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claret on my shirt 8:53 Sat Jan 6
Coutinho 145m
What is going on, must make Lanzini worth 50m or more not that we should sell for anything!

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Northern Sold 2:18 Mon Jan 8
Re: Coutinho �145m

Northern Sold 2:12 Mon Jan 8
Re: Coutinho �145m
£1m for Trevor Francis....

goose 2:11 Mon Jan 8
Re: Coutinho �145m
If i were Klopp i'd spend the money on a proper centre forward.

Gavros 2:10 Mon Jan 8
Re: Coutinho �145m
I remember when everyone said £15 mil for Shearer was silly money.

Northern Sold 2:08 Mon Jan 8
Re: Coutinho �145m
Don't there is anyway they would go for Manny on his current form... well not unless they got him on the cheap...

Tomshardware 12:06 Mon Jan 8
Re: Coutinho �145m
Liverpool do some great transfer business. Have a nack of bringing in players that come into their prime for them and sell them on a huge profit. Torres, Suarez, COutinho, and they now have Salah who looks like he'll be another one.

FrancoisVanDerElst 2:08 Sun Jan 7
Re: Coutinho �145m
Think they already have his replacement in place in Naby Keita who will prove to be great business

dolph 7:57 Sun Jan 7
Re: Coutinho �145m
They're, their, their.

Come on son

Also, why do Liverpool pay the whole 75m for VVD but they don't receive the whole 145 for Coutinho?

Sydney_Iron 2:56 Sun Jan 7
Re: Coutinho �145m
There bit of a feeder club for Barcelona when it comes to there best players in the same way Spurs lose there great players to Real Madrid.

145m is still insane and it wont be what Liverpool get either, isnt there performance fees in this? Then you have the agents cut, the players cut, still good business but will be under 100m so after Dick Van Dyk has been paid for there is only 25m to help replace Coutinho! Cheeky bid for Lanzini has been rumoured?????

Lee Trundle 12:55 Sun Jan 7
Re: Coutinho �145m
Just seen his agent is Kia Joorabchian.

That bloke must be absolutely loaded by now.

Grumpster 12:04 Sun Jan 7
Re: Coutinho �145m
I do like mahrez and clearly too good for Leicester, but couthino is superb.

Both silly bloody money though, football is fucked!!!

collyrob 12:03 Sun Jan 7
Re: Coutinho �145m
More goals and assists than coutinho since they've both been in the premiership. And a key player in winning the title.

Not saying he's miles better, but personally, I'd prefer mahrez.

Grumpster 12:00 Sun Jan 7
Re: Coutinho �145m
Don't be daft colly, mahrez isn't in coutinho's league.

Well, not for me anyway.

Hence why no one decent ever wants to sign him.

Mart O 11:56 Sat Jan 6
Re: Coutinho �145m
Seems odd to replace him with Mahrez, unless he's going to play in a different position, given they already have Salah on the right wing.

Rumours they're after Thomas Lemar from Monaco, which might make a bit more sense, but cost a fuck's site more.

Hermit Road 11:56 Sat Jan 6
Re: Coutinho �145m
Really hope they go for Mahrez and not Lanzini. We need to offer him whatever he wants to stay.

collyrob 11:51 Sat Jan 6
Re: Coutinho �145m
Looks like they're replacing him with mahrez. Great bit of business if so. Get a better player for 90 million less.

Far Cough 10:01 Sat Jan 6
Re: Coutinho �145m
Poor man's Mark Noble


Takashi Miike 10:00 Sat Jan 6
Re: Coutinho �145m

Takashi Miike 10:00 Sat Jan 6
Re: Coutinho �145m
brilliant deal for Liverpool but the game's finished with these current valuations. the parasitic agent have destroyed it

Grumpster 9:57 Sat Jan 6
Re: Coutinho �145m
One of the best players in the prem, monster loss for the Scouse and almost impossible replacing him.


joey5000 9:54 Sat Jan 6
Re: Coutinho �145m
I just hope they don’t go for Lanzini. Yes, they might pay a somewhat inflated price for him but I don’t have faith in us replacing him.

I think he’d get on very well at Liverpool alongside a much better and attacking team. He hasn’t looked amazing this season but he’s done as much as he can in a shit team.

I think he’s underrated on WHO.

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