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Pub Bigot 10:18 Sun Jan 7
The Hernandez Dilema
It’s time to move Javier Hernandez on.

Neither Moyes or Bilic play to his strength and as a result, he’s next to useless.

Watching at Spurs and again today him chase down aimless balls or battle for balls in the air doesn’t enable him to do what he was bought in to do; score goals.

We play far too deep, so how is a poacher like him supposed to feed off opportunities when he’s hanging around the halfway line or out wide?

His frustration is as justified as ours, because he’s unable to adapt his game to the negative way we setup waiting to counter. In fact it almost seems cruel watching him run around like a headless chicken pressing the back line, or picking up balls in midfield only to lose them with his poor first touch, or pushed off the ball easily by larger players.

What drives me up the wall is that playing to his game would guarantee goals as it’s worked well enough for Manchester United and Bayer Leaverkausen respectively, and there’s no way he’s regressed that drastically since his last game for Bayer at Hertha Berlin last season (I was there.)

Moyes knows what he’s capible of and it doesn’t match his vision, so drop him and flog him.

Watching him today was painful (as were others), but his particular uselessness isn’t a lack of desire, it’s poor management.

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The Ghost of Braderz 5:51 Tue Jan 9
Re: The Hernandez Dilema
Loan him out.

I see Javier as part of our future, not David Moyes.

ironsofcanada 5:35 Tue Jan 9
Re: The Hernandez Dilema
Trevor B 5:34 Tue Jan 9

I'm not you.

My spelling mistakes are all my own.

This is the article I read.


Trevor B 5:34 Tue Jan 9
Re: The Hernandez Dilema
You've copied the spelling mistake from the article you read, didn't you? ;-)

ironsofcanada 5:31 Tue Jan 9
Re: The Hernandez Dilema
Wanted for Will Farrell's new MLS team.

So a possibly some might get their wish.

EL Tel 11:22 Tue Jan 9
Re: The Hernandez Dilema
Would love to see him given a run up top with Carroll otherwise its a waste of starting him by himself, never been his game so hard to judge properly

But on the flip side

Sunday was embarrassing, looked totally disinterested, didn't track back unless Pearce shouted at him, rolled around for most of the time he was on, was fucking embarrassing to be honest, 100K a week to not even try.

Jaan Kenbrovin 1:15 Tue Jan 9
Re: The Hernandez Dilema
SurfaceAgentX2Zero 1:02 Tue Jan 9

I never said he was good in the PL, so I've no idea why you keep banging on about me 'rewriting history'?

The bloke isn't a lazy, cowardly clown, which is why he is doing well at a better club than us. I never blamed anyone for not forseeing his future with us either?

If you want an argument, try focusing on what I actually have written.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 1:02 Tue Jan 9
Re: The Hernandez Dilema
Jaan Kenbrovin 12:17 Tue Jan 9

He was shit in the PL. He was given plenty of chances. He was shit. He has never not been shit in the PL.

Unless you can show where he was good in the PL, you are rewriting history.

The bloke was a lazy, cowardly clown. I don't really give a shit how he plays in other leagues and I don't blame West Ham for his shittiness. I also don't really know how they were supposed to know he would be shit in England, apart from that ludicrous pen, which, by the way, serves to show he is shit.

Ronald_antly 12:18 Tue Jan 9
Re: The Hernandez Dilema
Perhaps you're right.

Hernandez doesn't have a track record of goal scoring at the highest levels of league football, does he.

That's sarcasm, by the way.

Jaan Kenbrovin 12:17 Tue Jan 9
Re: The Hernandez Dilema
SurfaceAgentX2Zero 10:28 Mon Jan 8

Him being shit here is exactly my point! Was good enough to join Juventus and win the Serie A, and is now one of the top scorers in Spain.

His worst spell in his career was with us. Like Tevez and Mascherano.

It's a simpleton's view to say he doesn't suit the PL. Seeing him play for Valencia he looks more than capable of doing well for a proper team, like Tevez proved at Man Utd and Man City.

Johnson - It's got fuck all to do with Bilic. I said there is is something inherently wrong at the club for not making the most of this level of talent. Seeing as he wasn't here for half of them, I'd have thought you'd worked that out.

NEVER SAY DIE 12:15 Tue Jan 9
Re: The Hernandez Dilema
Ronald you can change the system all you want but when you have a couple of lazy disinterested players up front that can't beat a league one player on the ground then you have a fucking problem. Neither player deserves to wear the shirt until they prove otherwise.

The sad fact is those two and Kouyate are costing us £250k a week in fucking wages.

Ronald_antly 12:00 Tue Jan 9
Re: The Hernandez Dilema
It is NOT time to move Hernandez on, it's time to start playing a style of game that (a) doesn't see him isolated up front, and (b) has players creating chances for him to stick away.

Same applies to Ayew, and would also have applied to Zaza, I might add.

Johnson 10:31 Mon Jan 8
Re: The Hernandez Dilema
Is Jaan blaming Bilic for Zaza?

He blames him for everything else so it’s be no surprise

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 10:28 Mon Jan 8
Re: The Hernandez Dilema
Jaan Kenbrovin 9:28 Mon Jan 8

Zaza was utterly shit here and completely unsuited to the PL. To suggest he wasn't is rewriting history.

And I haven't forgotten that penalty either, the mentally weak waste of space.

gph 10:14 Mon Jan 8
Re: The Hernandez Dilema
Ayew seemed to offer a lot more outside the box than Hernandez when he was a Swansea player.

We seem to have converted him to another who only plays in the box, which makes buying Hernandez even madder.

geoffpikey 9:47 Mon Jan 8
Re: The Hernandez Dilema
I'd be fascinated how Hernandez was "sold" West Ham. Purely money? He just fancied London? Or the tantalising prospect of Antonio and SNODDERS bombing crosses into the box? And he started okay, didn't he? But our existing Plan B is clearly no plan for him at all.

He was fucking diabolical on Sunday yet I actually feel a bit sorry for him (in footballing terms only).

Hammer and Pickle 9:42 Mon Jan 8
Re: The Hernandez Dilema
Hernandez is a poacher that prospers off long periods of sustained pressure with a whole team playing a passing game to lock the opposition into a defence of their box. We haven't tried that since Zola.

Moyes doesn't rate him because he doesn't suit the Moyes positional defence and counter game, but then neither does Ayew, who does get picked if largely just to prove a point a poacher in a Moyes setup is a waste of a player, I suppose.

Jaan Kenbrovin 9:28 Mon Jan 8
Re: The Hernandez Dilema
Rewriting history?

An Italy international we sign from Juventus...

11 appearances for us and no goals.

16 goals in 35 appearances since for Valencia.

I think that backs up exactly what I was saying?

master 9:15 Mon Jan 8
Re: The Hernandez Dilema
Start him with Antonio and Arnie in support (and yes drop Lanzini if we have to) and we'll have our strongest forward line starting and see a completely different Hernandez who will definitely score goals.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 9:10 Mon Jan 8
Re: The Hernandez Dilema
Are we rewriting history with regard to Zaza? Goody!

I thought I saw a player fail pathetically to come to terms with the PL in spite of being given ample chance to do so.

Obviously I am now aware that really it was because Bilic/Sullivan/Gold/Brady/Uncle Tom Cobbley are all cunts and he was the best thing since sliced bread.

Willtell 6:34 Mon Jan 8
Re: The Hernandez Dilema
ironsofcanada 2:17
Bayer Leverkusen have a 30,000 maximum ground and finished 12 last season. 'Middling' is an accurate and reasonable description as far as I'm concerned. Leicester won the PL 3 seasons ago but I'd still call them a 'middling PL team'.

The rest of what you're saying can all be interpreted as what every club that are glad to have sold a player says.
The truth is that we tried to buy a S American player the year before with a similar record as Chicharito and he was about €40m iirc and didn't want to come to UK.

There's a reason we got a striker with Chicharito's record for relatively small money - £16m iirc. We either play to his strengths or we wasted the money frankly but nothing unusual there for WH.

ironsofcanada 3:28 Mon Jan 8
Re: The Hernandez Dilema
Hernandez started 14 of 14 Champions League games the two seasons before this one against the likes of Barcelona and Athletico.

This was not a bit player with a middling club.

He did however, start 12 of those 14 games with another striker.

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