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Hammers1993 4:52 Fri Jan 5
2018 Movies
Another year of some good movies to look forward to:

- Molly's Game

- All the Money in the World

- Hostiles

- Darkest Hour

- Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

- Coco

- The Post (Spielberg, Tom Hanks, Meryl Streep)

- Downsizing

- 12 Strong

- Phantom Thread (PTA, Daniel Day Lewis)

- Untitled Cloverfield Sequel

- Fifty Shades Freed (One to keep the Mrs happy lads)

- Black Panther

- Lady Bird

- Annihilation

- I, Tonya

- Wonder Wheel

- Ready Player One

- A Quiet Place

- The New Mutants

- Avengers: Infinity War

- Solo: A Star Wars Story

- Deadpool 2

- Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

- Sicario 2: Soldado

- Incredibles 2

- Alita: Battle Angel

- Mission Impossible 6

- Ant-Man and the Wasp

- The Predator (Shane Black Directing. Lethal Weapon writer, The Nice Guys/Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Director)

- The Equalizer 2 (Denzel Washington's first ever sequel)

- Venom

- Johnny English 3

- The Jungle Book (Andy Serkis Directing and Starring. Christian Bale, Cate Blanchett, Benedict Cumberbatch. To be shot using Motion Capture)

- First Man (Damien Chazelle, director of Whiplash, La La Land. About Neil Armstrong first man to walk on the moon. Ryan Gosling is Neil)

- X-Men: Dark Phoenix (Follow on to the X-Men First Class, Days of Future Past, apocalypse movies)

- Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindlewald

- Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2

- Mortal Engines

- Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (Animated movie about Miles Moralis Spider-Man from the looks of the trailer. Features Liev Schreiber, Mahershala Ali from Moonlight)

- Aquaman

Anything else you lot are looking forward to seeing?

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Swiss. 1:41 Thu Feb 22
Re: 2018 Movies
Blade runner 2049 is a complete bore. Rather watch one episode of Alternate Carbon.

Bit disappointed as big fan of Denis Villeneuve's stuff.

Gavros 3:12 Thu Feb 22
Re: 2018 Movies
blade runner 2049 is a deeply boring film

just watched Braven. it's a daily small time release but a good hour and a half of action. worth a watch if you've got most else on.

Westham67 2:55 Thu Feb 22
Re: 2018 Movies
Maze Runner a few weeks ago. Was ok but went down the Zombie road rather than the original theme

Takashi Miike 2:24 Thu Feb 22
Re: 2018 Movies
only just got round to blade runner 2049, wish I hadn't. looks great but far too long, and leto is like a yank jude law in that he ruins every film he's in

chim chim cha boo 5:49 Wed Feb 21
Re: 2018 Movies

*sexy wink*

jonthehammer 4:24 Wed Feb 21
Re: 2018 Movies
chim chim cha boo 2:26 Wed Feb 21
Re: 2018 Movies

You think darling?

Mr Anon 2:39 Wed Feb 21
Re: 2018 Movies
Watched a film called Bomb City, liked it a lot. A true story worth checking out.

chim chim cha boo 2:26 Wed Feb 21
Re: 2018 Movies
'Well worth a watch for anyone with an open mind' = a gay.

Takashi Miike 2:18 Wed Feb 21
Re: 2018 Movies
yet you just described, in words, how much you hated it :.)

pulhampete 2:14 Wed Feb 21
Re: 2018 Movies
The greatest Showman...each to their own! Absolutely awful, words can't describe how much I hated it.

Saw Shape of Water last night, soppy story line with some interesting visuals.

jonthehammer 2:08 Wed Feb 21
Re: 2018 Movies
Him and Zac Effron were superb TM

Takashi Miike 11:11 Wed Feb 21
Re: 2018 Movies
why? jackman's a great actor

jonthehammer 11:09 Wed Feb 21
Re: 2018 Movies
Probably get some stick for this but went to watch The Greatest Showman last night and it was bloody brilliant.

I know it wont be everyones cup of tea but the characters are very good, the film has a bit of everything and the songs are very catchy and relevant.

Well worth a watch for anyone with an open mind.

Alfs 5:29 Wed Feb 21
Re: 2018 Movies
Here you go Norman. One of my favourite films too.


normannomates 3:43 Wed Feb 21
Re: 2018 Movies
See film's are a great thing.

Everyone has their type..and it says a lot about an individual .

My favourite of all time is Cool hand Luke..

I haven't watched it for yrs.. because I can't ..

You can get a good insight into an individual from what kind of film they like...not a total insight ..but a good one.

normannomates 3:29 Wed Feb 21
Re: 2018 Movies
I still have my YETI BED...

I visit it occasionally. ..

normannomates 3:25 Wed Feb 21
Re: 2018 Movies
Pleased for BEX ..well deserved Son

Blunders 9:36 Tue Feb 20
Re: 2018 Movies
Takashi Miike 10:09 Mon Feb 19
Re: 2018 Movies
I thought it might be when the Spanish lump last night was comparing Sally Hawkins to Chaplin & Stan Laurel

He's Mexican. And Sally Hawkins is a TREASURE, so you take that back!

Blunders 9:34 Tue Feb 20
Re: 2018 Movies
saw The Shape of Water last night.

Loved it, one of Del Toro's best.

Swiss. 2:10 Tue Feb 20
Re: 2018 Movies
Dark Tower was truly dreadful

Trevor B 12:57 Tue Feb 20
Re: 2018 Movies
Dark Tower was shit, I preferred the Look and Read version from the early 80s with Wordy.

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