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mike hunt 4:17 Wed Jan 3
mike dean
i was playing golf yesterday with a referee,(a west ham supporter) that knows him, and it may come as some surprise, to some of you, that he really is the arrogant cunt we all think he is

for the golfers, i was playing woburn, and shot an 83, in the pissing rain

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Poplar Iron 3:55 Fri Jan 5
Re: mike dean
I can't believe anyone can think that wasnt a foul on Lanzini...yes he nudged the ball but dive in 2 footed like that and 90% of the time you'll get at yellow...

That said, thought Jasper had a decent game overall....expected at least 2 pens against !!

Willtell 11:44 Fri Jan 5
Re: mike dean
I thought the Lanzini tackle was a foul but heard Moyes say that he saw the replay and Dean got the decision right! Quite an admission when compared to Wenger...

For me it was an old-fashioned tackle that would get pulled by most referees as being dangerous...

Biggie Biggs 11:41 Fri Jan 5
Re: mike dean
Wasn't fooled by Kane throwing himself to the floor a couple of times , maybe a foul on Lanzini but that was the only thing he got wrong

gph 11:38 Fri Jan 5
Re: mike dean
Wasn't bad enough to deserve Hairy's tribute.

The_Phantom 11:34 Fri Jan 5
Re: mike dean
Had a good game ?? Was Excellent ??

Didn't give us the foul that cost us the game.

F##king Jasper Carrot lookalikey cnut

kirok1 8:36 Fri Jan 5
Re: mike dean
Didn’t think he was bad last night. Generally kept things flowing and didn’t fall for the histrionics from Ali and Kane.
That said, if he’d actually given the two legged lunge on Lanzini, they’d not have scored, so a refereeing poor decision cost us two points.
All depends how you look at it. Not anything like as aggrieved as Bournemouth game, so I’ll leave it at that.

chim chim cha boo 4:03 Fri Jan 5
Re: mike dean
Didn't give them their charity Christmas penalty once the clock was running out. That cunt Ali went down under a 'suspicion of an arm on his back' according to that droning cunt Alan Smith and of course there was another when Kane dived too.

Passable display Mr Dean. Didn't notice him too much which is the mark of a decent referee.

VirginiaHam 2:28 Fri Jan 5
Re: mike dean
No issue with Dean tonight.

Northern Sold 2:19 Fri Jan 5
Re: mike dean
Yup thought he was very good... some borderline ones... but for me got them all right

Willtell 1:15 Fri Jan 5
Re: mike dean
Yes fair play to him ERNIE.

AKA ERNIE 1:14 Fri Jan 5
Re: mike dean
he was excellent tonight

bruuuno 1:12 Fri Jan 5
Re: mike dean
Please kill

HairyHammer 12:33 Fri Jan 5
Re: mike dean
mike dean was not green just bald and lean, not an annoying queen so tonight was a dream, was that mike dean?

jonthehammer 12:26 Fri Jan 5
Re: mike dean
Actually have a good game tonight.

Didn't bow to them lot screaming for pens every 5 mins.

Well done

mike hunt 8:30 Thu Jan 4
Re: mike dean
russ it was only the marquess, not that hard really

JonWHUFC 12:05 Thu Jan 4
Re: mike dean
Mike, and the back nine? What a great golf joke that is. ha ha

Russ of the BML 10:16 Thu Jan 4
Re: mike dean
83 at Woburn? I bet you cheated at least once.

kips 2:58 Thu Jan 4
Re: mike dean
You shot 83 at Woburn.
I thought big game hunting was banned at Safari Parks these days.

mike hunt 8:38 Wed Jan 3
Re: mike dean
it helps to keep 1 ball for the whole round

ted fenton 8:35 Wed Jan 3
Re: mike dean
83 in the rain mike nice one.

mike hunt 8:30 Wed Jan 3
Re: mike dean
delete please mods

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