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tricky trev 2:09 Mon Jan 8
Weird celebrity experiences
I took my wife to see a musical in the West End last week. I collected my tickets from the box office and then made my our way to our seats in the stalls. I knew my tickets were good and was in the third row. Anyway got to our seats only to find an elderly couple seating in them and they were very apologetic and posh and they should have been two rows back. It was only then that I realised I was kicking the Duke of Kent out of my seat! I told the wife and she confirmed I wasn't wrong. We also had Cherie 'Fucking' Blair seating behind us. Very weird and couldn't stop laughing.

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defjam 6:22 Fri Jan 12
Re: Weird celebrity experiences
Even more chinny reckon, this is fucking bizarre!

I posted that then went to make some food and my phone pinged, it was a new follower on Instagram, I looked at the name a few times, it's the guy who shouted out "I've shagged your mum" to Marky Mark!!
I've not spoken to him for a couple of years as he lives in Arizona.
That's freaked me right out!!

alfs barnet 6:11 That's two digs in two days *Shakes turban*

alfs barnet 6:11 Fri Jan 12
Re: Weird celebrity experiences
defjam 5:44 Fri Jan 12

Chinny reckon

defjam 5:44 Fri Jan 12
Re: Weird celebrity experiences
Damn just remembered this nugget.
I was out out on a weekday afternoon in West London with a couple of mates, one used to run the doors in Soho when he was around 18, so he could handle himself.
These were the days i was on the piss and other bits.
We got into the Hippodrome via an open back door and proceeded to make ourselves at home, my mate nicked a bottle of champers or something (This was about 18 years ago i think?) and we got chucked out, it was early evening by now.
Anyway as we were being escorted out, Marky Mark (Mark Wahlberg) as he was known then was walking in with a load of bouncers, so my mate shouted out "Mark I've shagged your mum" so all hell broke loose in the foyer, my other mate with a skinhead could have a tear up as well so we went at it, it was only a scuffle and we we vastly outnumbered and ended up outside.
Good times.

rubble 4:28 Fri Jan 12
Re: Weird celebrity experiences
Tenuous West Ham links -
Took the kids to see the Two Towers during the half-term holidays years ago and stood outside the toilets with Sean Bean as we both waited for our daughters, Should have got him to sign the stubs. We shared a manly 'Alright'.

Richard Harris walked into my local pub one Sunday night. The pub went quiet, he looked around at everyone and then asked who'd care to join him for a libation. I'd left 5 mins earlier. He spent a couple of hours there and then had to sneak back into the hospital he was attending - he was in his pjs and dressing gown.

Brentford 13 - my son's godfather's sister-in-law worked on the Snowman. She held the record for the number of caps in goal for England. Moved to Disney.

Takashi Miike 12:02 Fri Jan 12
Re: Weird celebrity experiences
once had a beer with the actor paul reynolds in a club in leytonstone, it was a few years after he'd been in that show press gang. also, often saw benny green in the buzz bar on a Friday night

13 Brentford Rd 11:59 Fri Jan 12
Re: Weird celebrity experiences
Eh Eerie?

Swiss. 10:57 Fri Jan 12
Re: Weird celebrity experiences
Not celebrity story as such but an interesting one.

In the early 90s I worked for a company in the entertainment industry but owned by a company very much with it’s roots in shipping. I was introduced at an event to a new senior manager. Who we’ll call Mr X for reasons that will become obvious later. Lovely public school type and ex-navy as a lot of our employees were.

About a year later as I hadn’t seen MR X for a while I inquired as to where he was. I was told “He’s left and gone back to the states to work with Tom Clancy. Yes he’s his advisor on military material. You know he worked with him on Hunt For Red October. Yes he’s an ex submarine commander”

“And the guy who sank the Belgrano”

Bungo 9:55 Fri Jan 12
Re: Weird celebrity experiences
My favourite involved a friend of mine's Dad, who sat next to a bloke on a flight from Barbados to London back in the mid 80s, and spent some time chatting about their Sony Walkmans (big thing then).

When he got home he was telling his son about it and said something along the lines of, 'Yeah, nice fella, he said he's the drummer in some band. I think he said it was called ....Genesis?'

I reckon Phil loved it. A bland chat about Walkmans with probably one of the few people on the planet at that time who neither knew nor cared who he was.

Son of Sam 7:52 Fri Jan 12
Re: Weird celebrity experiences

Far Cough 7:36 Thu Jan 11

I believe it is a top heavy daffodil or azelia?

Honestly what next, someone will claim to have met Bob De Niro on the subway

Chigwell 5:15 Fri Jan 12
Re: Weird celebrity experiences
In 1983 on an internal flight in New Zealand I sat next to Brian Hooper, the British Olympic pole vaulter who won 6 Superstars contests and had just become world Superstars champion. I could see his trophy when I put my bag in the luggage rack. For some reason I pretended not to know who he was, and we spent the flight chatting about our view of the Southern Alps and our journeys. He never mentioned who he was either, which I thought was modest of him given his high profile in the UK at that time.

jfk 3:26 Fri Jan 12
Re: Weird celebrity experiences
I've had a warm up with Gwyneth Paltrow.
Decent bit of minge.

yngwies Cat 1:18 Fri Jan 12
Re: Weird celebrity experiences
Oh do fuck off with your celebratory bollocks.

Country dogs etc..

Anyway I'm in the pub about arranging a charity football match with Steve Arris from Maiden, and Beyonce's pops over asks me to ...well I wont, fucks off to take a dump and that all you need to know..

All poo... true.

Eerie Descent 1:07 Fri Jan 12
Re: Weird celebrity experiences
Not really getting the weird vibe from this thread, except from 13 Road, who has torn up the weird 'sleb experiences. Respect that man.

Briano 10:41 Thu Jan 11
Re: Weird celebrity experiences
Waiting for someone to come through Heathrow T3 at 07.00am and saw John Cleese with his missus, although he was head and shoulders above everyone no one seemed bothered or didn't recognise him.
He scanned around the whole concourse almost theatrically then stopped when he spotted me staring at him, he realised he was recognised, then raised his chin and stared down his nose at me squinting his eyes, he was probably bored and did it for effect.

Also met Paul Whitehouse on a flight to Cyprus last year, as my mum would have said he looked like he needed a good wash

Too Much Too Young 9:47 Thu Jan 11
Re: Weird celebrity experiences
Also sold Lenny Henry a phone system for his CRUCIAL films business back in the 90's.

Around the same time, I also looked after Capital Radio and their phones.

One time sat in reception, in walks in Athena Turner wearing a skin tight leopard print leotard and heels!

She was unbelieving fit at the time and defo looked far better in the flesh than on the telly.

She sat in reception next to me, we said hello and from then on i was concentrating on NOT getting a stiffy before my host turned up.

joe royal 8:39 Thu Jan 11
Re: Weird celebrity experiences

And what is wrong with being a lorry driver?

defjam 8:09 Thu Jan 11
Re: Weird celebrity experiences
It was about that time wasn't it, after school (Although i'd left a long time before)

Yeh good memories.

Right, tea time, got no fish fingers though.

All the best.

Trevor B 8:04 Thu Jan 11
Re: Weird celebrity experiences
Always reminds me of sitting in front of the TV after school eating fish fingers, potato waffles and beans!

Glad it brought back some nice memories mate ;-)

Happy New Year to you too matey, I'm not on here a lot myself either now.

defjam 8:01 Thu Jan 11
Re: Weird celebrity experiences
ag ag ag...That's blinding TB

I used to love it, used to watch it with my brother :-( all the time.

Well that's cheered me up on a dark miserable day just thinking about it, I'll have to get that dvd.

Oh and Happy new year, not been on here much.

Trevor B 7:55 Thu Jan 11
Re: Weird celebrity experiences
I bought the DVD collection for my nephews at Christmas, got through about 4 series on Boxing day!

defjam 7:53 Thu Jan 11
Re: Weird celebrity experiences
Ag! Now I'll have to watch an episode, just reading those names cracked me up.

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