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mike hunt 3:42 Sun Jan 7
kouyates wrist
does anyone actually know what the deal is with kouyate and the bandage on his wrist, i can't remember seeing him without it, can anyone?

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Gavros 5:00 Mon Jan 8
Re: kouyates wrist
He's been chugging it so much he's done his wrist in....and is physically spent.

Northern Sold 4:50 Mon Jan 8
Re: kouyates wrist
One of the worst passers of a football I have ever seen... only made it now as the game has changed and it's all about BOX TO BOX ATHLETES rather than ACTUAL Footballers...

Eerie Descent 3:36 Mon Jan 8
Re: kouyates wrist
He was always shit, if you actually watched him properly, he has never been able to pass, shoot, or track runners/create space for himself. A player with those limitations should never be near the midfield. You have all be told this for a couple of years.

Geoffrey Pike 1:09 Mon Jan 8
Re: kouyates wrist
We’ll get rid then watch him turn into Anelka at another club.
It’s the West Ham way

Razzle 12:32 Mon Jan 8
Re: kouyates wrist
he looks absolutely spent and is a liability at the moment.

yngwies Cat 11:09 Mon Jan 8
Re: kouyates wrist
Needs some on his legs.

Eerie Descent 10:40 Mon Jan 8
Re: kouyates wrist
I'm sure we can blame it on his 'bad form.

Eggbert Nobacon 10:32 Mon Jan 8
Re: kouyates wrist
must be the heaviest cast in the world as the lazy twat ain't run at more than a jog for weeks now

Russ of the BML 10:11 Mon Jan 8
Re: kouyates wrist
It just annoys me now. Although if he was decent I wouldn't care.

J.Riddle 1:30 Mon Jan 8
Re: kouyates wrist
Self-inflicted, damaged it on the headboard.

Norflundon 9:42 Sun Jan 7
Re: kouyates wrist
He didn't have the op the club wanted him to play on

R.E - Chelmsford 8:46 Sun Jan 7
Re: kouyates wrist
mike hunt, indeed, he did have an op on the wrist after the Yids home game towards the end of last season.


West Ham midfielder Cheikhou Kouyate will miss the rest of the season to undergo surgery on an injured wrist.

The 27-year-old has been playing with the problem all season, across 36 appearances in all competitions and three internationals with Senegal at the African Nations Cup.

The decision to have the operation has been taken after West Ham mathematically assured their place in the Premier League next season with a 1-0 win over Tottenham on Friday Night Football.
Kouyate will miss the Hammers' penultimate match against Liverpool at the London Stadium as well as their final day trip to face Burnley at Turf Moor.

Kouyate is contracted at West Ham until 2021 after signing a new long-term contract in March 2016.

He joined the East London side from Anderlecht for £7m in June 2014.

mike hunt 6:02 Sun Jan 7
Re: kouyates wrist
i thought he had the op last year

gph 5:49 Sun Jan 7
Re: kouyates wrist
It's automation.

The bandage covers his control panel.

He'll be a new player once the antivirus software's been uploaded and he stops malfunctioning.

Norflundon 5:41 Sun Jan 7
Re: kouyates wrist
He needed an operation last season and still does but the club haven't let him have it as they've wanted him to play on

mallard 5:37 Sun Jan 7
Re: kouyates wrist
I bet that bandage stinks !

Nurse Ratched 5:27 Sun Jan 7
Re: kouyates wrist
I would lay good money on wrist injuries being endemic among posters on this site.

Hammers1993 4:40 Sun Jan 7
Re: kouyates wrist
Had an initial injury too it then just kept it as a good omen I believe.

Fuck knows why he thinks it's a good omen as he's been bobbins for months now. If I was him I'd be slinging that off at Half Time.

aldgate 4:33 Sun Jan 7
Re: kouyates wrist
passes like he's wearing it over his eyes

FrancoisVanDerElst 4:30 Sun Jan 7
Re: kouyates wrist
Think it is just to remind him of left and right

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