Ticketmaster provide ensuring their customers get the best value for money so should get this "bug" fixed.

Or, West Ham are complicit in Ticketmaster making the most expensive tickets for sale only as they want to fleece their customers for as much as possible.

You decide.

I know which one I think it is though.

Moore4Less 5:36 Wed Jan 3
Re: Tickets on "General Sale"
Thanks, guys - undoubtedly. I didn't know that touts were so brazen now.
Seems to be a TicketMaster issue, it's exactly the same for Spurs tix on general sale. The very few you can select are all at least £10 more than the club's stated matchday prices - and there's a £3.50 admin fee per tik as well!

Johnson 4:55 Wed Jan 3
Re: Tickets on "General Sale"
Ticketing revenue does not go to the OS owners, the OS owners provide the stewarding.

Hammers1993 4:46 Wed Jan 3
Re: Tickets on "General Sale"
Not to do with the general sale on the website but as I was walking past the ticket office last night it amazed me at how many touts were standing literally next to the ticket office asking if people had or wanted to buy tickets.

I saw these all the time at Upton Park by the station but thought they had some front shouting tickets literally at the clubs official ticket office. Amazing that they don't get moved on by the club. Would cost extra money I suppose, on reflection I can now see why they don't get moved on.

penners28 4:14 Wed Jan 3
Re: Tickets on "General Sale"
they want to sell the most expensive first...

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